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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 1 - Actual Test 02

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 1 - Actual Test 02

1. Audio Test 02

2. Transcript Test 02
PART 1 p.52
(A) The doctor is treating a patient.
(B) Two telephones are on the desk.
(C) The woman is taking an X-ray.
(D) The monitors are being turned on.
(A) They are putting boxes on the shelves.
(B) They are all holding tablets.
(C) They are looking at the same thing.
(D) They are standing in an aisle.
(A) Many flowers have been placed in pots.
(B) Vegetables are growing in the garden.
(C) People are looking at the flowers.
(D) Flowers are being planted in the ground.
(A) Cars are parked on one side of the street.
(B) Some people are crossing the busy street.
(C) Someone is riding a motorcycle down the street.
(D) The cars are facing the same direction.
(A) She is putting a folder in a filing cabinet.
(B) She is piling up a large number of documents.
(C) She is selecting a folder from the shelf.
(D) She is showing some files to a customer.
(A) The machine is scanning some documents.
(B) The women are sitting beside each other.
(C) They are on opposite sides of the machine.
(D) One woman is pulling out the plug.
PART 2 p.56
7 Were these documents already processed?
(A) It’s quite a complicated process.
(B) You need to speak with Debbie.
(C) I can’t find the documentation anywhere.
8 Who is the most skilled analyst in the Marketing Department?
(A) We ought to analyze the results now.
(B) That would definitely be Kumar.
(C) He doesn’t have the skills to do that.
9 Mr. Helton purchased a membership at the local gym last year.
(A) He doesn’t look like he works out.
(B) Yes, there are more than 200 members.
(C) I exercise at least four times a week.
10 How did the vote on raising taxes go?
(A) Yeah, taxes are already too high.
(B) I haven’t heard the final results.
(C) No, they didn’t raise the income tax.
11 Should we hold the ceremony on Friday or Saturday?
(A) That’s what we’re planning to do.
(B) Actually, I’d prefer it to be on Sunday.
(C) No, I couldn’t attend on either day.
12 Could you please explain what you’d like me to do, Ms.
(A) No, she doesn’t need anything right now.
(B) Yes, she’s planning to explain everything.
(C) Yes, but you need to wait a moment, please.
13 Who uploaded all of the files onto the company’s intranet?
(A) Okay, I’ll file everything soon.
(B) Yesterday before five o’clock.
(C) Both Margaret and Judith.
14 Which speaker at the conference do you want to hear?
(A) I’ve got tickets to see Dr. Taylor’s talk.
(B) Sorry, but I didn’t hear what he said.
(C) That’s right. I already spoke with her before.
15 You’re eligible to vote in the election, aren’t you?
(A) Sometime next Tuesday morning.
(B) Yes, but I probably won’t vote.
(C) The candidate I support is going to win.
16 Why did the GPS device in your car suddenly stop wor
(A) I work at the coffee shop on Main Street.
(B) She’s going to stop in a few minutes.
(C) I think it has a problem with the wires.
17 Doesn’t the day shift end at five every day?
(A) Shifting gears is simple in this vehicle.
(B) Not anymore. It’s been changed to six.
(C) Julie works the day shift each day of the week.
18 What time does the form have to be sent by?
(A) I need to ask Alice to confirm that with her.
(B) The game is going to start at seven thirty.
(C) This form hasn’t been filled out yet.
19 Did the doctor diagnose the patient’s problem today?
(A) I’m trying to be patient at this moment.
(B) Dr. Dryden has been operating all day long.
(C) Yes, that’s exactly the problem she has.
20 Ms. Sellers won’t resign her position, will she?
(A) She’s not the type of person to do that.
(B) No, she hasn’t retired from her job yet.
(C) Yes, that is our current position.
21 Who do you recommend giving the internship to?
(A) More than ten students last summer.
(B) They’ll mostly do all kinds of office work.
(C) We won’t go wrong with Patty Walsh.
22 I’d like to change my reservation, please.
(A) Yes, your booking has been changed.
(B) When do you want to fly then?
(C) He’s kind of quiet and reserved.
23 What rides do you want to go on at the amusement park?
(A) The Ferris wheel is right behind us.
(B) All of them look pretty exciting to me.
(C) Here, I bought these tickets for us.
24 Has the sequel to this book already been published?
(A) It’s the first book written by Mark Mooney.
(B) The author is still trying to complete it.
(C) No, I haven’t read any of her novels.
25 What should I expect to be asked at the interview?
(A) Mostly questions about your experience.
(B) Next Monday morning at half past ten.
(C) You’ll meet Robert Stewart in his office.
26 When are the renovations supposed to be complete?
(A) For the past five or six months.
(B) More than six thousand dollars, I heard.
(C) Sometime in the middle of February.
27 Has anyone figured out why the experiment failed?
(A) Harold is working on that issue now.
