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Monday 1 January 2018

Practice Test 1 - Target TOEIC

Practice Test 1 - Target TOEIC

1. Audio Practice Test 1 - Target TOEIC
2. Transcript Practice Test 1 - Target TOEIC

Part 1 Picture Description
1. (A) The firefighters are rescuing a woman
(B) The firefighters are riding in a truck
(C) The firefighters are holding a hose.
(D) The firefighters are holding a child
2. (A) The road is deserted
(B) The road is in the desert
(C) It's rush hour
(D) The man is hitchhiking.
3. (A) The man is standing behind his desk
(B) The man is seated in the audience
(C) The man is sitting under the table
(D) The man is sitting at a desk
4. (A) The man is raising his hand
(B) The man is lifting a box
(C) The boxes are empty
(D) The man is ascending the stairs
5. (A) The files are arranged neatly on the shelves
(B) The files are disorganized and messy
(C) The file are empty
(D) The files are piled up on the desk
6. (A) The people are in a hotel lobby
(B) The people are at an airport
(C) The people are in an airplane
(D) He is packing his suitcase
7. (A) The man has hurt his shoulder.
(B) The package is broken
(C) The woman is angry with the man.
(D) The package is being delivered to the woman
8. (A) The women are walking together
(B) The women are arguing about a computer
(C) The man is using the computer
9. (A) There is a man standing on the counter
(B) The counter is bare
(C) There are several glasses on the counter
(D) There is a picture frame hanging above the counter.
10. (A) The patient is being treated by the dentist
(B) The dentist is teasing the patient
(C) The patient is teething
(D) The dentist is taking a break.
Part 2 Question and Response
11. What are you going to do after the meeting?
(A) I went to natural history museum
(B) I have to finish a marketing report
(C) I didn't know about his birthday.
12. Who called?
(A) The supplier. Our shipment has arrived.
(B) When I was young, I spent a lot of time on the phone
(C) No, I'm sure I didn't call you.
13. Where are last month's financial reports?
(A) They'll meet you at the cafe on First Street
(B) On Julie's desk.
(C) On Vacation
14. Why are you reading that book?
(A) Because I'm reading a novel
(B) For three months, I didn't go to library.
(C) For a class I'm taking at the community college.
15. When's the car going to be ready?
(A) We can pick it up any time after 3:00
(B) I'm ready right now
(C) The car was at the mechanic's for a week.
16. How long did you work in China?
(A) About six inches.
(B) Six months ago.
(C) A year.
17. Would you call this number and ask what their hours are?
(A) I'm sorry, I don't know what time it is.
(B) yes, she works very long hours.
(C) Sure. What's the number?
18. Do you want to work late tonight or finish this early tomorrow?
(A) I'd rather get it all done today?
(B) I had a good time on Saturday
(C) I worked late today.
19. I'll never get these papers in the mail today.
(A) The figures are too high
(B) Sure you will. Let me help you.
(C) I'll write you a checker later.
20. Have you finished typing the minutes of the meeting?
(A) I'm almost done.
(B) It took them a month to finish
(C) The finish is very smooth
21. Are you happy with your new job?
(A) Yes, I'll be happy to help you with that job this afternoon.
(B) Yes, It's very interesting, but a little difficult
(C) Yes, that's our new dog
22. That was a long meeting
(A) i think it will be fascinating
(B) No, I don't believe that.
(C) It certainly was.
23. How much did the caterer say the party would cost?
(A) I don't remember exactly, but it was a good deal.
(B) He uses an outdated computer , but he doesn't complain
(C) My computer is very fast.
24. Should we leave at two o'clock or two-thirty?
(A) No, in about an hour.
(B) I thought we'd agreed on two o'clock.
(C) She left yesterday.
25. What time did you book the meeting room for?
(A) I don't have much time lately
(B) From five o'clock until server thirty.
