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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 2 - Actual Test 03

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 2 - Actual Test 03

1. Audio Test 03

2. Transcript Test 03

PART 1 p.96
(A) Chairs are being set up beside the beach.
(B) One of the umbrellas has been opened.
(C) Beach chairs have been arranged in a row.
(D) Armchairs are occupied by some swimmers.
(A) Chefs are chopping ingredients in a kitchen.
(B) Food is being prepared in some frying pans.
(C) Servers are taking meals to the diners.
(D) Some dishes are being placed into ovens.
(A) The men are looking in opposite directions.
(B) Both men are putting on safety helmets.
(C) One of the men is transporting boxes on a forklift.
(D) One of the men is pointing at something.
(A) People are climbing down the fire escapes.
(B) Letters are being delivered to the building.
(C) There are ladders leading to different floors.
(D) All of the windows are the same shape.
(A) The doctor is busy examining his patient.
(B) He is looking at something with binoculars.
(C) The man is viewing a sample with a microscope.
(D) The scientist is utilizing a telescope.
(A) Some electronic devices are on the table.
(B) Some people are getting up from the desk.
(C) One of the women is using her cell phone.
(D) The man standing is writing on the board.
PART 2 p.100
7 I propose renting the office on Salisbury Avenue.
(A) I need to see it first before deciding.
(B) Around two and a half blocks away.
(C) No, I didn’t agree with her proposal.
8 Whose turn is it to bring donuts to the office tomorrow?
(A) Both plain and chocolate.
(B) Around half a dozen.
(C) Julie does that on Friday.
9 I wonder if you offer any samples of your products.
(A) Yes, they are quite wonderful.
(B) Just tell me what you want.
(C) Production has been increasing.
10 Would you prefer to accept the first offer or the second one?
(A) Yes, that’s the one I accepted.
(B) The first one is more appealing.
(C) We’re offering a great deal.
11 Let’s conduct the meeting in my office, shall we?
(A) Room 275 on the second floor.
(B) Five people from another department.
(C) I’ll be there ten minutes from now.
12 Which of the applicants is going to interview next?
(A) You can get the schedule from Leslie.
(B) The interview went better than expected.
(C) More than twenty people applied.
13 Nobody remembered to reserve seats on the ferry.
(A) I don’t think that he’s being fair.
(B) There should still be tickets available.
(C) It will arrive in the harbor at 4:30.
14 Please deliver this memo to Mr. Washington by hand.
(A) Okay, I’ll take it to him at once.
(B) He works in the Legal Department.
(C) We gave him a big hand for his performance.
15 How did the business trip to Italy go?
(A) We signed contracts with three new firms.
(B) I’m going to Rome first and then to Milan.
(C) Yes, the trip to Italy was two weeks long.
16 The board of directors should consent to the merger.
(A) CEO Burgess is chairing the meeting.
(B) That’s the advice I plan to give them.
(C) It’s an emerging firm in the shipbuilding industry.
17 Mr. Masters called to reschedule tomorrow’s meeting.
(A) Sorry, but I haven’t mastered it yet.
(B) We had a great meeting this morning.
(C) Tell him that after lunch would be fine.
18 Didn’t your supervisor expedite the funding request?
(A) There aren’t enough funds for that.
(B) Mr. Marshall is in the office in the corner.
(C) You’ll have to ask her yourself.
19 Which orders still need to be packed?
(A) I already packed my bags for the trip.
(B) You’d better speak with Janet.
(C) We ordered everything this morning.
20 Am I scheduled to attend tomorrow’s conference?
(A) It starts at nine and should finish around four.
(B) I’ve got your registration packet right here.
(C) In the conference room at the Belinda Hotel.
21 You didn’t rent a sedan for the trip, did you?
(A) We got upgraded to a luxury vehicle.
(B) No, I didn’t go on any trips recently.
(C) Yes, I rented some skis at the resort.
22 Joseph Carter’s plane is supposed to arrive in an hour.
(A) Our destination today is Shanghai.