(B) We were in the lab when it happened.
(C) No, the experiment is taking place soon.
28 I didn’t receive the merchandise which I ordered online.
(A) Let me look up your account information.
(B) Thank you for shopping at Max Mart.
(C) I’m pleased you’re satisfied with your order.
29 How do this year’s profits compare with last year’s?
(A) Our revenues are up considerably.
(B) Right about the same for the most part.
(C) You’re totally right about our profits.
30 You ought to change your password every week.
(A) He passed the exam when he took it.
(B) No, I can’t remember what it is.
(C) That’s precisely what I do.
31 Why did your broker recommend purchasing that stock?
(A) He’s convinced it’s going to go down.
(B) More than 1,000 shares of it.
(C) It’s likely to increase in value.
PART 3 p.57
M: Ms. Lorenzo, prior to boarding the bus, you declared your interest in learning more about the history of the city. I suggest getting an audio guide. It can tell you everything you want to know about the exhibits here.
W: That would be educational. Can you tell me where I can get one?
M: Head to the information desk over there. Give the person your driver’s license, and you can borrow a guide. It won’t cost you anything at all.
W: Thanks for letting me know about that. That should be much better than simply looking at the exhibits by myself.
M Hello. This is Jack Weber calling from the Metaxas
Corporation. I’d like to confirm that my company has
reservations for six individuals for this weekend’s workshop.
W Thank you for calling, Mr. Weber. Yes, everyone from your
firm is confirmed. We’ll see you at ten on Saturday morning.
M Did you say ten o’clock? I was under the impression that it’s
starting at eleven thirty.
W You didn’t receive the e-mail with the new schedule we sent
last week? It mentioned that the time has changed due to a
scheduling conflict involving one of the instructors. I’ll resend
it to you in a moment.
W Donnie, were you able to download the new software
onto your computer? I’m trying to do that, but I’m having
M I had no problems getting the software running, but I’ve also
got a newer computer. Your computer might be too old and
outmoded to run the software.
W That would be a huge problem. Mr. Reynolds told me I need
to start using the software, but he wouldn’t approve my
request to upgrade my computer.
M Let me have a look at your machine. I should be able to
figure out the problem. How about doing that right now?
M I don’t know how we’re going to complete this assignment
given our current budget. We still have several tests left to
W There’s no way we can cut any more corners. We’d better file
a request with Ms. Anderson to provide us with some more
money. Otherwise, we won’t be able to produce a quality
M That makes sense. How much do you believe we ought to
ask for from Accounting?
W I’d be happy with $10,000, but getting $15,000 would enable
us to do a more thorough job. So I’m going to make a
request for the latter amount.
W Mr. Lawrence, Eddie Folsom in Unit 5D told me to contact
you if I have any problems with my new place. Is that
M It sure is. Is something wrong? We painted all the walls,
added new carpeting, and bought a replacement refrigerator
before you moved in.
W Yes, and everything looks wonderful. I’m quite pleased with
that. Unfortunately, however, the bathroom sink is dripping
water, so I wonder if you can handle it.
M Of course. I’m on my way up to look at a problem in Unit
10B. Once I’m finished there, I’ll head straight to your place.
W Good afternoon, Mr. Morrison. I’m returning your call about
some missing items in the order you received. Could you tell
me what’s not there?
M We ordered 25 pizzas for our Friday afternoon luncheon, but
the deliveryman only brought 15. When I asked him where
the others were, he didn’t know anything about them.
W I’m sorry for the confusion. We’re a bit busy here, so we
asked our branch on Montgomery Avenue to cook 10 of your
pizzas. They should arrive any minute now.
M Thanks for clearing that up. But please let us know in
advance if this happens again later.
M I’d like to speak with you regarding Molly Nelson. I strongly
believe we should promote her soon.
W I concur with your assessment. However, the next round of
promotions isn’t scheduled until July, and that’s four months
M I realize that, but she landed two huge contracts for us last
week. She really deserves a promotion ahead of time.
W I see the logic in your statement, but I’m still not sure if we
should do that.
M Well, doing that will be good for morale. It will show the other
employees that we reward excellence in the workplace.
W Good point. Let me talk to Mr. Richardson in management
and see what he says.
W That was an interesting seminar. How did you two enjoy it?
M1 To be honest, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the speaker. I
found his speaking style to be quite annoying.
M2 And I thought that the information he spoke about was both
dull and outdated. What about you, Karen?
W I couldn’t agree with you less. Dr. Shula is a world-renowned
expert in the field of acquisitions and is someone you should
definitely pay close attention to.
M2 But he was so boring to listen to.
W Okay, his speaking style isn’t the greatest, but each of you
should read his books. You can learn a lot from them.
M Hello. I received this prescription at the Franklin Clinic. Can I
get it filled here?