(C) I can pay you tomorrow
26. Who can met the director at the airport tomorrow?
(A) I don't mind going to meet her
(B) He's giving a presentation tomorrow
(C) Do you often go the airport.
27. Where is the front page?
(A) Oh, I threw it away already
(B) Downtown on Canyon Road
(C) Newspapers are published daily.
28. Did you produce this documentary?
(A) Yes, with my business partner.
(B) The play was an expensive production.
(C) The produce isn't very high quality here.
29. When will you find out if you got the job?
(A) This is my second chance
(B) Yes, I hope I get the job.
(C) Early next week.
30. Why were you late for the presentation?
(A) I couldn't find the room.
(B) I haven't made a presentation in years
(C) It was good, wasn't it?
31. How did you persuade him to take the project?
(A) It wasn't a very good project
(B) Actually he asked if he could have it.
(C) It's not mine.
32. Should I send this bu courier or by regular mail?
(A) Well, how urgent is it?
(B) I wouldn't trust him if I were you
(C) I think it's reliable
33. Why isn't Carla answering her phone?
(A) It's ringing now
(B) Didn't you know? She's on vacation.
(C) No, I don't know her phone number.
35. Where can I store the books when they arrive?
(A) I can't wait to see the books.
(B) Have you read the books yet?
(C) There's some space in the basement.
36. When can you get it all done?
(A) How does next Tuesday sound?
(B) I can get it all done.
(C) I used to do it on the weekends.
37. Who is directing the Enna Fashions commercial?
(A) It's quite a challenge to be the director.
(B) I heard they just hired her.
(C) I'm going to be in charge of that.
38. What have you done with the photos?
(A) I took them at the photo shoot.
(B) I'm hoping to be a fund manager
(C) I put them in a envelope on your desk
39. What time do you start work?
(A) I work flexi-time, so it varies
(B) I have to start work
(C) It's not my bank statement
40. Who haven't they ordered the Christmas cards yet?
(A) It's has office Christmas party on Thursday
(B) Oh, we thought you had ordered them
(C) I didn't gat any Christmas cards last year.
Part 3 Short Conversations
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation
(W) Hello, Excelsior Hotel. How may I help you?
(M) Hi. I telephoned yesterday to make a reservation for single rooms over the weekend of the first.
I'd like to add a third room to my reservation.
(W) Ok, let me check availability for you. I'll need your last name and reservation number, please.
(M) Certainly. The last name is Jordan any my number is 1076 KJ
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation
(W) What do you think of our new billing system? It's been up and running for a couple of weeks now.
(M) It's about time we got ourselves computerized. We are always so behind the times.
(W) Yes, but as they say, better late than never, I guess. Anyway, it is certainly making my life
easier in the supplies office.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation
(W) Rogers, I'm reviewing your expense record from your business trip and I have a question about
this dinner on the 18th. According to the planner, there were no business meetings that evening.
(M) Oh yes, that was an unscheduled dinner with a man who specializes is telecommunications software.
It was just by chance that I met him.
(W) I see. Well, I hope you learned something useful.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation
(W) I have a question about taxes. I'm self-employed, but I've received a demand for payment of taxes.
I wasn't aware that I had to pay gross receipt taxes.
(M) Yes, ma'am, it's required on all sales within the state.
(W) How much will I owe with penalties and interest?
(M) Why don't you take a look at this leaflet outlining the tax payment requirements for the self-employed
? It's all explained here.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation
(W) Did John tell you that we've just completed the paperwork to purchase the lot next to our building?
(M) Is that for the expansion that you've been talking about? You've had your eye on that lot for a long
(W) Yes. Well, now it's ours and we're going to start construction in three months. We're going to extend
the back of the store.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation
(M) I didn't notice you at the meeting this morning.
(W) No, I had to see a client this morning. I didn't get back time. How was the meeting?
(M) Oh, well, you know. The same old stuff. Nothing was said that you don't already know
(W) I guess I won't feel bad about missing it then.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation
(M) Do you have a number that I can reach John at?