(B) It was later than we had expected.
(C) Who is scheduled to pick him up?
23 How shall we pay the catering bill?
(A) The total comes to $495.85.
(B) From Westside Caterers.
(C) With a credit card, I imagine.
24 Julie is leaving early to meet Mr. Kline at the train station.
(A) Platform Seven on the 1149 train.
(B) I can’t believe she met him so late.
(C) I guess Ms. Pickford told her to do that.
25 When did the rain finally stop falling?
(A) About an hour ago.
(B) At least five centimeters.
(C) This coming Thursday.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 13 12/13/2018 9:56:21 AM
26 I’d like to know the specials of the day, please.
(A) I’m Tim, and I’ll be your waiter tonight.
(B) Poached salmon as well as roast pork.
(C) I’ll bring your appetizer in just one moment.
27 Shall I print the contract so that you can sign it?
(A) I need to review it one more time.
(B) You’re right. That’s my signature.
(C) No, he hasn’t seen the contract yet.
28 Why didn’t more people register for the training session?
(A) For three hours on Saturday morning.
(B) At least sixty-five as of last night.
(C) Probably due to the high price.
29 Are you paying a visit to the cafeteria for lunch?
(A) Sure, I’ll pay for lunch today.
(B) Sam and I are heading to Burger World.
(C) I had a bowl of soup and a sandwich.
30 Who remembers the combination to the safe?
(A) No, it’s not as safe as it should be.
(B) Mostly full of important documents.
(C) I saw Jerry change it just now.
31 Has the schedule for orientation been finalized?
(A) There’s a meeting regarding that soon.
(B) For all of the incoming employees.
(C) This Thursday and Friday.
PART 3 p.101
W Hello. I purchased a bookshelf from your store yesterday. But
when I tried to assemble it this morning, I discovered it was
missing some screws, so I can’t put it together.
M Do you have time to visit the store? If you let us know which
model you bought when you show up, we can give you the
missing pieces.
W All right. I’ll drop by after six. I don’t get off work until five
thirty, and it will take me a while to get there due to traffic.
M Of course. Just try to arrive before seven thirty because
that’s when we close. And if you have the receipt, please
present it to the clerk. That will make finding the correct
screws simpler.
M Jasmine, you never signed up for the conference on
computer programming, did you? The deadline was
W Oh, no, I can’t believe it. I thought I had until tomorrow to
do that, Richard. I guess I won’t be going there again with
everyone else this year. Would you be kind enough to let me
know what the highlights were when you come back to the
office, please?
M Sure, but you’d better tell Ms. Adams what happened right
now. The boss is going to be extremely displeased when she
finds out you won’t be in attendance there. You’re the only
one from the department who’s going to miss it.
W Pardon me, but is this where the lecture by Allison Cash is
going to be given? I’m really looking forward to hearing her
speak about her latest novel.
M You’ve come to the right place, but you’re not here on the
right day. Ms. Cash isn’t going to be giving her talk until
tomorrow afternoon.
W Oh, right. I was aware of that. I only came here because I
want to find out how I can purchase a ticket for the event.
How much do I need to pay you?
M Actually, we don’t charge a cent. Just come around twenty
minutes early to be guaranteed a seat.
M As you’re going to begin your employment here beginning
next week, I need to inform you about a couple of important
things. First of all, the dress code is business formal because
we constantly have clients coming in and out of the office, so
everyone must look sharp.
W That’s fine with me. I wore that type of clothing at my
previous job, so I don’t have to add any clothes to my
M That’s good to hear. In addition, you absolutely cannot be
late for work. If you’re tardy without a legitimate excuse,
you’ll be punished in some manner.
W I understand. I’ll make sure to arrive early every workday.
W Hello, Mr. Mathis. This is Judy West in unit 201. I heard from
Ray Peters that he’s planning on vacating his apartment next
week, so I was wondering if you would allow me to move into
M Sure, I think I could permit you to do that. I remember you
mentioning that you were interested in living on a higher floor.
