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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 2 - Actual Test 02

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 2 - Actual Test 02

1. Audio Test 02

2. Transcript Test 02

PART 1 p.52
(A) The woman is doing her laundry.
(B) The woman is ironing some clothes.
(C) The woman is drying a shirt.
(D) The woman is washing a dress.
(A) The passengers are getting off the train.
(B) Everyone has been prepared for takeoff.
(C) They have already boarded the bus.
(D) Most of the people are sitting in seats.
(A) Several tables have been set with utensils.
(B) Diners are enjoying their meals at the restaurant.
(C) Food is being brought to some of the tables.
(D) All of the tables are covered by umbrellas.
(A) The man is playing the guitar at a concert.
(B) One instrument has been placed on the counter.
(C) Musical instruments are hanging from the wall.
(D) The customer is holding one of the guitars.
(A) Both men are talking on their phones.
(B) They are giving instructions to some people.
(C) They are walking and talking at the same time.
(D) A document is being examined by one worker.
(A) The grass is being mowed by someone.
(B) The gardener is taking care of the grounds.
(C) Trees have been planted in a couple of rows.
(D) The entire park is currently being watered.
PART 2 p.56
7 I’m considering accepting the transfer to headquarters.
(A) Yes, she’s moving to the main office.
(B) Congratulations on your promotion.
(C) That’s exactly what I would do.
8 Do any airlines have direct flights from here to Beijing?
(A) I recommend checking out Falcon Air.
(B) Arriving straight from San Diego.
(C) Yes, I’ve visited Beijing three times.
9 Where do you normally fill your car with gas?
(A) A little less than half a tank.
(B) No, you don’t need to fill it up.
(C) At a place around the corner.
10 Haven’t the foreign clients already toured the facility?
(A) Tours last for approximately one hour.
(B) That’s happening after they have lunch.
(C) From Brazil or Mexico, I believe.
11 Construction on the factory is moving faster than expected.
(A) I’ll be moving to my new home this weekend.
(B) The foreman is doing an outstanding job.
(C) Right. The factory is on the outskirts of town.
12 When should we arrive to set up for the event?
(A) Yes, that’s the event that I mean.
(B) An hour early would be ideal.
(C) It’s scheduled for the fourteenth.
13 We ought to proofread our work before submitting it.
(A) Do you have enough time for that?
(B) No, I haven’t turned it in yet.
(C) What’s the matter with him?
14 Which has a better chance of success, Lucy’s plan or Carla’s?
(A) Lucy plans to take the day off tomorrow.
(B) I haven’t come to a conclusion yet.
(C) Lucy works in the Accounting Department.
15 The decision regarding the budget will be made tomorrow.
(A) A positive response would be welcome.
(B) I’m so pleased they approved our request.
(C) I let you know what I decided to do.
16 Someone named Ms. Jenkins telephoned you during lunch.
(A) She doesn’t work here any longer.
(B) Sandwiches at the restaurant downstairs.
(C) I’d better get in touch with her then.
17 Tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow, doesn’t it?
(A) Several centimeters, in fact.
(B) Yes, it’s snowing right now.
(C) No, nobody called today.
18 Which seminar takes place right after the break?
(A) No, I don’t think it’s broken.
(B) I’ve got to check the schedule.
(C) That’s the one I’m attending.
19 Couldn’t you join Ms. Stravinsky’s team instead?
(A) She doesn’t have any more room.
(B) The game will start in the evening.
(C) No, we haven’t teamed up before.
20 Who’s interested in working overtime this weekend?
(A) Time and a half for extra work.
(B) Rick would like to earn more money.
(C) No more than ten hours a day.
21 Is Dr. Brown able to see me this afternoon?
(A) No, I can’t see anything at all.
(B) There’s a spot available at three.
(C) Sure, you can drop by tomorrow.
22 Most of the applicants are unqualified for the position.
(A) