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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 4

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 4

1. Audio Test 04

2. Transcript Test 04
Part 1 Picture Descriptions
1. (A) The workers are stuck in traffic.
(B) The vehicle is being towed away.
(C) The tractor is sweeping snow off the road.
(D) The snow has covered all over the machinery.
2. (A) The man is holding a box.
(B) The man is spraying insecticide.
(C) The man is wearing protective clothing.
(D) The man is placing items back onto the shelf.
3.(A) Personal belongings are moving on the carousel.
(B) The luggage room is crammed with travelers.
(C) A long line of passengers are claiming their
(D) The airport is under maintenance.
4. (A) The trainer is addressing the audience.
(B) The animals are swimming in the pool.
(C) The instructor is giving orders to the trainees.
(D) The crowds are being entertained.
5.(A) The dishes are placed on the kitchen table.
(B) The customer is being serviced by the kitchen
(C) The chef is getting the ingredients ready.
(D) The customer is helping herself to the dishes.
6. (B) BrE/M
(A) The cows are grazing in the field.
(B) The man is attending to the livestock.
(C) The man is milking the cow.
(D) The cows are standing by the wall.
Part 2 Question – Response
7. (B) AmE/W BrE/M
Where will the banquet be held?
(A) The bank closes at around 3:30 p.m.
(B) The Kennedy Hall.
(C) As soon as the guest of honor arrives.
8. (C) AuE/W CanE/M
Who translated this news article?
(A) From a finance magazine.
(B) It’s pretty well done.
(C) Our correspondent in Hong Kong did it.
9. (A) BrE/M AuE/W
Why is the cafeteria off limits?
(A) Because it’s under renovation.
(B) I think it’s pretty budget-friendly.
(C) By six o’clock.
10. (B) AuE/W AmE/W
Let’s share the profits evenly among us.
(A) Sure, let’s split the check.
(B) That sounds fair.
(C) I’m always willing to share with others.
11. (A) CanE/M AmE/W
Could you ask Ms. Clarkson to write an expense
(A) She has other assignments.
(B) She will be away this summer.
(C) It was quite expensive.
12. (B) AmE/W BrE/M
No payments have arrived this morning.
(A) The man will show up later.
(B) Let’s give them more time.
(C) Has the driver picked him up yet?
13. (A) AmE/W AuE/W
Would you like to sample our new flavor of yogurt?
(A) I’ll give it a try.
(B) It doesn’t get any easier.
(C) Yogurt is one of my favorites.
14. (B) BrE/M AmE/W
Why is this phone unable to make international
(A) I’ll try to reach her again by phone.
(B) Check if you’ve dialed the correct country code.
(C) Because the Internet is dead.
15. (A) AuE/W BrE/M
How much do I have to pay for express bus tickets?
(A) Check the board.
(B) It will take about an hour.
(C) Twice the rate for regular mail.
16. (C) AmE/W AuE/W
Do you want to go out for lunch?
(A) The luncheon will be held in the meeting room.
(B) No, I don’t mind.
(C) Thanks for asking, but I’ve packed a sandwich.
17. (C) BrE/M CanE/M
Can’t we get discounted tickets?
(A) The sale ended last weekend.
(B) These tickets are not refundable.
(C) Not for this performance.
18. (B) AuE/W BrE/M
Would you mind leading the marketing session
today instead of John?
(A) Marketing strategies have always been highly
(B) No, if I can make time for it.
(C) I didn’t mind at all.
19. (A) BrE/M AmE/W
Doesn’t Catherine usually work on weekends?
(A) Only during the peak season.
(B) She gets paid for overtime.
(C) She’s really hard-working.
20. (A) CanE/M AuE/W
Have you ever been to headquarters?
(A) Only once with the manager.
(B) Yes, we’ve expected better sales next quarter.
(C) I’ve met him several times.
21. (C) BrE/M AmE/W
When will the new smartphone be released?
(A) At almost all electronics retailers.
(B) Sometime last month.
(C) The date hasn’t been announced yet.
22. (C) AuE/W BrE/M
What’s your opinion of the new servers?
(A) I haven’t read about the latest opinion polls.
(B) I really appreciate the service.
(C) They seem pretty reliable.
23. (A) AmE/W CanE/M
Have they stopped manufacturing this product line?
(A) It’ll be discontinued early next month.
(B) The producer expects higher demands.
(C) The production line has stopped due to power
24. (A) AmE/W AuE/W
Where should I store these lefover flyers?
(A) Just throw them into the recycle bin.
(B) They’re for the grand opening.
(C) The shopkeeper will attend to your needs.
25. (A) BrE/M AmE/W
How much should we spend on advertising?
(A) That’s up to the finance team.
(B) The expenses could be quite high.