(W) I've got his cell phone number. Here, you can call him on that.
(M) Actually, he told me yesterday that his cell phone wasn't working. I need his officer or home number
(W) I wouldn't call hime at home if I were you. Why don't you look up his office number in the company
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation
(M) When is the staff meeting? I can't find the agenda memo anywhere.
(W) I have it marked on my planner. Let me check. OK, it's next Wednesday from 1:00 to 5:00
(M) It's going to take all afternoon? It's usually done in an hour.
(W) Yeah, well, there's going to be a presentation by the planning division followed by a question
and answer session.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation
(M) Have you heard the news about Asco Limited? It's just unbelievable.
(W) No, I haven't. What happened?
(M) Well, their chief engineer has just admitted that he falsified data regarding their building
Many of the buildings have structural weaknesses.
(W) Gosh, that's so irresponsible. I wonder why he did it.
(M) I don't know, but they might have to pull down a lot of buildings
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation
(W) I've just been on the phone with Office Depot. They say we can't place any more orders until the previous
invoice is paid, but you've already paid the bill.
(M) Oh, the stationary bill. I forgot all about it. It's still here on my desk.
(W) Well, you'd better pay that right away. We're nearly out of A4 paper and printer ink.
(M) I'll go to the bank immediately.
Part 4 Short Talks
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following news report
(W) The top business story today is American Aircraft Manufacturer's success at drumming up business
in Europe. AAM has won a slew of aircraft orders worth 1.6 billion dollars.
They have received 30 orders worth 1.6 billion dollars. They have received 30 orders for their new model
the 62F plane, to be delivered in such countries as England, Norway France and Germany. With the total
European orders, AAM will be manufacturing 60 more planes than it sold in all of 1995. The company has
pulled itself from the brink of failure to expected net profits of no less than 13 billion dollars this
year. This unexpected turnaround is thanks to the innovative marketing approach implemented by CEO, Mark
Simpson, since he took over the company in April. Mr.Simpson was unavailable for comment.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement
(M) The office has always been a place to get ahead. Unfortunately, it's also a place where a lot of
resources are being wasted. Take a look around the next time you're at work. Notice how many lights are
left on after people leave. See how much paper is wasted, how much water is being wasted in the restrooms
Here are a few simple ways you can produce less waste at work: use both sides of the paper when writing
a memo, use old copy paper to write notes, turn off your light when you leave, set up a recycling bin
for cans and bottles and don't let the faucet run. This message is brought to you by 43 environmental groups
doing our part to save the Earth's natural resources. Do your share!
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following message
(W) Thank you for calling the Red Review Customer Service Department. Unfortunately, all of our customer
service representatives are busy right now, but please hold the line. Our weekly magazine provides you
with the latest in theater, restaurant art and music reviews to plan your verythings and weekends on the
town plus book and video reviews for your nights at home. To keep you informed, we also provide subscribers
with top news, business, and sports stories and editorials via email, seven days a week. All subscribers
receive a 20% discount on the newsstand price. For your billing convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard
or Diners Club. Please hold the line and a customer service representative will be with you shortly.
Thank you for waiting.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following announcement.
(M) Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be pulling into Victoria Station in one hour and 20 minutes. We apologize
for the delay, but there was some trouble with the tracks outside Derby. This problem has now been
resolved. The conductor will be coming through to collect tickets so please have them ready. Also, the
buffet service located in car three, will be closing in 30 minutes. Please take this last chance to buy
drinks, meals or snacks before our arrival in London. Restrooms are located at the rear of each car.