W Yes, I can do that for you. It will take about a quarter of an
hour though.
M I don’t mind waiting. But could you tell me if there are any
side effects of the medication?
W Let me see . . . Ah, yes, it could make you drowsy, so don’t
drive or use heavy machinery after you take it.
M I don’t own a car, so that’s all right. Is there anything else I
ought to know about it?
W Don’t take it on an empty stomach. You need to take it half
an hour after eating a meal.
M Hello, Ms. Krauss. This is Noah Hedley from Business Today.
I’m calling to confirm that you’re still willing to be interviewed
for an article in my magazine.
W Oh, hello, Mr. Hedley. Yes, I have enough time to speak with
M Excellent. When would you like for me to visit your office?
The interview should take around two hours.
W This Thursday from ten to noon would be perfect. Can you
make it here then?
M I sure can. And would you mind if I brought a photographer?
We need some pictures for the article.
W That’s fine with me. I’ll see you in a couple of days.
W1 We received more than sixty applications for a single
position. That’s too many to look through.
M Don’t worry. I already discarded the individuals who didn’t
meet the minimum qualifications, so that reduced the
W2 How many are we down to now?
M Nineteen. I’ve got all of their applications in separate files
that I ordered alphabetically. Here they are.
W1 Janet, you and I need to look at them this afternoon. We
should select the top seven or eight candidates to call in for
W2 In that case, I’ll cancel my meeting with Bob Seaver so that
we can spend the rest of the day doing that.
W Good morning, sir. Where are you going today?
M Um, actually, I already bought a ticket, but I missed my bus.
Is it possible for me to return this one and to get a ticket for
another bus? I’m trying to go to Zurich.
W Let me see the ticket, please . . . Okay, I’ll void this ticket for
the 11:15 bus. Which bus would you like to take?
M I need to get there as soon as possible, so the next one
would be great.
W Okay, but it’s an express bus, so it’s going to cost a bit more.
You need to pay twenty more euros.
M That’s fine. Here you are.
M Hello and welcome to the Nottingham Language Institute.
How may I be of assistance today?
W Hello. Is it possible to take one-on-one classes here? I’m
getting transferred in a few months, so I really need to learn a
new language quickly.
M Well, that depends on which language you’re interested in
W Oh, I have to study Russian. My company is sending me to
St. Petersburg to work there for the next three years.
M Hmm . . . I believe that the teacher is available to do those
kinds of classes, but I have to call and get confirmation.
W That’s fine. I can wait while you do that.
PART 4 p.62
M It’s relatively easy to purchase books these days. Simply
visit an online bookstore and click a few buttons. But what
about out-of-print and hard-to-find books? You usually can’t
get them online. Fortunately, we’ve got the books you need
at Jameson and Bryce. We sell books that were published
in the 1800s and 1900s. We’ve got large sections of fiction,
especially fantasy and mystery, literature, poetry, and
nonfiction. If you are looking for something old, we probably
have it. Our collection includes more than 30,000 books.
We’re located at 91 Cheshire Drive. Sorry, but we don’t take
walk-ins. Call us at 987-1274 to schedule an appointment to
see our collection.
M We had a slight increase in revenue during the past month,
but that’s not good enough. The first half of this year was
terrible on account of the recession, which is why we lost a
large amount of money. Now that the economy is picking up,
we should be making more sales. Customers are returning to
our stores, but they are going to those of our rivals in greater
numbers. We need to figure out why this is happening, and
then we’ve got to put a stop to it. It’s crucial that we regain
our standing as the top seller of housewares in the entire
state. So let’s figure out what we can do to make our stores
better and to attract more customers.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -1.indd 10 12/17/2018 9:22:32 AM
M I believe most of you have heard Dustin Williams is resigning
this Friday. It’s rather sudden, but he’s doing this due to some
health issues. We must do two things at once. First, we’ve
got to find an internal replacement for him. That likely means
one of you will get his job. If you’re interested, speak with me
before the day is over. Once a decision on his replacement is
made, we’ve got to hire someone to replace whichever one
of you gets promoted. This is a crucial time for the company
as we’ve got several major projects going on. We need to
make sure we get everything right. So please tell me if you
know anyone who’d be interested in working here.
M We’ve got a new project. Angus Murray at Kenmore
Industries contacted me about a consulting job which he
wants to hire us for. Now, I know that Angus has a bit of a
bad reputation around here, but this job is going to be worth
a considerable amount of money for the company. I don’t
intend to force any of you to work on the project. Instead, I’m
going to ask for a volunteer. If you decide to do this, you’ll be
working full time all by yourself, and you’ll be spending most
of your time with Angus personally. I thought you might like
to know that. So what do you think? Is anyone interested?
M Thank you all for coming to tonight’s charity fundraiser for the
Bowman Group. I’m pleased to announce we have already
received more than $200,000 in pledges. That’s a new
record, and we haven’t even gotten to the main event yet.
