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Monday, 1 January 2018

Practice Test 3 - Target TOEIC

Practice Test 3 - Target TOEIC

1. Audio Practice Test 3 - Target TOEIC
2. Transcripts Practice Test 3 - Target TOEIC

Part 1 Picture Description
1. (A) The road is full of traffic
(B) A man is getting on the bus.
(C) The bus is full of passengers
(D) The taxis are picking up passengers
2. (A) The man is running away from the police officer.
(B) The police officer is writing a parking ticket
(C) The police officer is arresting a suspect
(D) The man is hiding behind the car.
3. (A) The two men are fitting windows
(B) The two men are working on a construction site.
(C) The two men are standing in front of a shop window
(D) The two men are hanging from safety harnesses.
4. (A) The man is talking on public telephone
(B) The man is talking in public
(C) The man is learning against a wall
(D) The man is stretching his neck
5. (A) The man is reading a newspaper in a library
(B) He is working at a store
(C) He is picking a book off a table
(D) He is selecting a book in a bookstore
6. (A) The woman is working on the stairs
(B) The woman is climbing up the walls of a house
(C) The woman is walking down the stairs
(D) The woman is walking up the stairs.
7. (A) The bridge is empty
(B) The man is alone on the bridge
(C) The bridge is crowded
(D) The street is deserted
8. (A) The train doors are shut
(B) The train doors are open
(C) A man is waiting in front of the train doors
(D) The train is approaching the station
9. (A) The man is confused about something
(B) The man is confusing
(C) The man looks excited
(D) The man is sad about something
10. (A) The three men are working together
(B) The three men are walking together
(C) The men are looking at a brochure
(D) The men are taking a break
Part 2 Questions and Responses
11. What happened at the staff meeting?
(A) I can meet on Tuesday morning.
(B) There's nothing to do on weekends here.
(C) Three people from accounting resigned
12. I think it's going to rain today, don't you?
(A) It sure looks like it.
(B) I don't know what to do.
(C) No, I don't blame you.
13. How was your trip?
(A) I tripped on the stairs.
(B) It was an excellent meal.
(C) I had a wonderful time.
14. Can you show me how to open this?
(A) There are no shows on Saturdays
(B) First, you turn the knob to the left.
(C) The shop isn't open today.
15. Why didn't you finish the project on time?
(A) He has trouble getting to the airport on time.
(B) It turned out to be more complicated than we thought.
(C) The finish on your floors is just beautiful.
16. When would you like to hold the meeting?
(A) I'd love to go the Greece
(B) Isn't there another place we can try?
(C) How about on Friday?
17. Where is there a bank near here?
(A) On the table behind the bookshelves
(B) There's one on Water Street
(C) Down the hall past the reference section
18. Did you see the letter from Duncan?
(A) I wrote a letter a year ago.
(B) Yes, we'll discuss it at the meeting.
(C) I heard you're from Baltimore
19. Who were you talking to?
(A) I'll get the phone
(B) I talked to him yesterday morning
(C) That was Dawson, our biggest client.
20. Are you going to ride your bike or take the bus to work tomorrow
(A) I'll go by bike if the weather is decent
(B) I bought a new bike recently
(C) I love my job.
21. What are you going to do after you graduate?
(A) I'd like to get a job in advertising
(B) I attended university from 1984 to 1988
(C) After dinner let's go to the library
22. Is she familiar with graphics programs?
(A) Yes, I'm familiar with that book
(B) Yes, she's got 10 years work experience in computer graphics
(C) Yes, I met her at a computer conference
23. How long will you be gone?
(A) For three days
(B) Since two weeks ago.
(C) Before next week
24. When can you have these estimates completed?
(A) They will finish construction by the end of the month.
(B) By tomorrow afternoon I think.
(C) I'm sorry I don't have a quarter
25. Why were last quarter's sales so low?
(A) We're not sure but we're investigating
(B) The sales always very good right after Christmas
(C) I'm sorry, I don't have quarter.
26. Oh, no This paper doesn't fit into the copier
(A) I don't read the paper.
(B) I think it fits you very nicely
(C) No, it's too wide.
27. Do you want to tell him now or wait until he finds out for himself?
(A) I hate waiting for the bus.
(B) We'd better let him know sooner rather than later.
(C) Well, I don't think he'll be there.
28. Where do you expect to be meeting the president?
(A) I guess we'll meet in his office
(B) It's hard to tell with this kind of material
(C) I'm really worried about this.
29. Which way up should I insert this cartridge
(A) I think they've stopped making those
(B) Turn it so the green stripe is facing up.
(C) Haven't you finished yet?
30. Are you happy with the survey results?
(A) The were a little disappointing
(B) I'm very happy with our new house
(C) I didn't like the new manager at all.