(C) We’ve decided to buy the front pages.
26. (B) AmE/W BrE/M
Who’s the guy talking to Mr. Shaffer?
(A) They’re discussing some critical matters.
(B) Our in-house lawyer.
(C) The talk will last for another ten minutes.
27. (C) AuE/W BrE/M
Why don’t you ask for a raise?
(A) Sorry, I can’t give you any.
(B) It’s 20 percent higher.
(C) It would be of little use.
28. (C) AuE/W AmE/W
I’m excited about today’s product launch.
(A) The meals are truly wonderful.
(B) Let’s prepare the ingredients first.
(C) Yes, we’ll get a great response.
29. (B) BrE/M AuE/W
Who’s going to be acting as the MC for tonight’s
(A) The actors will be rehearsing before the show
(B) A famous reporter from TBS Channel.
(C) A lot of people are coming from across the
30. (B) AuE/W BrE/M
I think you should resend that scan.
(A) The scanner has been malfunctioning.
(B) Didn’t it go through?
(C) Sure, I’ll tell them the reason again.
31. (A) BrE/M AmE/W
Has anybody reviewed these sales figures?
(A) I’m on it.
(B) It features a comprehensive analysis.
(C) Sorry, please ask someone else.
Part 3 Conversations
[32−34] BrE/M AmE/W
M: Hi. I recently purchased this vacuum cleaner
here, but it turns out this model isn’t the one I need for my kind of floors. Could I exchange it for a different model? I have the receipt right here.
W: That’s no problem, sir. As long as you have all
of the attachments and original packaging,you’re allowed to exchange it. However, you will need to cover any difference in the price
of the two products if the product you select
is more expensive than the one you want to return.
M: That’s fine. In fact, I looked online and found a
model that perfectly fits my needs. It’s about thirty dollars more, but it has a steam-cleaning function.
W: Great. Do you remember the model’s serial
number? I’ll check immediately if it’s in stock.
W: Excuse me. I have a plane ticket for Southeast
Airlines’ flight 507 to Detroit, but they just announced that the flight has been canceled. What should I do now?
M: Don’t worry. Do you still have your boarding
pass? Just take it over to that counter, andyou’ll be given a new boarding pass for the next flight to Detroit.
W: But are you sure my credit card won’t be
charged for this new ticket? I don’t want to pay for it twice.
M: No, we don’t charge any money here. Your
bill has already been processed by your travel agency.
M: Good afernoon. I subscribe to your periodical
Business News Weekly. I remember I signed up for six months, but since the beginning of April, I haven’t received any deliveries.
W: Yes, there seems to be a mistake. I can see
you’ve only received one month’s worth of magazines. Are you still living at the same address?
M: Yes, but now that you mention it, I did request
to have the journals delivered to my office at 339 21st Street.
W: Ah, that seems to be the reason. The address
I have listed here is 339 22nd Street. We’ll send you next week’s issue along with all the issues you’ve missed out on as soon as possible.
M: Ms. Velez, do you know where they keep the
original blueprints for this building? I thought they’d be in our archives, but I can’t find them.
W: As far as I know, they were removed from our
archives and sent to the architect’s office. He wanted to have them restored.
M: Well, I need them urgently. The inspectors
from the federal safety commission are dropping by today for their annual inspection, and they’ll want to inspect those blueprints to make sure that our fire escape routes are up- to-date.
W: If it’s that urgent, I’m sure you can get
someone at the architect’s office to fax you a copy. I think I have their number in my desk somewhere.
M: This is Dale from North’s Gym. Our new
flagship branch is opening downtown, and I need an experienced fitness instructor to lead the management of the gym.
W: That sounds like a great opportunity. However,
I am staying home now because I hurt my leg last weekend. I won’t be able to do anything active for a few weeks.
M: That shouldn’t be a problem. We’re planning to use your technical expertise to develop some customizable training programs. There will be other coaches in charge of the physical tasks like training new employees.
W: In that case, I’d love to join you!
 [47−49] AmE/W CanE/M AuE/W
W1: Guess who I ran into on the street earlier this morning? Grace Hampton! She looked great!
M: Oh, really? I haven’t seen her in months. I miss working with her. She was always so cheerful and willing to help.
W2: Yeah. It’s a pity she decided to leave. I guess another company is paying her better.
W1: Well, I invited her for lunch tomorrow at Bob’s Grill. Why don’t you both come along?
M: I’d love to, but I’m not sure where that is.
W2: It’s a new diner that just opened on Bedford Street. Shall I send you a map?
W1: No need. We can all share a taxi. Just meet me at the front door at 12 o’clock sharp.
M: Sounds like a plan! I’ll be waiting by the door in the lobby.