Before we begin, let me give you the schedule for tonight.
We’re going to hear from the leader of the Bowman Group,
Ms. Blair, in a moment. Once she finishes speaking, we’ll all
enjoy a delicious dinner together. Following that, we’ll have
the charity auction, where all kinds of great items, including
art, jewelry, and even a new luxury car, will be available for
you to purchase. Now that I’ve finished, let’s hear from Ms.
W It’s the top of the hour, so morning traffic is at its peak at this
moment. If you’re considering taking the Rosemont Tunnel
into the downtown area, you’d better think again. Traffic there
is backed up for more than 20 minutes since a truck broke
down in the middle of the road. Instead, I recommend taking
either the Hollis Bridge or the San Marino Bridge. Traffic on
each of them is moving quite briskly. Drivers in the northern
part of the city should be careful on Courtland Avenue and
Wilson Street. Due to minor accidents, traffic is moving more
slowly than usual on those two roads. And that’s it for now. I’ll
be back in a quarter of an hour with another update.
W Good morning, Ms. Waverly. I’m calling you from Speedy Air.
I’m pleased to inform you that your baggage has been found.
Apparently, both of your bags were sent to Athens instead
of St. Louis. Fortunately, this was discovered last night, so
the bags were put on the red-eye flight before it departed.
The plane arrived a few minutes ago, and all of the luggage
is being unloaded. We’ve got a courier standing by to take
possession of your bags. Once he gets them, he’s going
to drive straight to your hotel. We anticipate that he should
arrive there within an hour. As soon as he gets there, he’ll
visit the front desk to find out where you are.
M The funding for the new stadium has been approved by the
city council, so we can start working soon. We’re scheduled
to hold the groundbreaking ceremony later this week. I’ve got
some great news as the weather on that day is scheduled
to be perfect. The snow will stop falling, the cloud cover will
lift, and the winds will die down, so we can expect a bright,
shiny day. Of course, it’s going to be cold, but it’s the middle
of winter, so that’s to be expected. And since it’s winter, we
won’t be doing much construction for a couple of months,
but we are going to start digging out the area so that we can
be ready to work on the foundation once March arrives.
M Hello, Mr. McCarter. This is Tyler Jacobs at the garage. I
finished taking a look at the car you dropped off this morning.
It appears you don’t need to worry too much as there is
nothing wrong with your vehicle’s engine. The only thing I
need to do is rotate the tires because the front wheels are
wearing down a bit. Since you instructed me to do whatever
is necessary, I’m going to go ahead and do that. If you’d like
anything else done, such as an oil change, simply call me to
let me know. Your vehicle will be ready for pickup by 4:30, so
you can come here to get it whenever you get off work.
W Greetings, everyone, and thank you for attending this oneday seminar on global management being sponsored by
the Chatham Society. Although we’re gathered here in the
auditorium, as soon as I finish speaking, we’re going to break
up into three separate rooms depending upon what you
signed up for. Many of you will be moving from room to room
throughout the day. And just so you know, the venue for Mr.
Landry’s talk has changed. To get to it, leave the auditorium,
take a right, and then go to the third door on the left. There’s
no number or sign on it. All right, will you all please head to
the rooms listed on your information sheet?
3. Answer Key Test 02
1 (B) 2 (D) 3 (A) 4 (A) 5 (C)
6 (C)
7 (B) 8 (B) 9 (A) 10 (B) 11 (B)
12 (C) 13 (C) 14 (A) 15 (B) 16 (C)
17 (B) 18 (A) 19 (B) 20 (A) 21 (C)
22 (B) 23 (B) 24 (B) 25 (A) 26 (C)
27 (A) 28 (A) 29 (B) 30 (C) 31 (C)
32 (B) 33 (A) 34 (D) 35 (D) 36 (A)
37 (C) 38 (C) 39 (A) 40 (A) 41 (B)
42 (A) 43 (C) 44 (B) 45 (A) 46 (C)
47 (D) 48 (B) 49 (A) 50 (C) 51 (A)
52 (C) 53 (C) 54 (C) 55 (A) 56 (B)
57 (C) 58 (A) 59 (C) 60 (A) 61 (A)
62 (A) 63 (A) 64 (C) 65 (B) 66 (D)
67 (C) 68 (C) 69 (A) 70 (B)
71 (A) 72 (C) 73 (B) 74 (A) 75 (B)
76 (A) 77 (A) 78 (C) 79 (B) 80 (B)
81 (A) 82 (D) 83 (A) 84 (D) 85 (C)
86 (D) 87 (A) 88 (B) 89 (B) 90 (D)
91 (A) 92 (C) 93 (B) 94 (B) 95 (B)
96 (C) 97 (A) 98 (B) 99 (D) 100 (A)
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