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Wednesday 3 January 2018

Practice Test - Very Easy TOEIC

Practice Test - Very Easy TOEIC

1. Audio Practice Test - Very Easy TOEIC

2. Transcripts Practice Test - Very Easy TOEIC

Part 1
1. (A) There is one hand.
(B) This is a keyboard.
(C) This is a board.
(D) There are two computers.
2. (A) The people are swimming.
(B) The people are standing.
(C) The people are watching a show.
(D) The people are watching TV.
3. (A) This is a boat.
(B) This is a market.
(C) This is a truck.
(D) This is a fish.
4. (A) The women are singing.
(B) The women are sitting.
(C) The women are dancing.
(D) The women are chatting.
5. (A) The woman is talking on the phone.
(B) The woman is crying.
(C) The woman is frowning.
(D) The woman is laughing.
6. (A) The car is for sale.
(B) The car is on top of the building.
(C) The car is inside the house.
(D) The car is in front of the house.
7. (A) The people are reading the menu.
(B) They have no menus.
(C) The waiter is giving them a menu.
(D) They’re sharing one menu.
8. (A) People are in the swimming pool.
(B) People are on the beach.
(C) People are at the tennis courts.
(D) People are in the restaurant.
9. (A) The man is sleeping on the table.
(B) The man is sitting next to the table.
(C) The man is drinking from the glass.
(D) The man is holding a bottle.
10. (A) The man is riding a jet ski.
(B) The man is jumping in the water.
(C) The man is swimming fast.
(D) The man is flying over the water.
Part 2
11. The radio is too loud!
(A) I’m sorry, I’ll turn it off.
(B) Thank you very much!
(C) You’re welcome.
12. What’s your phone number?
(A) I’m twelve years old.
(B) At six o’clock.
(C) 555-3481.
13. Would you like to dance?
(A) Yes, I’d like that.
(B) Yes, I can.
(C) Yes, you like to dance.
14. What time did you wake up this morning?
(A) It’s seven o’clock.
(B) Seven hours.
(C) At seven o’clock.
15. Are you finished with that newspaper?
(A) Yes, you’re welcome.
(B) No, not yet.
(C) No, thank you.
16. Do you like classical music?
(A) Yes, I can.
(B) Yes, I am.
(C) Yes, I do.
17. Thank you very much for your help.
(A) You’re welcome.
(B) Here you are.
(C) No, thanks.
18. Excuse me, do you sell umbrellas?
(A) No, we haven’t.
(B) No, we don’t.
(C) No, we aren’t.
19. Where is the restaurant?
(A) It’s next to the bank.
(B) It’s next to the restaurant.
(C) Yes, here it is.
20. Do you want to go swimming?
(A) You want to go swimming.
(B) Yes, she wants to go swimming.
(C) No, it’s too cold.
21. Where are they going?
(A) We’re going downtown.
(B) They’re going downtown.
(C) You’re going downtown.
22. What did you get for your birthday?
(A) I got a bicycle.
(B) I have a bicycle.
(C) I’m riding a bicycle.
23. Did you go to Sarah’s party last night?
(A) Yes I was.
(B) No, I didn’t.
(C) No, I wasn’t.
24. Would you mind closing the door?
(A) You’re welcome.
(B) Never mind.
(C) Not at all.
25. What’s wrong with Peter?
(A) He’s got a cold.
(B) He got an A on the test.
(C) He’s with Peter.
26. How was the test?
(A) It was easy.
(B) They were easy.
(C) He was easy.
27. That cake looks really delicious.
(A) Would you like some pieces?
(B) Would you like a piece?
(C) Do you like a piece?
28. Is that a new jacket?
(A) Yes, I did it yesterday.
(B) Yes, I bought it yesterday.
(C) Yes, I had it yesterday.
29. I’m sorry that I’m so late.
(A) You’re welcome.
(B) Yes, please.
(C) No problem.
30. This book is really interesting.
(A) I agree.
(B) I’m a book.
(C) I have an interest.
31. Do you know where my book is?
(A) A math book.
(B) Yes, it’s on the sofa.
(C) The library is open.
32. Where did you go on Saturday?
(A) They went to the movies.
(B) I went to a party.
(C) I enjoyed the party.
33. Where is that new restaurant?
(A) It’s downtown.
(B) It’s a new restaurant.
(C) I went to it yesterday.
34. Which bus do I take to the theater?
(A) You take it from here.
(B) The bus will be here soon.
(C) You take the number ten.
35. Could you please buy some milk at the store?
(A) Sure.
(B) I’m going to the store.
(C) I like milk.
36. Who are you going on vacation with?
(A) I’m going to France.
(B) It’s very warm there.
(C) I’m going with my family.
37. When do you go to the gym?
(A) I finish work at six.
(B) I usually go after work.
(C) The gym is usually very busy.
38. What will you buy with the money?
(A) I bought a new car.
(B) I buy clothes.
(C) I will buy a new cell phone.
39. Where will you be working in your new job?
(A) I start tomorrow.
(B) I will be working at the bank.
(C) I work with my uncle.
40. Why didn’t you eat your dinner?
(A) I am hungry.
(B) I didn’t have time.
(C) Steak, I think.
Part 3
Questions 41 through 43 refer to this conversation.
M: When do you leave for the big conference?
W: Tomorrow morning. It’s in New York.
M: How long will you stay there?
W: Just two nights. I’ll be back on Friday evening.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to this conversation.
W: John, how many brothers and sisters do you have?
M: I have four brothers and three sisters.
W: Wow, you have a big family! Are you the youngest?
M: No, I have one younger brother.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to this conversation.
W: Tom, what does your brother do?
M: He used to be a doctor, but now he’s a fireman.
W: That’s amazing. You know, my brother is a fireman,
M: Maybe they know each other.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to this conversation.
M: Look at the black clouds. I think it might rain soon.
W: I hope not. I have to walk home.
M: Don’t worry. I will give you my umbrella.
W: Thanks. I’ll give it back to you in the morning.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to this conversation.
W: I don’t have any money. I forgot to bring my wallet.
M: Don’t worry. I’ll lend you some. Is $50 enough?
W: Thanks, I’ll pay you back tomorrow.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to this conversation.
W: Where did you buy that sofa?
M: I didn’t. It was a present from my mother.
W: It’s a lovely color. I’m looking for something just like

