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Thursday 24 January 2019

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 03

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 03

1. Audio Actual Test 03

2. Transcript Actual Test 03
PART 1 p.124
1 (A) The farmer is sowing some crops in the field.
(B) The sewing machine is being used.
(C) The woman is cutting something with scissors.
(D) The clothes are being stitched by the woman.
2 (A) Vehicles are being parked by the attendants.
(B) Several cars are waiting for the light to change.
(C) Cars have been parked along the side of the road.
(D) Some cards are being set down beside the road.
3 (A) People are holding glasses in their hands.
(B) They are eating toast at the dinner table.
(C) Diners are helping themselves to the buffet.
(D) Some people are whining about the meal.
4 (A) Boxes are being loaded onto delivery vans.
(B) Many of the items are being boxed up by
(C) Workers are moving the crates from place to place.
(D) Packages have been stacked on top of one another.
5 (A) The customer is receiving change from the
(B) The cashier is handing some bags to the customer.
(C) Shoppers are browsing through the items in the
(D) The items have all been placed in a single bag.
6 (A) Rocks are being moved by construction workers.
(B) The performers are all moving in concert.
(C) People are gathered in front of a stage.
(D) An orchestra is performing for an audience.
° PART 2 p.128
7 Who is interested in working overtime this weekend?
(A) It won’t go over well with them.
(B) I don’t mind coming in on Saturday.
(C) Jason’s meeting his friends on the weekend.
8 It appears as though there’s heavy traffic on this road.
(A) The item is heavier than I thought.
(B) We’d better take a detour then.
(C) I rode on the rollercoaster there.
9 Could you please mail this letter sometime before noon?
(A) She wrote that she’s doing well.
(B) About ten minutes to twelve.
(C) I’ll take care of it right now
10 How are nonmembers supposed to reserve seats?
(A) Try calling the box office.
(B) We’re in the front row.
(C) I’ll reserve a car later today.
11 Why didn’t you answer the phone when I called you?
(A) That’s right. I called you twice.
(B) I always answer my phone.
(C) I was in a meeting with my boss.
12 What seems to be the problem with the new intern?
(A) Yes, it’s rather problematic.
(B) He isn’t very energetic.
(C) She applied for that position.
13 I may be mistaken, but I believe the seminar will start at
(A) Steak and potatoes for dinner.
(B) At least three more people.
(C) Yes, that seems to be correct.
14 Have you heard who’s getting promoted this quarter?
(A) Either Tina or May.
(B) A brand-new promotion.
(C) Several of our products.
15 When is the new employee orientation session being held?
(A) For a couple of hours.
(B) It’s being led by Mr. Morrison.
(C) This Thursday morning.
16 Could I borrow some money to pay for these items,
(A) Who did you borrow it from?
(B) Yes, I’ll pay for everything.
(C) Sure. How much do you need?
17 Isn’t Washington Consulting helping us with the ad campaign?
(A) The ad will be airing for the first time tonight.
(B) No, we couldn’t reach an agreement with them.
(C) He’s a new addition to the workforce.
18 What was the reason that sales dropped so
(A) The quality of the product.
(B) It’s a drama on television.
(C) Sorry for dropping it.
19 How is the real estate market in the suburbs around the city?
(A) A house in the downtown area.
(B) Three bedrooms, at least.
(C) It could be a lot better.
20 Will the package be delivered by the end of the day?
(A) That’s what the courier told me.
(B) You can go ahead and sign for it.
(C) Yes, let’s have a pizza delivered.
21 Would you like to apply for a membership card?
(A) He’s a member of this gym.
(B) This is an application form.
(C) Actually, I already have one.
22 Mr. Thomas should give you a call soon, shouldn’t he?
(A) Sure, go ahead.
(B) Call me later.
(C) I sure hope so.
23 Where should we put all of these empty bottles?
(A) I’ll take a bottle of soda, please.
(B) In the recycling bin over there.