[50−52] CanE/M AmE/W
M: I’d like to open a new, high-interest account.
On the 1st of every month, I’d like a portion of my salary deposited in this account. Is that possible?
W: Of course. If you choose this package, you’ll get an account with an interest rate of 2.7%, and we’ll issue you a new debit card for the account at no extra charge.
M: That’s good. I want to purchase a new car next year. Is it possible to start the service from next month onward?
W: Well, today is August 30th , so I’m afraid it won’t be possible until October 1st . We need at least three business days to activate the new account.
W: Kirk, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you. I just attended the board meeting, and we’ve decided to select the slogan you came up with for our national advertising campaign.
M: You can’t be serious! So, does this mean it will be featured on all of our products?
W: Yes, every Giovanni pizza franchise in the country will be displaying your slogan in their stores, and it will also be printed on all our pizza boxes. Of course, you’ll receive a cash prize for coming up with the winning slogan.
M: Wow! That truly blows my mind! But what I’m really proud of is that I’ll be given public recognition for my creativity. The winner is supposed to be interviewed by our monthly corporate magazine, right?
M: We’ve completed the designs for the new wet suit, and they’re ready for your approval. I’ve set them up in the conference room.
W: Great. Retailers have been asking about this new line, so we should try to get them into production as soon as possible.
M: OK. By the way, the other designers are occupied with other work, so I didn’t invite them.
W: Sorry, Jim, but can you call them in? I want everyone to be present to give feedback.
M: Fair enough. What time shall I tell them to be here?
W: The sooner the better. I have to be at the factory by 2 o’clock.
M: Do you mind if I come with you to the factory? I have a couple of things I want to check there before we start production on the new designs.
W: Sure. I’m planning on getting back here by 4:00, though.
W: I’d like to set up a mobile phone account with your company.
M: Sure. We offer a variety of excellent plans to choose from. Would you also like to buy a phone from us?
W: Yes, but will I be able to use it by this afernoon? I need to get in touch with some clients about my travel arrangements.
M: Certainly. You can select a model now. Once we’ve completed the paperwork, you’ll be able to use it. Do you have any photo identification with you? A driver’s license or something?
[62−64] AuE/W BrE/M
W: Excuse me, I need to replace the color ink in my printer, but I see only black ink cartridges on the shelf. Are there any color ones in stock?
M: Oh, we just reorganized that part of the store. You’ll find the color ink cartridges on the other side of the aisle. I’ll show you.
W: OK, great. I’ll need two. And I brought this discount coupon with me. It’s valid for Prexton printer cartridges too, right?
M: Yes, we accept those coupons. Just make sure you give it to the cashier when you get to the checkout counter.
 [65−67] BrE/M AmE/W
M: I have an admission ticket to the science exhibit, but I can’t locate the hall it’s being held in. Could you give me a map of the facility?
W: I’m afraid I don’t have any more lef, but I’m sure you’ll have no problem at all finding it. You’re on the first floor now. Just go up the main stairs to the second floor, and then take a lef, and you’ll see it down the hall.
M: Okay, thank you. By the way, I need to have my parking fee waived afer the show. You know where I can do that?
W: Head in the opposite direction to the end of the aisle. You can have your ticket stamped as a waiver at the security office.
W: Marcus, we need to discuss the book launch. This is gonna be one of the biggest books Pelican Publishing has ever released. I want to attract as many readers as possible.
M: Have we decided on the venue for the occasion?
W: Marian’s Bookstore has agreed to host. Have you fixed a date for the event?
M: How about October 15 ? It happens to be a
W: Nice idea. The thing is, the writer, Selena Ruiz,
is going to be away on vacation with her family then. How does the Saturday afer she gets back sound?
M: Fine with me. There’s nothing on the schedule
aside from the online promotion.
W: Great. We’d better contact the bookstore to
make sure it’s available on that particular date.
Part 4 Talks
[71−73] AmE/W
Thank you for coming to the staff meeting today. I’m glad to report that the number of customers joining Alpine Fitness Center has been increasing steadily since its opening. We want to keep this trend going, so we’ll start providing free Internet access from
June 1 . Members can bring any portable device
and connect it to our wireless network. In order to make our members aware of this change, we’ll put up stickers at the entrance as well as on the walls
in the exercise room. If you have any other ideas to promote this new feature, please e-mail them to me by Thursday night.
This weekend marks the official reopening of MegaView. Afer months of renovation, you’ll be amazed at how great the new venue looks. Now,you can enjoy the latest blockbusters on our massive IMAX screens, or marvel at our revolutionary 3D projection system. Additionally, we’ve added
state-of-the-art seating that perfectly transmits the motions of the film to provide you with a surreal movie-watching experience. And to celebrate our return, we’re giving away free buckets of popcorns
all opening day. Beverages will also be on the house. Come to MegaView with your family and friends to spice up your senses.