M: I’ll ask her where she bought it.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to this conversation.
W: Could you pass me my cell phone, please?
M: Sure. Here you go.
W: Thanks. I need to call my friend. I am meeting her after
work, but I’m going to be late.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to this conversation.
W: I am going on vacation next week. I need to buy some
new clothes.
M: Well, there is a sale at the department store downtown.
I think today is the last day.
W: Really? I think I will go and have a look.
M: Yes, maybe you’ll find some good bargains.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to this conversation.
M: My cell phone! Where did you find it?
W: It was on my desk. I found it under this file.
M: I have been looking for it for seven days! Didn’t you
hear it ring?
W: No. I guess the battery has run flat.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to this conversation.
M: Guess what? I quit my job yesterday.
W: Really? Why did you do that?
M: I didn’t like my boss. She makes people work too hard.
And she never pays overtime.
W: Well, my company is always looking for people. Why
don’t you apply there?
Part 4
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following announcement.
M: Attention, shoppers. For the next fifteen minutes, we
will have a sale on sweaters in the children’s department. Every sweater will be 50% off. Yes,
that’s right. For just a quarter of an hour, you can buy any child’s sweater at just half
the original price. Now there is a bargain you can’t afford to miss. Hurry now.
The clock is ticking.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement.
W: The next stop is Main Street. The exit doors are on the left
side. You can transfer to the white line, line number 4, to Seoul soccer stadium. Please be
careful as you leave the
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following notice.
M: A small dog was lost in the city center two days ago.
It is brown with white paws and answers to the name Sam. It was wearing a brown collar. A
reward of fifty dollars will be given for help in finding him. Please contact Brian at 655-7951.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following talk.
W: Last week, my company went whitewater rafting. It was
great fun. There were ten of us in the raft. When I fell in, everyone thought it was very
funny. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and had some Mexican food. It was a
very enjoyable day.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following talk.
W: Monday will be warm in most areas, with some rain in
the north of the country. Temperatures will reach up to 25 degrees in the south and around
20 degrees in the north. Tuesday will also have similar conditions, with slightly higher temperatures of
about 23 degrees in the north.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following advertisement.
M: Are you trying to improve your English? If so, come to
Dave’s English camp. We try to make learning English an enjoyable experience for you. We have classes from
eight to twelve every morning. After, you can practice speaking with other English students from around the
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following talk.
W: My cousin is a very good photographer. He has spent
over three thousand dollars on his camera. He takes pictures of many different things like nature or
movie stars. He then sells the pictures to newspapers. He seems to enjoy his job.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following talk.
M: Last week, two hundred thousand people ran in the
Chicago City Marathon. Over ten million dollars was collected for charity. Most of the money will
be given to the city hospital. The winner of the marathon was Karl Muller from Germany, who finished in two and
a half hours.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement.
M: Attention all students. Due to a burst in the gas pipes,
as well as the extremely cold weather, today’s classes will be canceled. The school buses will be
arriving in twenty minutes to take everyone home. Tomorrow’s classes will most likely be canceled also, but the
local radio station will make an announcement in the morning.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following announcement.
W: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are experiencing some bad
weather, so all passengers must return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts. I would like to remind
you that this is a non-smoking flight, so smoking will not be permitted. We should pass through the bad weather
within thirty minutes, at which time lunch will be served.
3. Answer key Practice Test - Very Easy TOEIC