(C) I just put them over there.
24 To whom was the letter Mr. Daniels sent addressed?
(A) I’m not sure how to spell that.
(B) Alice Kenworth, I believe.
(C) His address is 22 Wilson Street.
25 We ought to attend the conference in New Orleans this month.
(A) That’s what I told Mr. Barnes.
(B) From August 10 to 14.
(C) On new marketing techniques.
26 Can you help me process all of these order forms this
(A) I’d love to, but I’ve got a meeting.
(B) I’m going to order them in a few minutes.
(C) Yes, I always help her with her work.
27 How long does it take to get from here to the theater
(A) Somewhere around twenty minutes.
(B) No more than three kilometers away.
(C) The show starts at a quarter past seven.
28 Isn’t Ms. Carpenter supposed to be joining us for
(A) Bacon and eggs with toast.
(B) No, for lunch this afternoon.
(C) We thoroughly enjoyed it.
29 I hear that Danielson’s is having a special promotion this
(A) I relaxed at home last Saturday.
(B) She’s trying to promote her new book.
(C) That’s right. Everything’s on sale.
30 Would you rather shop online or visit the shopping mall?
(A) Let’s do our shopping in person today.
(B) I spend a few hours a day on the Internet.
(C) A new mall just opened downtown last week.
31 Did you answer all of the questions on the application
(A) I got questions two and nine wrong.
(B) I’m pretty sure that I did.
(C) Show me the answers you got.

PART 3 p.129
W We’ve finally finished rearranging the desks in the office,
Mr. Moreno. Does everything look satisfactory?
M The way you set up everything is fine. It appears as
though you’ve made efficient use of space. In fact,
there’s a large area over by the window that doesn’t have
any desks or equipment in it. What are your plans for
utilizing that space?
W We intend to set up some cubicles there next week.
When the summer interns arrive, that’s where they’re
going to be put.
M Good thinking. We didn’t have a place for them last year,
and they got in everyone’s way.
M Tina, these contracts have to be delivered to our firm’s
attorney in his office on the other side of town no later
than 4 P.M. Can you take the bus there to deliver them?
W I’d love to assist you, Steve, but Ms. Parker insisted that I
finish working on the presentation she’s giving tomorrow
morning, so I can’t leave the office.
M Well, I’m meeting clients all day. How do you suggest we
get the contracts to Mr. Murphy?
W What about trying the local courier service? It guarantees
two-hour delivery of packages anywhere in the city limits.
Why don’t I call and arrange a pickup?
W What was your opinion of the items delivered by
Lewis Manufacturing? Was the quality of the products
M Even better, it was outstanding. The workers who used
those products to assemble ours uniformly praised them
for being engineered so well. We’d better come to an
agreement with Lewis to supply us with products on a
weekly basis. Would you mind working on that?
W Not at all. I’ll give Jeff Lambert over there a call as soon
as lunch ends. We used to be colleagues at another firm,
so I’ll see if he can get us a good deal.
M Hello. My name is Harold Reynolds, and I’m calling
regarding the room service bill I received for lunch this
afternoon. I believe there was an error.
W I’m very sorry to hear that, Mr. Reynolds. Could you
please tell me what the problem is?
M Of course. I ordered a steak sandwich, some fries, and a
can of cola, but the price on my receipt reads $50. That
can’t possibly be right, can it?
W It most definitely isn’t, sir. You were charged too much for
your meal. I’ll contact the kitchen immediately and have
someone there send you a new bill in just a few minutes.
M Hi. I’d like two tickets for the 5:30 showing of African
W I regret to say that there aren’t any tickets available at
that time.
M Hmm... Well, uh, what about the 7:00 show then?
W You’re out of luck. Sorry about that.
M Are there any times today when it’s possible to see the
W Let me check... Yes, there are a few tickets left for the
4:00 show, but those are all single seats, so you can’t
sit together with your companion. Or you could get two
tickets next to each other if you watch the show at 9:15.