But you ought to be aware that there will be an increase in
the rent of $200 a month.
W Oh, that’s a little more than I had expected to pay, but I think
I can manage it. Shall I visit your office later today to sign a
new contract?
W Good afternoon. I have some receipts from the parking lot
which I used a couple of weeks ago while ours was being
renovated. Can I get reimbursed for the money I paid now?
M You know, you were supposed to submit all of your receipts
by last Thursday.
W Yes, I recall reading the memo about that, but I wasn’t here
last week.
M Why not? Were you away on vacation or something?
W I was on a business trip in Vancouver and Toronto with Ms.
Harding. We were gone for the past ten days and only got
back today.
M In that case, I suppose I can make an exception. May I have
the receipts, please?
W Thanks. I appreciate it.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 14 12/13/2018 9:56:21 AM
M Good morning. Tim’s Deli. How may I be of assistance?
W Hello. This is Trisha Carter calling. I made an order for
delivery three days ago. You’re supposed to bring it here to
Peterson Consulting in a couple of hours.
M Yes, ma’am. We’re working on putting everything together
right now. You don’t need to change anything, do you?
W Not to the order, no. But do you think it would be possible to
bring the food an hour earlier than we had scheduled? Can
you be here by eleven?
M I don’t think that’s feasible, but we can get there by half past
W Great. That should be fine. Sorry about making such a lastminute request.
W Jermaine, you’ve been informed that I’m taking some time off
next week, right?
M1 Yes, Maria. You told me about that earlier in the week. Why
do you ask?
W I wonder if you’ll be available to take care of my clients if any
of them call while I’m away.
M1 Well, I can do that for you on Monday and Tuesday, but I’m
heading to Athens on Wednesday, so I’ll be out of the office
until the 23rd.
M2 Maria, I’ll be here all week, so I don’t mind handling your
clients from Wednesday to Friday.
W Thanks, both of you. I’ll be sure to treat you to lunch when I
get back.
M Is there anything else to discuss before this meeting ends?
W There’s one last thing if you don’t mind, Mr. Roberts. You’re
aware that Classway International made a rush order on
some of our products, right?
M Yes, that was brought to my attention last night.
W Well, if we’re going to fill the order by the due date, we need
everyone working for the next two weeks.
M Filling this order should bring us back to profitability for the
year, shouldn’t it?
W I haven’t run the numbers yet, but I’m pretty sure you’re
M Great. Then we need to cancel all employee days off until
we’re finished. I’ll contact each of the department heads.
W1 Sales have been lagging for the past four months. We
absolutely must do something to improve them, or we might
have to close down.
M What do you recommend?
W1 We ought to advertise on TV. That might bring us to more
people’s attention.
M I don’t feel confident about that. Fewer people are watching
television these days. We’d be better off advertising on some
W2 But which ones should we put ads on?
M Why don’t you and Jessica do some research this afternoon?
Figure out how we could get the most out of our money.
W2 Okay, but someone will have to complete the report we’re
writing since it’s due at the end of the day.
M I was asked to give the keynote speech at the chemical
engineering conference in Dubai.
W Congratulations. You accepted the offer, didn’t you?
M Not yet. I’m doubtful that Ms. Anderson will give me time off
to travel there as I’ll be gone for a week.
W I’m sure she will. Not only would it be a great personal honor,
but it would also provide our firm with publicity and prestige.
M I never considered that. I suppose I should have a word
with her now since the organizers requested a response by
W Go ahead. She’s in her office. And I can lend you a hand with
writing your talk if you want.
M I appreciate your saying that.
W Are we still planning to drive to the workshop in Boston this
M I’d like to, but I’m not so sure that we ought to.
W Really? What makes you say that?
M According to the weather report, a large amount of snow is
going to start falling on the second day of the event. I don’t
believe we should drive in that kind of weather.
W Well, we’re likely going to rely on public transportation like
the subway while we’re there.