31. Will you pass me the stapler please?
(A) I'm afraid it's broken
(B) I'm open to any suggestions
(C) Let me know if you need any help with that.
32. When do you think you'll finish?
(A) Yes, let me just finish this.
(B) It look me longer than 10 minutes to finish.
(C) I'll be done in about five minutes
33. You have been to New York haven't you?
(A) No, I prefer to eat at home
(B) Yes, 15 years ago.
(C) I absolutely love traveling.
34. Do you know Ellen?
(A) Yes, I've been there before
(B) No, I've never met her before.
(C) Oh, I'm sure I can help you do that.
35. Who is that talking to the director?
(A) He's always gossiping about something
(B) It's the new intern
(C) Shares are down 3%
36. What are they going to do about the structural flaws?
(A) There's going to be an investigation
(B) It's giving me a terrible headache
(C) It's going to be a long day.
37. Why did the Newman's cancel their order?
(A) Please don't tell me what to do
(B) They've found a cheaper supplier
(C) I'm not familiar with their products
38. Where have you put my calculator?
(A) Don't blame me every time you lose something
(B) I have a pretty good computer
(C) I'm going to print out this letter
39. Should we do the brochures in black and white or in color?
(A) The color are bright aren't they?
(B) The black and white looks a little old-fashioned
(C) I'll check the mail.
40. I've lost the agenda for tomorrow's meeting
(A) That's Ok I have a spare one.
(B) I need to take a break.
(C) Do you have a moment?
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation
(M) What do you think of this letter? I've been working on it all morning but I think it's more or less
ready to send now.
(W) Hmm, well the first paragraph is too long, and there are a few typing mistakes. I'd change those
things but otherwise it looks good.
(M) I didn't even notice those mistakes. I like your idea to break up that paragraph.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation
(M) How do I know if the fax went through? I'm not sure if I did it right or not and I really need
this fax to go through.
(W) Well, it usually prints out a confirmation sheet but it's not working properly at the moment so
you'll have to look at this display here.
(M) There's a green light. What does that mean?
(W) It means it went through just fine.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation
(M) When you finish that report here are all the files for the next one we need to complete by tomorrow.
(w) I'm not even half way through this first one! Can't you extend the deadline? I've got a headache,
and I've hardly slept all week.
(M) I'll see what I can do but in the meantime take some aspirin and keep working.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation
(W) Good morning sir, Can I help you?
(M) Yes, I'd like a box of 50 of these blue pens with the very fine point but I can't find them. They
are usually on the top shelf near the envelopes.
(W) We may be out of stock but I can order some for you, if you like. It shouldn't take more than
three days.
(M) Sure. Can you have them delivered to my office too?
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation
(M) Listen, Evans is doing a fantastic job with the Price account. We should consider giving him a
raise or bonus or something shouldn't we?
(W) He has proven to be quite an asset. Price used to be such a problem but Evans has really
smoothed out the bumps.
(M) Right, then we'll bring it up at the next meeting.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation
(W) I think the overall tone of the report is good but I've marked your mistakes and made other corrections
(M) I'm sorry. I did it in rather a hurry.
(W) Next time, don't let yourself be distracted by deadlines. Concentrate and take the time you need to
do a good job.
(M) I'll try, but I get so tressed out by deadlines.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation
(W) Janet told me you quit your job. I thought you were really happy there. What happened?
(M) I loved it, but I didn't like living in a big city so I'm moving to a small town in the eastern part od
the state.
(W) Wow that's a lot of change at once.
(M) Yeah,but it feels like the right thing to do.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation
(M) Madam, let me show you our latest office equipment. You can sign up for our special trial offer on these home copy
(W) What do I need to do?
(M) It's simple. Give us your credit card number and you can take a machine for 30 days. If you aren't happy with it you
can return it. Or, you can keep it and we'll charge it to your credit card.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation
(W) The maintenance division has incurred some pretty high expenses in the last quarter
(M) Apparently, a lot of machines are breaking down due to age. We're constantly having to call in the mechanics
(W) Let's consider upgrading our equipment rather than putting out so much for repairs
(M) Well let's look at all our options first to see what is most cost-effective.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation
(M) I never realized you were so quick with numbers until yesterday's meeting. I was very impressed.
(W) Thank you. I really like working with numbers. I probably should have been an accountant.
(M) I'd be happy to give you some practice. Would you like to help with some of the bookkeeping?
(W) Well, if you're sure that no one would mind...