M I’ll take two tickets for the late show then. I don’t want to
sit apart from my friend.
W Great. That will be $22 for two tickets.
M We’ve completed our estimate of the repair work to be
done on your home, Ms. Chen.
W Great. How much is it going to cost?
M We can do everything you requested for $3,500.
W That’s a bit out of my price range. Is there any way you
can charge me less?
M I’m afraid not. I spoke with the work crew, and they
remarked that they anticipate some problems because
your house is so old.
W Why is that an issue?
M As a general rule, older houses have large amounts
of wiring that need to be replaced. There are typically
problems with pipes, too.
W I see. Well, I need some time to consider this. Can I
contact you tomorrow?
M Sure. Please give me a call once you make a decision.
W Jackson Hardware. This is Lucy speaking.
M Hello, Lucy. My name is Gunther Heinz. I purchased a
few items at your store yesterday and had them delivered
this morning.
W Was everything all right with the delivery?
M Unfortunately, no. Several things which I ordered weren’t
W I’m sorry to hear that. Could you tell me what’s missing?
M Sure. I purchased three screwdrivers, a power saw, and
some lumber. None of them arrived.
W Hold on a minute, please... Ah, I’ve got a note here about
you, Mr. Heinz. Apparently, your order was divided in
two shipments. The remaining items will be sent this
M I see. Thanks for clearing everything up for me.
Woman A Brian, is your team prepared to fly to L.A. to meet
Drexel Industries tomorrow?
Man We sure are. I’m positive we can seal the deal and land
a big contract.
Woman A That’s the kind of upbeat attitude I like to hear.
Man But... There’s a slight problem. James Hooper, whom
 I was counting on to do some of the negotiating, has
been hospitalized after getting in a motor vehicle
accident last night.
Woman B Who’s his replacement?
Man I haven’t decided yet. Do either of you have any
Woman A How do you feel about Greg Randolph?
Man He does outstanding work, but we get along poorly.
Woman B I’d suggest Mark Nelson, but he’s still at the
tradeshow in Toronto.
Man It looks like we just might be shorthanded.
W Your total comes to $85, sir.
M Oh, hold on just a moment, please. I completely forgot
that I have some coupons to give you. I’ve got them right
W No problem. Let me scan them... Hmm... This coupon
for laundry detergent has expired, so I’m afraid you can’t
use it.
M Are you sure about that? What’s the expiration date on
W It’s January 15. You came here one day too late.
M Oh, well. That’s my mistake. But what about the other
ones? They’re still valid, aren’t they?
W They are, so you just saved a total of $12. That brings
your new total to $73. How would you like to pay for
M Here’s my debit card.
M Let’s take a break and get something to eat.
W Actually, I’d rather finish writing this computer program
first. It should only take about five more minutes.
M Well, I’m starving. Do you mind if I head out to lunch
first? I skipped breakfast this morning.
W In that case, feel free to go ahead without me. I can catch
up to you later if you tell me where you’re going.
M I’m going to head to Papa Gino’s, that new Italian
restaurant. You know where it is, don’t you?
W Actually, I haven’t the slightest idea.
M Then I’ll just wait for you so that we can go together. I
can’t believe you’ve never been there. It’s one of the best
restaurants in the neighborhood.
W Well, I suppose I’ll get to experience its food in a few
Woman Sorry to interrupt, but I wonder how you’re enjoying
your meal.
Man A Everything is perfect.
Man B I agree. My steak was cooked exactly the way I
 requested it. Please do me a favor and give my regards
to the chef.
Woman I’ll be sure to do that. So, uh, is there anything else
I can get you?
Man A I’d appreciate another glass of tea if you don’t mind.
Woman Not at all. What about you, sir? Would you care for
some more coffee?
Man B That’s all right. Two cups is my limit, or else I’ll never
 get to sleep tonight. However, we could both go for some
dessert. Could you please bring us two dessert menus?