There are payphones located at the front of cars four and six. The weather in London is currently
overcast, with light rain showers. Thank you for choosing the Victoria Express, and please enjoy the
remainder of your journey.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following record message
(W) Thank you for calling Southern Airlines. In order to expedite your call, if you are using a touch
tone phone, please press 1 now. If you have a rotary phone, please stay on the line. Please make your
selection from the following menu at any time and when making your reservation, please ask about our
convenient ticket delivery service. For today's flight arrival, departure and gate information press 1
For domestic reservation and fares in the 50 United States, press 2. For international reservation and
fares including Canada and the Caribbean, press 4. For information about Flyaway Vacations, press 5.
For all other inquiries press 6. To repeat the menu, please press 7.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following talk.
(M) It is my great pleasure to welcome here tonight, Francisco De Souza, renowned businessman and
philanthropist Mr. De Souza will be talking to us about his experiences in poverty-stricken areas of
Southeast Asia, where he has been giving business lectures and start up loans to communities for the
past ten years.
Mr.De Souza will be explaining how his loans project has enabled numerous communities to set up their
own plumbing and sewage systems, saving the lives of infants and the elderly thanks to the availability
of clean water. These loans, contrary to what you might expect are not interest-free and Mr.De Souza will
be explaining the loan repayment system that he has established. I think you'll be surprised at the details.
Mr. De Souza, I hand the stage over to you.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following announcement
(W) Good morning GFY shoppers. We would like to remind customers of our Gold Card membership system.
Membership benefits include our monthly newsletter, informing you of the latest healthcare and nutrition
products, exercise tips and healthy eating recipes and advance notice of special promotions. Best of all
Gold Card members get a 20% discount every Tuesday at GFY. Come to GFY for all your nutritional needs.
We carry a complete line of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements to enhance your health.
Avoid this winter's colds, flu, and fatigue. Our shelves are stocked with supplement formulas to keep
you fit through the dark days of winter. And don't forget your Gold Card! Remember, GFY is the caring store.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following recording
(W) Hi, Everett. This is Marina.I've spoken to the production team about the quality control issue and
they have agreed to set up a meeting on Friday to discuss it with the union. We're expecting a few
problems because it will affect working hours. In order to improve quality, we'll need to introduce
further checks and these will cut into production time, so it will be harder to maintain current levels
of productivity. The union might demand extra payment, and although we hope to avoid that, we are ready
for negotiations if it comes to that. An alternative might be to hire one or two extra workers but
frankly that is probably going to be more costly in the long run what with pension and health insurance
premiums. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what is going on. Talk to you later.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following talk.
(M) Thank you everyone for coming to this last-minute meeting. I'm sorry to have to drag you away from
your work but something has come up, and I need to let you know about it without delay. As you know,
last week the health and safety inspectors came to give the factory its annual inspection. This is a
routine matter, and we have always passed with flying colors so no one was worried. However, it turns
out that the safety mechanisms on three of our cutting machines are faulty. Obviously, this is of great
concern and we have no choice but to stop production until these mechanisms have been repaired and have
passed a second inspection. We will be closing the factory for at least seven days, but you will all
receive full pay. The closure will take effect immediately.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following advertisement.
(W) Get away from the gray winter skies with a Winter Gettaway package from Pearson's Travel. We have packages
to suit all budgets. Packages start from as low as $199, including tax for a weekend break for two people
Choose from a range of domestic and international destinations. All packages include accommodation in a
four-star hotel with upgrades available in certain locations, a buffet breakfast, use of a rental car,
and a choice of activities and guided tours. For the dog-loves among you, inquire about our per-friendly
resorts. Our Winter Gettaways are now available from all branches of Pearson's. Telephone our hotline at
1-800 PTRAVEL for more details or drop into any branche of Pearson's Travel and ask for a Winter Gettaway
3. Answer key Practice Test 1 - Target TOEIC

Part 1
1. (C) The firefighters are holding a hose.
2. (C) It's rush hour.
3. (D) The man is sitting at a desk.
4. (B) The man is lifting a box.
5. (A) The files are arranged neatly on the shelves.
6. (B) The people are at an airport.
7. (D) The package is being delivered to the woman.