Part 4 Short Talks
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following message
(M) You have reached the US Government Forms request line. Please press 2 then dial in the decode for form you require
At the sound of the tone, state how many copies you need. Then say and spell your full name, your street address, including
apartment number, and city, state, and zip code. Also please state your telephone number, including the area code, so that
we many call if we have questions about your order. To repeat this message press 9. If you are not calling from a touch
tone phone, you should begin speaking immediately after the tone, which will occur after several seconds of silence. Please
wait for the tone. Please press 3 if you require assistance.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following introduction
(W) Ladies and Gentlemen we are fortunate to have as our next speaker and extremely talented woman. Elizabeth Morgan started
her career in marketing 35 years ago for Allen & Dallas, TX, the makers of packaged food products. Originally a high
school math teacher, Elizabeth began working in the accounts department at Allen & Co. After proving herself as a hard worker
she decided to transfer to marketing in search of a new challenge. Soon her true talents were revealed when she became a
brand manager. Elizabeth Morgan has been very successfully in the world of brand management marketing even though it is
traditionally dominated by men. She was the one who launched 'Rice and Flavors" so successfully. Ladies and gentlemen please
extend a warm welcome to Elizabeth Morgan.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following announcement
(M) I've called this meeting this afternoon to deliver some very sad news. We regret to inform all of you that our esteemed
colleague, Abert Silver died of heart attack last night at his home in New Jersey. Mr. Silver's illustrious career began in
1964 when he left college to work on Wall Street as an equity analyst. Into the 1980s, Mr Silver worked for several firms
including Einstein's and Dale Investments until he became a sensior strategist at Martindale in 1984. He was responsible
for developing the firm's overall views of the financial markets. After three years, he left Martindale and co-founded
Coronado Partners where we have all come to know him and appreciate his intelligence humor and kindness. He will be greatly
missed. Thank you.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following announcement
(W) Alta Airlines Flight 35 to Salt Lake City will begin boarding all passengers through Gate 15D.FAA regulations state that
all carry-on luggage must fit beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartments. If your luggage does not
fit we will request that you check it at the gate. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that this is a
non-smoking flight. It is a federal offense to tamper with smoke detectors in the bathrooms. We will begin boarding passengers
needing special assistance. First class passengers may board at any time. Thank you and welcome aboard.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following advertisement
(M) Shop without ever getting up from your desk. Find the office supplies you use most often through our Discount Office
Supply Catalog. The catalog offers 300 pages of office supplies from staples to desk chairs and complete office furniture sets
We stock everything you need for office or home use. And don't miss out on the special discounts available to catalog customers
only. Pick up a copy of our latest catalog at any of our three conveniently located Discount Office Supply outlets. You can
find us in Santa Fe on Cordova Road near the intersection with St.Francis and at two locations in Albuquerque on Eubank
at Montgomery and on 4th and San Mateo.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following advertisement
(M) Come face to face with the biggest creatures wildlife has to offer! Stretch out on a gorgeous beach or just relax in the
evening with a glass of wine from vineyards so glorious their fruits are savored around the world. Welcome to the new
South Africa the destination with so much to enrich and enchant you. South Africa plays host to sun and fun seekers and
outdoor enthusiasts alike. From the USA, it's just a nonstop overnight flight. South African Airlines, the only world-class
airline with African roots and global reach. The magic of your South Afican safari begins when you step aboard your flight.
Call your travel agent or SAA today at 1-800-999-5567.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following message
(W) Hi. This is Brandy Smith. I'm calling to let you know that I have managed to make the reservations that you wanted for
this Thursday. I have booked three seats on flight BL998, leaving Heathrow Airport at 13:00 arriving in Geneva at 14:15
local time There is no meal because the flight is so short but they will be serving a light snack. Alcoholic beverages are
not included in the price of the ticket. You'll need to be at the airport at least two hours before the flight to check
in. Now the only bad new is that I was unable to get you all seats together, so I'm afraid you won't be sitting next to
each other. Give me a call as soon as you get this message.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following announcement
(W) Attention please Attention. Would the parents of Samantha Green please make their way to the customer services counter
on the first floor Area C. She was found in the car park,, wandering by herself. She says that she lost her parents when
she went to take a look in the toy store while they were going to the garden supplies store. Again, I repeat would the
parents of four-year-old Samantha Green please make their way immediately to the customer services center on the first
floor? We know this is a stressful moment but for safety reasons, we will be asking you to describe your daughter and he
clothing she is currently wearing before we can reunite you. Thank you for your cooperation.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following advertisement
(M) Fed up with all those disturbed night sleep? Kept awake until late by the sound of your neighbor TV or your kids music?
Do the cars driving by at night prevent you from getting the good night's sleep you need? For a limited time only, the
Bright Night white noise machine is brought to you for the incredible price of $9.99 down from its regular price of
$29.99. This machine comes with three different settings, making it adjustable for those noisier nights. Choose from four
different sounds: sea waves, flowing water, shifting sands, and a gentle breeze. Bright Night has been proven to block out
unwelcome sound for even the lightest of sleepers. Call 1-900-888-9999 right now to take advantage of this great offer.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following speech.