Woman Of course. I’ll be back with the drink and menus
right after I visit the kitchen.
M Julia, is it true that some of us in the department are
going to change offices?
W That’s right. Since we’re getting a couple of new
employees, we have to move people around.
M Do you know what’s going to happen?
W Yes. Eric is going to move to office 305 while Susan will
be moving to office 301.
M What about me?
W You’re going to move from office 303 to the one right
next to the elevator.
M That’s perfect. It’s quite a bit bigger than my current
W I thought you’d think that way. I specifically requested
you be given that room.
M Why did you do that?
W You’ve been conducting numerous meetings with clients
lately, so a bigger office will impress them more.
M Hello. Gateway Travel. This is David speaking. How may I
be of assistance?
W Hello, Mr. Parker. This is Yolanda DuPont calling.
M Good afternoon, Ms. DuPont. Do you have a question
regarding the itinerary I e-mailed you this morning?
W Actually, there’s something on it that has to be altered.
M Sure. What would you like for me to do?
W The first two legs of my trip are fine. However, I need to
be in Oslo one day earlier than I had planned.
M I see. Well, I can change your departure date from
London to the previous day. Would you prefer a morning
or afternoon flight?
W The morning would be better.
M Great. Let me contact the airline. I’ll give you a call once
everything has been taken care of.
PART 4 p.135
M Phillipe, this is Fred Reynolds in Marketing. I’m calling
regarding the work I’m doing on the Simpson project.
I’m afraid I’m going to require an extension. Instead
of finishing the work on Friday as we had originally
discussed, I’d like to change the due date to next
Wednesday. I apologize for requesting this change,
but Tina Westerly, the head of my department, just
assigned me to work with Dave Powers in Accounting
on his project. Apparently, Dave is progressing slowly
and is way behind schedule, and she wants it done no
later than Thursday. Once we complete it, I can resume
working on our project.
M Are you tired of high prices and poor quality? Then
you should visit West Side Auto Repairs. We’ll provide
you with the highest quality in auto care, but we won’t
overcharge you. In fact, our rates are much lower than
those of our competitors. The mechanics here have
several years of experience and are qualified to work
on automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and even buses.
Before they make any repairs to your vehicle, they’ll tell
you exactly what needs to be done and how much it will
cost. So come to West Side Auto Repairs for top-quality
service. We’re located at 899 Beacon Street and never
W We’ve taken on more than 75 new employees in the
past two months since we’ve been expanding recently.
Not everyone’s working out well though. We’ve been
receiving complaints from other employees about the low
quality of work several individuals are doing. So those
of you here now have an additional duty. You need to
work closely with the new employees in your department
and act as mentors for them. Train them properly so that
we can reduce the number of errors they’re making. I’d
appreciate it if you would do that for me. Otherwise, we’ll
be obligated to terminate some of them.
M Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. It has
been brought to our attention that a black SUV has been
parked right in front of the shop. This is a no-parking
zone, and we request that the owner of the vehicle
immediately move it. The vehicle’s license plate is 595-
M87. If the car is not moved within the next five minutes,
we will call a tow truck, and the vehicle will be removed
at the owner’s expense. Once again, will the owner of the
black SUV parked in front of the front doors please return
to your vehicle and park it elsewhere? Thank you.
W The numbers for the month of July are in, and they’re
worse than expected. Revenues declined by more than
25%, and we posted a loss of nearly half a million dollars.
That’s the worst month we’ve had in the past 6 years.
The reason for this decline has to do with the negative
response of consumers to our newest product line. It’s
widely considered user-unfriendly, and people think it’s
overpriced as well. That’s having a negative effect on our
other products because consumers are avoiding buying
anything made by us. How about brainstorming on how
to solve this problem right now?
M Hi, Amy. This is Sam Chu. It was just brought to my
attention that you weren’t invited to the staff dinner we’re
having after work tonight. I apologize for the oversight.