8. (B) The woman are working on a project together.
9. (C) There are several glasses on the counter.
10. (A) The patient is being treated by the dentist.
Part 2
11. (B) I have to finish a marketing report.
12. (A) The supplier. Our shipment has arrived.
13. (B) One Julie's desk.
14. (C) For a class I'm taking at the community college.
15. (A) We can pick it up any time after 3:00.
16. (C) A year.
17. (C) Sure. What's the number?
18. (A) I'd rather get it all done today.
19. (B) Sure you will. Let me help you.
20. (A) I'm almost done.
21. (B) Yes, it's very interesting, but a little difficult.
22. (C) It certainly was.
23. (A) I don't remember exactly, but it was a good deal.
24. (B) I thought we'd agreed on two o'clock.
25. (B) From five o'clock until seven thirty.
26. (A) I don't mind going to meet her.
27. (A) Oh, I threw it away already.
28. (A) Yes, with my business partner.
29. (C) Early next week.
30. (A) I couldn't find the room.
31. (B) Actually, he asked if he could have it.
32. (B) Oh no. Not again.
33. (A) Well, how urgent is it?
34. (B) Didn't you know? She's on vacation.
35. (C) There's some space in the basement.
36. (A) How does next Tuesday sound?
37. (C) I'm going to be in charge of that.
38. (C) I put them in an envelope on your desk.
39. (A) I work flex-time, so it varies.
40. (B) Oh, we thought you had ordered them.
Part 3
41. (C) Reserving an extra hotel room.
42. (B) A name and reservation number.
43. (C) The man's family name.
44. (A) Their company's new invoicing system.
45. (B) Their old billing system was outdated.
46. (B) It has helped her with her work.
47. (C) It contained an unexpected item.
48. (C) A telecommunications expert.
49. (A) The meeting was not essential.
50. (A) She didn't know she had to pay taxes.
51. (D) How much she will have to pay.
52. (C) Read an information leaflet.
53. (D) Buying a piece of land and building on it.
54. (A) Increase the size of their building.
55. (C) In three months.
56. (A) A staff meeting.
57. (B) She had to meet a client.
58. (B) She is glad that she was not there.
59. (D) John's office number.
60. (A) He doesn't like being disturbed at home.
61. (B) In the office directory.
62. (D) Next Wednesday afternoon
63. (D) The meeting will be very long.
64. (B) A presentation by the planning division.
65. (B) A scandal in the construction industry
66. (A) Many their buildings have structural flaws.
67. (B) The company will have to pull down several buildings.
68. (A) They have an outstanding bill to pay.
69. (C) The man's.
70. (D) Straight away.
Part 4
71. (B) AAM's success in foreign sales.
72. (B) England, Norway, France, and Germany.
73. (C) Mark Simpson.
74. (D) To decrease use of paper and electricity.
75. (D) Flush the toilet regularly.
76. (B) People must conserve natural resources.
77. (C) To subscribe to this publication.
78. (D) By credit card.
79. (A) Those interested in the arts.
80. (A) On a train.
81. (D) The train is late.
82. (C) The food service will close.
83. (C) To speed up your call.
84. (A) 1
85. (D) Ticket delivery
86. (B) A businessman who provides charitable assistance.
87. (D) For a decade.
88. (A) By allowing for the provision of clean water.
89. (D) Health care products.
90. (A) Gold Card Members get 20% off on Tuesdays.
91. (B) All GFY customers.
92. (A) To keep him informed of the situation.
93. (D) Improving quality control
94. (A) A pay raise or an increase in personnel.
95. (C) Health and safety inspectors.
96. (C) Defective safety mechanisms.
97. (A) They will be off work with full pay for about a week.
98. (B) Winter vacation packages.
99. (C) Dinner
100. (A) By visiting a branch directly or calling a special hotline.
Target TOEIC Second Edition Book
Practice Test 2 - Target TOEIC
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