M Yeah, that’s a good point. And now that I think about it, our
flight back home could get canceled, and then we’d be stuck
W Okay, then let’s stick with the original plan.
W Before we return to the office, how about getting something
for dessert?
M I’m going to pass on that because I’m watching my weight,
but please feel free to help yourself. The apple pie looks
W It does, but I think I’d rather try a slice of the cheesecake
M Sounds good to me. Oh, after we finish lunch, how about
stopping by Wright’s Printing on the way to the office? I’d like
to pick up all those brochures we had printed.
W No problem at all. I’m eager to see what they look like.
M Great. Oh, here comes our waiter. I’ll flag him down for you.
PART 4 p.106
M Our sales team returned yesterday after spending six weeks
in Asia. They visited Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, and
Singapore. Conducting meetings with several distributors
in those cities, they concluded that there’s a definite market
for our cosmetics in several countries. We’re currently
negotiating with distributors in three countries and expect to
speak with more soon. We’ll only export our newest line of
cosmetics first. Once we see how much Matinee sells, then
we’ll consider exporting other products. Matinee is already
well known in some Asian countries, which was quite a
surprise to me. We should be able to take advantage of that
fact by marketing our goods in high-end department stores
and duty-free shops.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 15 12/13/2018 9:56:21 AM
M It’s 6:30, so let me provide a quick traffic report. The rushhour traffic and heavy snow are combining to create traffic
jams everywhere. Virtually every road downtown is packed
with cars hardly moving. If you have the option, I suggest
taking the subway home as that will be much faster than
driving or taking a bus. In what appears to be a serious
mistake that has displeased lots of people, the city didn’t
send out any snowplows until an hour ago. While drivers are
working quickly to clear the roads, they could have been
doing that since 12:00, when the snow started falling. The
mayor’s office needs to answer for this. If you’re driving now,
expect delays of an hour or two. And please drive carefully to
avoid accidents.
W Our next speaker is here to discuss the future of robots.
Dr. Simon Palmer is a world-renowned expert in the field of
robotics. Dr. Palmer has a PhD in Mechanical engineering
and has built several robots during the past decade. He’s the
author of numerous journal articles, and his latest book is
entitled Basics of Robotics. He sits on the board of directors
at several companies and is currently employed as a
professor of engineering at Riverside University in Baltimore.
Dr. Palmer is going to speak for about an hour, and then he
will take questions from the audience. During his talk, please
refrain from interrupting. I now present to you, Dr. Simon
W Mr. Reynolds, this is Paige Summers returning your call. I’m
terribly sorry I wasn’t at my place when the work crew visited.
I had an interview this morning, and it completely slipped my
mind that I was supposed to be home then. Is it possible to
reschedule so the workers can return sometime this week? I’d
love for the walls to get painted before the week ends. Oh,
just so you know, I got hired, and I’ll be starting work next
Monday. So if the workers can’t come anytime soon, I’ll have
to give you the key to my place to let them in. I’m going to be
working from nine to six every day, and I’ll be leaving home
around eight every morning.
M I know everyone’s eager to attend the luncheon with the
CEO, but let me cover one more thing before we go. We’ve
brought on five new workers this week, but we still have
three more positions to fill. I know you were under the
impression we had just one more opening. However, Sandra
Chow and Ronald Yeager handed in their resignations this
morning. We can discuss why they did that later, but we
must fill both jobs immediately. They were supposed to be on
the negotiating team going to Prague next week, but we’re
not allowing that to happen now. I want recommendations on
internal replacements by four thirty today. Then, we’ll need to
advertise the positions of whoever gets promoted.
W Good evening, shoppers. It’s eight o’clock, so we’ll be
closing an hour from now. As we always do at this time,
we’re discounting selected items until we lock our doors
tonight. Head to the fruit and vegetable section to get apples,
pears, and peaches for forty percent off and carrots, lettuce,
and cucumbers for twenty percent off. Or drop by the deli for
half-priced meats and cheeses. At the bakery, if you buy two
of the same item, you’ll get another one for free. There’s no
limit on the amount you can buy. But remember that this sale
is only in effect for the rest of the day, so all items will return
to their original prices tomorrow morning.