I’m not sure how that happened. Anyway, we’d love
for you to be in attendance. We’re getting together at
the Mesa Steakhouse at 6:30. If you don’t know where
it is, ask Cathy or me, and one of us can provide you
with directions. Or you can ride along with someone
else who’s driving. Would you mind calling me back at
extension 689 to confirm that you can make it to tonight’s
event? I’d appreciate that.
W Thank you for coming, ladies and gentlemen. I’m pleased
with the turnout to today’s event. I hope those of you in
the back can hear me all right. It’s now time for the main
event. David Hooper, the author of the recently released
novel Winters End, is going to read some excerpts from
his book. After he completes that, Mr. Hooper has agreed
to answer some of your questions for a few minutes.
And please be aware that all of Mr. Hooper’s books are
available for purchase at the front counter. Now, won’t
you please give a big round of applause for Mr. David
W This is Crystal Wallace in the WTRE helicopter providing
you with a bird’s-eye view of traffic in the city. Right now,
traffic on Main Street is moving fairly well considering
that it’s rush hour. It’s backed up about five minutes on
both Oak Street and Wadley Road though. And there’s
a four-car accident on Gold Street right now, so traffic
moving northbound is stopped for several blocks. I highly
recommend that drivers seek alternative routes and
avoid that part of the city. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes
with another rush-hour update.
M Hello. My name is Nick Tenaglia. I’m calling regarding
order number 985020. I purchased several items two
days ago, and they just arrived in the mail a few minutes
ago. I must admit that I’m highly impressed with the
speed of the delivery. Unfortunately, it appears as though
the person who packed the order wasn’t particularly
careful. I ordered some 10-inch dinner plates, but only
a dozen of them were actually in the box. How do I go
about getting the other plates that I bought and paid for?
I would appreciate receiving a call to inform me about
this issue. Thank you. Goodbye.
W Welcome, everyone, to the fifth annual workshop for
creative writers. We’ve got a great day filled with exciting
events in store for you. In a few minutes, we’re going
to start today’s workshop with a short talk by Mary
Lattimore, one of the best-known poets in the state.
She’s going to talk about how to develop a creative
mindset. After she’s done, we’ll listen to Ronald Devers,
who’s going to chat about making outlines for essays.
There’s one change to the schedule though. Lisa
Delacruz’s train has been delayed, so she’s going to
switch times with Mark Haverford.
3. Answer Key Actual Test 03
1 (C) 2 (C) 3 (A) 4 (D) 5 (A)
6 (C)
7 (B) 8 (B) 9 (C) 10 (A) 11 (C)
12 (B) 13 (C) 14 (A) 15 (C) 16 (C)
17 (B) 18 (A) 19 (C) 20 (A) 21 (C)
22 (C) 23 (B) 24 (B) 25 (A) 26 (A)
27 (A) 28 (B) 29 (C) 30 (A) 31 (B)
32 (A) 33 (D) 34 (A) 35 (C) 36 (B)
37 (B) 38 (D) 39 (A) 40 (A) 41 (B)
42 (A) 43 (A) 44 (B) 45 (D) 46 (D)
47 (A) 48 (C) 49 (D) 50 (B) 51 (A)
52 (D) 53 (D) 54 (A) 55 (B) 56 (C)
57 (A) 58 (C) 59 (C) 60 (A) 61 (B)
62 (B) 63 (C) 64 (B) 65 (B) 66 (A)
67 (D) 68 (C) 69 (C) 70 (A)
71 (B) 72 (B) 73 (D) 74 (C) 75 (D)
76 (D) 77 (A) 78 (B) 79 (D) 80 (D)
81 (A) 82 (C) 83 (C) 84 (A) 85 (B)
86 (B) 87 (A) 88 (C) 89 (B) 90 (C)
91 (A) 92 (D) 93 (A) 94 (B) 95 (A)
96 (A) 97 (B) 98 (D) 99 (C) 100 (D)
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