(W) Thank you for all gathering here today to help raise funds for the 25th Friends of Greenford charity Auction. As many
of you already know, we ask local businesses to donate items for auction. This year, as always, the businesses of Greenford
have come up with some wonderful items. Of particular note are an original crystal dish donated by Greenford Crystal
and a beautiful wool rug woven especially for the auction by local artist Penelope Simons. Remember that all money raised
today will go back into our local community for leisure projects for the young people of Greenford Motors has set up a
scholarship for one talented Greenford youngster each year who plans to study engineering at Greenford University.
3. Answer key Practice Test 3 - Target TOEIC

Part 1
1. (A) The road is full of traffic.
2. (C) The police officer is arresting a suspect.
3. (D) The two men are hanging from safety harnesses.
4. (A) The man is talking on a public telephone
5. (C) He is picking a book off a table.
6. (D) The woman is walking up the stairs.
7. (C) The bridge is crowded
8. (B) The train doors are open.
9. (A) The man is confused about something.
10. (B) The three men are walking together.
Part 2
11. (C) Three people from accounting resigned.
12. (A) It sure looks like it.
13. (C) I had a wonderful time.
14. (B) First, you turn the knob to the left.
15. (B) It turned out to be more complicated than we thought.
16. (C) How about on Friday?
17. (B) There's one on Water Street.
18. (B) Yes, we'll discuss it at the meeting.
19. (C) That was Dawson our biggest client.
20. (A) I'll like to get a job in advertising.
21. (A) I'd like to get a job in advertising
22. (B) Yes, she's got 10 years work experience in computer graphics.
23. (A) For three days.
24. (B) By tomorrow afternoon, I think.
25. (A) We're not sure, but we're investigating.
26. (C) No, it's too wide.
27. (B) We'd better let him know sooner rather than later.
28. (A) I guess we'll meet in his office.
29. (B) Turn it so the green stripe is facing up.
30. (A) They were a little disappointing.
31. (A) I'm afraid it's broken.
32. (C) I'll be done in about five minutes.
33. (B) Yes, 15 years ago.
34. (B) No, I've never met her before.
35. (B) It's the new intern.
36. (A) There's going to be an investigation.
37. (B) They're found a cheaper supplier.
38. (A) Don't blame me every time you lose something.
39. (B) The black and white looks a little old-fashioned.
40. (A) That's OK, I have a spare one.
Part 3
41. (A) Talking about a letter.
42. (B) The man just needs to make a few changes.
43. (C) He thinks they are very helpful.
44. (B) Problems with a fax machine.
45. (A) Print out a confirmation sheet.
46. (C) The document has been sent successfully.
47. (B) She feels overworked.
48. (B) More time to complete the work
49. (A) It's unlikely he can extend the deadline.
50. (C) In an office supply store
51. (D) They are out of stock.
52. (A) Order a box of pens for the man.
53. (C) An excellent employee.
54. (B) Improved relations with Price.
55. (B) Give Evans a bonus or raise.
56. (A) Giving advice about managing time.
57. (B) By talking his time and not hurrying.
58. (C) Because of stress.
59. (B) He has quit his job.
60. (C) She thought the man liked his job.
61. (B) To a smaller city
62. (C) Salesman
63. (D) Give her credit card number.
64. (A) Return it.
65. (B) The machines kept breaking down.
66. (B) Buying new machines
67. (C) Comparing the cost of different options
68. (A) Mathematics
69. (B) Accountant
70. (C) She is very interested in his offer.
Part 4
71. (D) To order some forms
72. (D) Press 4 to hear the message in Spanish.
73. (C) 3
74. (C) A guest speaker is being introduced
75. (D) Marketing
76. (A) Elizabeth Morgan was a science teacher
77. (A) To announce a death
78. (D) Coronado Partners
79. (D) Three years.
80.  (C) At an airport
81. (A) To advise passengers about carry-on luggage restrictions
82. (B) Passengers with young children
83. (C) A catalog.
84. (C) 3
85. (C) Catalog shoppers.
86. (A) An airline and travel destination
87. (D) Skiing
88. (A) None
89. (B) Made a flight reservation
90. (D) By 11 a.m
91. (C) She couldn't get all the seats located together.
92. (C) A shopping mall.
93. (D) A child has got lost.
94. (B) Give a description of Samantha at the customer service center.
95. (B) People who have trouble sleeping
96. (C) $20
97. (C) 3
98. (B) Local business
99. (C) To fund projects for young people in the local community
100. (C) One Greenford youth who wants to study
Practice Test 4 - Target TOEIC
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