W Your attention, please. We regret to inform you that the
line heading south to Manchester has been temporarily
closed. There are several obstructions on the tracks which
must be cleared off. Apparently, the bad weather resulted
in trees being downed, so some large branches have
fallen on the tracks. Work crews have been dispatched to
remove everything in the way. We have no idea when that
will happen, so all trains scheduled to travel on line 3 are
now delayed. While you wait, we invite you to relax in the
departure lounge or to visit one of the many restaurants or
cafés here. We’ll keep you updated as to the progress of
our work crews. Whenever we learn anything, we’ll make an
W I’ve got some good news to inform you about. I submitted
the budget request for the experiment we’re eager to run. I’m
positive it will be approved, but I won’t get confirmation until
after I speak with Larry Herndon on June 12. Should we be
granted the extra funding, we’ll get to work on conducting
the experiment by the last week of June. We should be able
to acquire every piece of equipment we require by then.
Okay, that’s everything I want to remark on. I believe Jack
has an announcement to make about the results of his
research, so let me turn the meeting over to him. I guarantee
you’ll all find Jack’s comments fascinating.
W Thank you for calling the Chapman Medical Clinic. We are
sorry to inform you that we’re closed for the day as Dr. Ryan
has a family issue to attend to. If you have an appointment
scheduled for today, please visit our website at www. Click on the “Appointments” icon, and
you can arrange to see a doctor another day this week. All
patients with appointments today will be permitted to see a
doctor at the time and on the day of their choosing. If you
have a question regarding your treatment or a prescription,
please press 2. You will be connected with a nurse at once. If
you are calling to discuss a billing issue, please press 3.
M We have an important announcement. A customer found a
black leather purse in a changing room on the fourth floor.
We checked the possessions, and they appear to belong
to Ms. Wilma Battle. Ms. Battle, would you please visit the
information desk to pick up your items? You will be asked to
show some form of ID when you come to claim everything.
As for the rest of our shoppers, please check the dressing
rooms every time you use them to make sure you leave
nothing behind. We at Patterson’s are not responsible for lost
items such as wallets, cards, and telephones. We therefore
encourage you to pay close attention to avoid losing anything
in the future.
3. Answer Key Test 03
1 (C) 2 (B) 3 (D) 4 (C) 5 (C)
6 (A)
7 (A) 8 (C) 9 (B) 10 (B) 11 (C)
12 (A) 13 (B) 14 (A) 15 (A) 16 (B)
17 (C) 18 (C) 19 (B) 20 (B) 21 (A)
22 (C) 23 (C) 24 (C) 25 (A) 26 (B)
27 (A) 28 (C) 29 (B) 30 (C) 31 (A)
32 (C) 33 (A) 34 (D) 35 (B) 36 (D)
37 (A) 38 (A) 39 (B) 40 (C) 41 (B)
42 (C) 43 (D) 44 (C) 45 (B) 46 (A)
47 (D) 48 (B) 49 (C) 50 (D) 51 (B)
52 (C) 53 (A) 54 (C) 55 (B) 56 (B)
57 (B) 58 (A) 59 (D) 60 (A) 61 (C)
62 (B) 63 (A) 64 (A) 65 (B) 66 (B)
67 (D) 68 (C) 69 (D) 70 (B)
71 (D) 72 (B) 73 (A) 74 (D) 75 (B)
76 (D) 77 (B) 78 (A) 79 (C) 80 (B)
81 (A) 82 (B) 83 (D) 84 (A) 85 (B)
86 (A) 87 (C) 88 (C) 89 (B) 90 (D)
91 (C) 92 (A) 93 (B) 94 (C) 95 (C)
96 (C) 97 (B) 98 (B) 99 (C) 100 (C)
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