[77−79] AmE/W
On behalf of the mayor’s office, I’d like to thank you all for coming. I’m here to talk about the
city government’s solutions to our town’s water problem. We have been working to find funding
to upgrade our water treatment plant, and we think we have found a suitable arrangement. The loan in front of us today allows us to complete the necessary changes much quicker than expected. Although the interest payments are significantly higher than we originally budgeted, I believe this is our best option.
We have had a very successful fiscal year. Our sales rose by 14 percent and our market share by 12 percent. Many of you worked long hours under tight deadlines and difficult conditions to achieve that, and you should get some credit for that. So, in order to show our appreciation, the company is creating
a profit-sharing program. Five percent of our total net income will be distributed among all staff who have worked here for at least a year. You can get details about this on the company Intranet. This is our small way of thanking you for all you’ve done.
Welcome to DC Instrument’s Family Day. I’m Jake, and I’ll be guiding you around the factory. Shortly, we’ll start the tour by visiting the showroom, but let me explain a couple of rules before that. First of all, please keep your helmet on while you’re inside the factory. You must also stay between the yellow lines marked on the floor. Finally, photos are only allowed in the cafeteria and at the entrance. Any questions?OK. Let’s take a look at a display of DC Instrument’s latest products.
It’s hard to clean all the different surfaces in your home, isn’t it? Usually, you need one cleaner for
the kitchen, one for the bathroom, and one for the furniture. CleanALL is different. Its powerful yet gentle chemicals allow you to clean any area of your home. Just spray it on a wet cloth and wipe it over any surface: it’ll be spotless in seconds! Now, I’m going to invite some of you from the audience to join me on stage. You’re going to have the chance to use this product on some of the items I have up here with me. Then, you’ll see just how great this cleaner really is!
Good afernoon. I’d like to welcome you all to
today’s seminar on telephone sales techniques. As you know, we’re getting ready to introduce our new sofware program, and we’ve decided to focus on telephone marketing as a way to generate interest in our product. Today we’ll explain how to persuade people, during a short telephone conversation,
to meet with you for a product demonstration − your goal will be to set up a face-to-face meeting. Now we’re going to get started by listening to afew recorded conversations between potential customers and our most successful salespeople.
Welcome to the annual year-end celebratory banquet. We like to gather like this at the end of every year to look back on our successes and...
uh... recognize those of us who’ve made special contributions. At this point, I should mention the marketing department. Their ingenious Internet advertising campaign has more than tripled our online sales in the past six months since June. My co-president, Mr. William McKinley, has always given a speech on this occasion since he started the company. Sadly, this is the first time he’s been unable to attend.
As you can see from this data, in the month of the release of the new version of our music-editing sofware, sales rose to 12,000 units. However, they dropped sharply in July, when our rival, SpectraSof, released a similar product. Then, our poor sales in November were caused by some negative publicity we received when a programming glitch caused trouble for some users. Updates were released, and sales returned to normal by the end of the year. Customers appear willing to try rival products, so we need to conduct research into what additional functions users are looking for.
Before we conclude this morning’s meeting, I’d like to talk about the advertisement we’ll be runningin The Jacksonville Times this week. If you take a moment to look at the handout in front of you, you’ll see the design of the advertisement I’m considering. If you want to suggest any changes, send me an
e-mail today. I’ll be placing the advertisement tomorrow afernoon, so please be quick. Now... naturally, the longer we can run the advertisement the better, but it won’t be cheap. Afer looking at this price list for a half-page advertisement, I’ve decided to run the advertisement for four days,from Wednesday through Saturday.
3. Answer Key Test 04
Part 1
1.C 2.C 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.B
Part 2
7.B 8.C 9.A 10.B 11.A 12.B
13.A 14.B 15.A 16.C 17.C 18.B
19.A 20.A 21.C 22.C 23.A 24.A
25.A 26.B 27.C 28.C 29.B 30.B
Part 3
32.C 33.A 34.D 35.A 36.B 37.C
38.B 39.C 40.B 41.D 42.A 43.C
44.C 45.D 46.A 47.C 48.A 49.B
50.C 51.B 52.C 53.C 54.C 55.C
56.D 57.B 58.C 59.A 60.D 61.D
62.B 63.B 64.D 65.B 66.C 67.B
68.A 69.D 70.C
Part 4
71.A 72.B 73.D 74.D 75.B 76.C
77.B 78.C 79.B 80.C 81.C 82.D
83.C 84.B 85.D 86.A 87.B 88.B
89.D 90.B 91.C 92.C 93.B 94.C
95.B 96.C 97.D 98.C 99.D 100.C
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