Part 1
1. (B) This is a keyboard
2. (C) The people are watching a show
3. (A) This is a boat
4. (C) The women are dancing
5. (A) The woman is talking on the phone
6. (D) The car is in front of the house
7. (A) The people are reading the menu
8. (A) People are in the swimming pool
9. (B) The man is sitting next to the table
10. (A) The man is riding a jet ski
Part 2
11. (A) I'm sorry I'll turn it off
12. (C) 555-3481
13. (A) Yes, I'd like that
14. (C) At seven o'clock
15. (B) No, not yet
16. (C) Yes, I do
17. (A) You're welcome.
18. (B) No, we don't.
19. (A) It's next to the bank
20. (C) No, it's too cold
21. (B) They're going downtown
22. (A) I got a bicycle
23. (B) No, I didn't
24. (C) Not at all
25. (A) He's got a cold
26. (A) It was easy
27. (B) Would you like a piece?
28. (B) Yes, I bought it yesterday
29. (C) No problem
30. (A) I agree
31. (B) Yes, it's on the sofa
32. (B) I went to a party
33. (A) It's downtown
34. (C) You take the number ten
35. (A) Sure
36. (C) I'm going with my family.
37. (B) I usually go after work
38. (C) I will buy a new cell phone
39. (B) I will be working at the bank
40. (B) I didn't have time
Part 3
41. (B) To attend a conference
42. (C) New York
43. (A) Tuesday
44. (C) Three
45. (D) Eight
46. (A) None
47. (C) He's fireman
48. (D) Her brother is a fireman, too.
49. (B) Tom's brother knows the woman's brother
50. (B) There are a lot of black clouds
51. (C) She doesn't have an umbrella
52. (A) Lend the woman an umbrella
53. (C) She forgot her wallet
54. (C) $50
55. (C) Tomorrow
56. (D) A sofa
57. (B) The color of his sofa
58. (A) Ask his mother for some information
59. (A) Her cell phone
60. (C) Her friend
61. (B) She is going to be late
62. (C) Next week
63. (B) New clothes
64. (C) At a department store
65. (D) His cell phone
66. (B) Under a file
67. (C) The battery was dead
68. (B) He quit his job
69. (B) She is surprised
70. (D) The man will look for a new job
Part 4
71. (B) In a department store
72. (D) $25
73. (C) Parents
74. (C) Main Street
75. (C) The white line
76. (B) Number four
77. (C) In the city center
78. (B) Brown with white paws
79. (D) Fifty dollars
80. (A) Ten
81. (A) A Mexican restaurant
82. (C) He thought it was great fun
83. (C) In the north
84. (B) 23 degrees
85. (C) There will be some higher temperatures on Tuesday
86. (B) To make English fun
87. (D) From 8-12
88. (B) Practice speaking English
89. (B) He takes pictures
90. (C) Over three thousand dollar
91. (C) Newspapers
92. (C) Two hundred thousand
93. (D) To the city hospital
94. (B) Two hours thirty minutes
95. (B) There is a problem with the heating system
96. (A) In twenty minutes
97. (D) The local radio station will make an announcement
98. (C) On a airplane
99. (D) The are passing through some rough weather
100.(D) Lunch will be served
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