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Monday 1 January 2018

Practice Test 4 - Target TOEIC

Practice Test 4 - Target TOEIC

1. Audio Practice Test 4 - Target TOEIC
2. Transcripts Practice Test 4 - Target TOEIC

Part 1 Picture Description
1. (A) There are vases of flowers on the tables.
(B) The people are holding a discussion.
(C) The room has been set up for a conference.
(D) A conference is taking place.
2. (A) The man is painting a door.
(B) The man has been painting the door.
(C) The door has been painted by the man.
(D) The door is open.
3. (A) The work bench is empty
(B) There are tools on the work bench
(C) The man is using the work bench.
(D) The carpenter has made a chair.
4. (A) The two women are angry with each other.
(B) The two women look happy
(C) The two women are depressed about work.
(D) The two women are writing a report
5. (A) The cars are at a gas station.
(B) The cars are leaving the gas station.
(C) The man is filling his car with gas.
(D) The man is leaning on the gas pump
6. (A) The woman is using a laptop computer.
(B) The woman is suffering.
(C) The woman is surfing the Internet.
(D) The woman is surfing.
7. (A) The paper is stacked across from the table.
(B) The woman is putting paper under the table.
(C) The people are arranging papers on a table.
(D) The paper is hanging over the tables.
8. (A) The women are discussing a document.
(B) The women are resuming a discussion.
(C) The women are walking in an office
(D) The women are walking in the corridor.
9. (A) The man and woman are conducting a survey.
(B) The man and woman are surveying the view.
(C) The man and woman are watching the view.
(D) The woman is pointing out a new building.
10. (A) The woman is seated on the right of one of the men.
(B) The woman is seated between the two men.
(C) The man is seated between two women.
(D) The woman is standing by the window.
Part 2 Questions and Responses
11. Didn't you pick Kristin up at the airport?
(A) Yes, she drove herself.
(B) No, she took the shuttle.
(C) No, I didn't have a good time.
12. When do you want to take your vacation?
(A) Last July.
(B) In June.
(C) I'm going to the Bahamas.
13. How long was your flight?
(A) I arrived last year.
(B) Long, about 12 hours.
(C) I haven't been here long.
14. Where's the produce section?
(A) Refer to the back of the book.
(B) It's on the table.
(C) Go straight down the middle aisle to the back.
15. How did your interview go?
(A) First, I went to the bank and I had trouble finding a parking space.
(B) OK, but I'm not sure it's the right job for me.
(C) There wasn't a review in today's paper.
16. Do you have any openings in your accounting department?
(A) Yes, here's an application form.
(B) I'm sorry, the accounting department is closed for the day.
(C) Accountants must be very good with numbers.
17. Who called while I was out?
(A) Walter, he wants you to call him back.
(B) I went out for dinner with Walter.
(C) Telephone answering machines are very useful.
18. This office is noisy, isn't it?
(A) I couldn't hear his speech.
(B) Yes, children can be very noisy
(C) It's because it's on the main road.
19. It's always hot in here. Why don't we use the air conditioner?
(A) Sure turn it on.
(B) Because I never stay out late.
(C) Because I'm having a good time.
20. Why didn't you read the instructions first?
(A) I did. But I didn't understand them.
(B) Yes, he's a good instructor.
(C) First, you remove be back panel.
21. According to our contract we're allowed emergency leave, aren't we?
(A) Only five days, and it must be for a family member.
(B) You are allowed to leave when the meeting ends.
(C) We had to go to the emergency room last night.
22. What should we do about the remaining merchandise?
(A) I think we should buy a new car.
(B) Return it to the manufacturer.
(C) She went into merchandising after graduation.
23. When has the conference been changed to?
(A) Fine, just send out a memo.
(B) The last weekend in March. Is that OK?
(C) I thought the conference changes were very successful.
24. Which building is the accounting department located in?
(A) Yes, there is an accounting department.
(B) It's the while building on the right.
(C) I'm not very good with numbers.
25. Who should I address this letter to?
(A) I'd send it by express mail.
(B) To Edgar Winters.
(C) I don't know his address.
26. Well, Ms. Watson has accepted my proposal.
(A) Of course! Your proposal was excellent.
(B) There is nothing acceptable about Ms.Watson
(C) I don't know, but I'm optimistic.
27. What's the exchange rate today?
(A) You can exchange it if you have a receipt.
(B) The same as yesterday.
(C) Most people resist change.
28. I'll get this report to you on either Friday afternoon or Monday morning.
(A) I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend.
(B) It's going to be a busy week.
(C) When will you finish?
29. How do the employees feel about the new contract?
(A) She felt OK until about an hour ago.
(B) They aren't happy with it.
(C) Contract negotiations are expected to continue through the night.
30. Can you hold this door for me?
(A) I'll be right there.
(B) We can hold anything for 48 hours.
(C) Please, don't put me on hold.
31. Who was the last person using the computer?
(A) Why? Is there a problem?
(B) I never learned to use a computer.
(C) I'm taking a computer programming class now.
32. Can she type well?
(A) Yes, she's a real professional.
(B) No, I've never seen her before.
(C) It will take about two hours to type it.
33. Hasn't the new equipment arrived yet?
(A) He's arriving this afternoon.
(B) It's supposed to be delivered within the hour.
(C) I have all the latest equipment.
34. When do you think they'll announce the promotions?
(A) I hope I get promoted this time.
(B) They'll tell us at the weekly meeting on Wednesday.
(C) There will be an announcement.
35. Where are they sending you on business this time?
(A) Oh, I hardly ever go there.
(B) Morocco and Egypt.
(C) I'll send you a postcard.
36. How much is the electric lawnmower in the window?
(A) It cuts grass of all lengths at high speed.
(B) Do you mean the red power mower, sir?
(C) It's a great machine.
37. What time is Sir Michael arriving for the opening ceremony?
(A) Oh,no. I forgot the keys.
(B) I'll open the door in just a moment.
(C) He'll arrive at ten and we'll get started at 10:30
38. I'm trying to decide whether Alison or Brian is more reliable.
(A) I've never known Alison to miss a deadline or forget to do something.
(B) You can always reply on someone to help out.
(C) Why don't you replay the message to them?
39. How are we going to handle this problem without upsetting everyone?
(A) Turn the handle to the right.
(B) I have no idea. This is such as mess.
(C) It wasn't my fault.
40. When can I talk to you about the budget?
(A) I'm so bad with finances.
(B) Drop by my office this afternoon.
(C) I'm in a meeting, so I can't talk.
Part 3 Short Conversations
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation
(W) You know, the lobby isn't very well lit. I think our clients feel uncomfortable in it. It's not an inviting place at all.
(M) I suppose we could have some lights installed. It might look nice if we had a chandelier in the center.
(W) Yes, or, I was thinking of just adding some table lamps. Something small and unobtrusive.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.
(W) I know he said that he'd be here, but I think we should start the meeting without Peter. He's always late.
(M) But we'll just have to repeat everything after he gets here. That's just going to annoy everyone.
(W) No. he can read the minutes tomorrow. It's about time he developed some time ma skills.
(M) Well, I guess so. But I'm not sure he'll get the message.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.
(W) Will you look over this report for me? I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem right.
(M) Sure. What kind of feedback do you want?
(W) I'd like you to read it for clarity and check my punctuation. I don't think I have gotten the message cross clearly.
(M) OK, but you know you are always too hard on yourself. You're a very good writer.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation
(W) You don't look good. What's wrong? Are you sick?
(M) Yes. I think I have the flu. I felt terrible all night and didn't sleep well.
(W) What are you doing coming in to work then? It's not as though there's a lot to do at the moment. And besides, I don't
want everyone else in the office getting sick, too.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation
(W) Excuse me, are these your keys?
(M) Yes, they are. Where did you find them? I've been looking for them everywhere.
(W) In the parking lot. I'm parked next to you, and I saw them when I got out of my car.
(M) Gosh, I'm lucky that no one tried to take my car. It's a good thing I work with such honest people.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation
(M) Is what I've heard true? Is Cheryl really leaving next week? Where's she going?
(W) Yes, She starts at Beckwith & McDougal the first of the month. She's going to be a conference and events planner.
(M) Good for her. I hope she likes it over there. She needs a new challenge.
(W) Yes, I think she'll do really well there.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation
(W) Excuse me. Is this sweater on sale? I can't find the price.
(M) No, I'm afraid it's not. Only the items with a red or yellow tag are on sale. You can find most of them hanging on
the racks at the back of the store.
(W) Oh, I see. Thank you. The things I like are never on sale.
(M) The same thing always happens to me, too.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation
(W) I've just come out of a very interesting meeting. The manager is giving me a raise starting next month.
(M) Hey, that's fantastic. It's about time they gave you some recognition. Let's celebrate.
(W) I'd love to, but he wants me to get started on a new project right away. I have to go back to his office again.
(M) Sounds like you'll be earning that raise.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation
(M) There is a lot of talk about overstaffing and possible lay offs. I'm wondering if I should update my resume and start
applying to some other companies.
(W) I've heared the rumors, too. Are you worried?
(M) Well, I have no seniority. If they let people go I think I'd be pretty near the top of the list.
(W) Now you've got me really worried. Start working after you.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation
(M) There you are. I want to complain to you about something.
(W) Why? What's wrong? You look really upset.
(M) You've been telling everyone that I'm leaving next month.
(w) Well, you are leaving and besides, I'm looking for people who are interested in taking over your position. I will need to
replace you.
Part 4 Short Talks
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following announcement
(W) The final item on our agenda is recycling. We need to take responsibility for our environment. In this office, we recycle
copy paper, plastic and glass and newspapers beneath the back window. All new staff members please take note of the boxes
on shelves near the copy machines. There is one box for each of the three sizes of paper we use. Put all recyclable paper in
the appropriate boxes. Recyclable paper is paper that has been printed on one side only. Put them face down in the boxes,
they cannot be reused. Do not mix up the sizes. Any questions?No? Then that's all for today. Enjoy your lunch.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following talk.
(W) Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce you to our two newest staff members. Marcia Goldsmith is
an endocrinologist of some renown. She has written the most recent, definitive textbook on clinical management of diabetes
patients. She spent ten years at Boston University Hospital and also lectured widely. In fact, she has a reputation as
a first class speaker, so we are looking forward to her noon conferences. David Ireland has been head of the Infectious
Disease Department at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center for the past six years. He was co-chairman
of the World Health Organization prior to that for two years. He began his career with three years of research and clinical
work in West Africa. He is well-versed in both the ordinary realm of infectious diseases and the more exotic, tropical diseases.
Everyone, please join me in welcoming David Ireland and Marcia Goldsmith.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following announcement.
(M) Don't miss the Taos Film Festival, sponsored by Taos Telecommunications, Taos Motors and Taos Electronics. It's bigger than
ever this year; you can choose from among 60 different programs over the five day run of the festival. Films will be screened
at the Taos Convention Center, and at each the four Storyteller theaters in the 280-seat Taos Community Auditorium newly
refurbished with 35 mm projectors.
Tickets are $6.00 for individual screenings. A $50 punch card is good for admission to ten regularly priced events. For
a full line up of events, come to the Film Festival box office at the Horse Gallery in downtown Taos, or call 1-505-997-4719
You can also check out the Taos Film Festival website at
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following announcement
(W) Good morning. You are listening to Radio Joy Fm. This is Bridget Reynolds with the hourly weather report. After a week
of rain, we're going to have some respite. We should have party sunny skies over the big city today. It will be breezy
and mild with temeratures in the low 70s. Along the coast, however those breezes are going to turn heavy with gusts of up
to 35mph. Tomorrow should be mostly sunny with plenty of wind to keep our skies fresh and clear. We can expect three days
of this, so hold onto your hats. For those of you planning to take part in the Joy FM Charity Marathon tomorrow this means
it's going to be a tough run, especially along the beachfront promenade.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following announcement.
(M) Attention please. This is an announcement for passengers on International Airlines Flight 073. We have important information
for passengers with tickets for this flight. We regret to inform you that International Airlines Flight 073 to Hong Kong is
overbooked. We don't want to have to bump passengers so we are asking for volunteer to go on a later flight.
Although this is small compensation for the inconvenience, we will reward each volunteer with a class upgrade or a free
one-way flight coupon which may be used on any future International Airlines flight within the Pacific Rim area. Anyone who
wishes to volunteer, please come to Gate D25 by 2:30. Thank you. We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and thank
you for your cooperation.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following message.
(W) Thank you for calling the Main Branch of the Public Library. The library is currently closed. During library opening hours
you will be able to speak directly to one of the librarians. For regular library opening hours press 1 for information about
the audiovisual section press 2 for general loans information, press 3 for information about the reference section, including
a list of all periodicals stocked in the reference room, press 4 for information about the children's library and coming library
events for children,press 5. For information regarding talking books for the hard of hearing, press 6. This message will automatically
repeat.Remember, the library also has a home page where you can find all of the above information on our user-friendly website
The address is
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following advertisement.
(M) It's almost that time of year where we all start coughing and sneezing. Get a head start on the cold season and stop
a cold before it stops you. New improved Victory Vitamin C compound with rose hip is just what you need to help build up
your immunity before the cold season hits. Medical tests have proven that taking 600mg of Victory Vitamin C compound
once a day for three weeks before the expected start of the cold season can increase your resistance by up to 120%.
Taking 300mg daily throughout the rest of the cold season is enough to ward off those annoying sore throats and runny
noses. Victory Vitamin C compound: available at your local drug store.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following speech.
(W) I'm afraid that it is good news that has prompted me to call you all here today. As you know, this has been a difficult
year for Brysons and profits have been at a record low for the last three quarters in a row. We were hoping that his
fourth quarter would bring us out of the slump, but this has not been the case. Therefore, I have no choice but to tell
you the following. Staff cuts have to be made, starting with those of you who have been here for the shortest time.
We are sorry we are not able able to offer the continued opportunity to develop your careers at Brysons> Lydia will now
read a list of the first group of names and explain what happens next.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following message
(M) Hello Ted, this is Kevin again. Looks like you are still out of the office. I've already called you half a dozen times
this morning, but either you are ignoring all my messages, or you haven't checked them yet. We really need to discuss the
Mitchell comes in on Friday. SHe has been handling things since her husband's death, and she is much more thorough than he
was. We need to make sure everything is in its place and that all the numbers add up properly. She won't accept any mistakes
and to be honest, we have been getting a bit complacent. We can't afford to lose her business so give me a call as soon as
you can, and we can run through the files together.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following talk.
(W) I'd like to thank all of you for coming here today to listen to a few excerpts from my latest book. In fact, this is
a book which was almost not published. I didn't think that there was room in the market for another book on fund management
but Dr Higgins of the Federation of Investment persuaded me that enough of my ideas were original that it would be a shame
not to put them in print. I have trusted his opinion on many an accasion and so here I am today, with Funds for the
Future. It is aimed at the novice and veteran alike and gives tips on how to avoid some of the common mistakes investors
and their advisers make.
3. Answer key Practice Test 4 - Target TOEIC

Part 1
1. (C) The room has been set up for a conference
2. (A) The man is painting a door.
3. (B) There are tools on the work bench
4. (B) The two women look happy
5. (A) The cars are at the gas station
6. (C) The woman is surfing the Internet.
7. (C) The people are arranging papers on a table.
8. (A) The women are discussing a document
9. (B) The man and women are surveying the view.
10. (A) The woman is seated on the right of one of the men.
Part 2
11. (B) No, she took the shuttle.
12. (B) In June
13. (B) Long, about 12 hours
14. (C) Go straight down the middle aisle to the back.
15. (B) OK, but I'm not sure it's the right job for me.
16. (A) Yes, here's an application form.
17. (A) Walter, he wants you call him back
18. (C) It's because it's on the main road.
19. (A) Sure, turn it on.
20. (A) I did. But I didn't understand them.
21. (A) Only five days, and it must be for a family
22. (B) Return it to the manufacturer
23. (B) The last weekend in March. Is that OK?
24. (B) It's the white building on the right.
25. (B) To Edgar Winters
26. (A) Of course ! Your proposal was excellent
27. (B) The same as yesterday.
28. (A) I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend
29. (B) They aren't happy with it.
30. (A) I'll be right there.
31. (A) Why? Is there a problem?
32. (A) Yes, she's a real professional
33. (B) It's supposed to be delivered within the hour.
34. (B) They'll tell us at the weekly meeting on Wednesday.
35. (B) Morocco and Egypt.
36. (B) Do you mean the red power mower, sir?
37. (C) He'll arrive at ten and we'll get started at 10:30.
38. (A) I've never known Alison to miss a deadline or forget to do something.
39. (B)  I have no idea. This is such a mess.
40. (B) Drop by my office this afternoon
Part 3
41. (C) It is too dark
42. (A) Putting in some extra lights
43. (B) Buy some table lamps
44. (C) She doesn't care if Peter is present or not
45. (B) They'll have to say everything twice
46. (C) His time management skills
47. (C) Edit a report.
48. (A) Whether she has communicated clearly
49. (B) She is a better writer than she realizes.
50. (B) He thinks he has the flu.
51. (B) He should have stayed home.
52. (B) They are going through a quiet period
53. (B) He left his keys in the parking lot.
54. (D) Coworkers
55. (A) No one tried to take his car.
56. (A) He hopes she likes her new job.
57. (A) She's going to coordinate conferences.
58. (C) May 1st
59. (B) Shopping for clothes
60. (C) Disappointed
61. (A) With sympathy
62. (B) She has been given a raise.
63. (A) That the company makes the woman work too hard.
64. (C) To the manager's office.
65. (C) He might lose his job.
66. (A) He hasn't been working at the company.
67. (C) Worried about her job security
68. (C) To make a complaint
69. (B) The man is leaving
70. (A) Because she needs to find a suitable replacement.
Part 4
71. (A) At a staff meeting.
72. (D) Beneath the back windows
73. (B) Just before noon.
74. (C) Two medical doctors
75. (B) She is an excellent lecturer
76. (C) Lived in West Africa
77. (B) Taos Communications
78. (C) They have new film projectors.
79. (D) $6
80. (B) 7 days.
81. (C) Hold on to your hats because it will be windy.
82. (D) Mild temperatures with gusting winds.
83. (A) There are not enough seats available.
84. (C) Arbitrarily move passengers to a different flight.
85. (B) A better class of travel or a tree flight.
86. (B) When the library is open.
87. (B) People with vision problems
88. (B) 2
89. (A) A health supplement
90. (A) For three weeks
91. (C) Start with 600mg, then reduce it to 300 mg.
92. (C) To announce job cuts
93. (D) For a year.
94. (C) The most junior employees
95. (D) Six times.
96. (A) That his company has not been doing its best.
97. (C) Call Kevin
98. (B) To promote a new book.
99. (A) She thought the market was saturated.
100. (A) Anyone interested in fund management.
Practice Test 5 - Target TOEIC
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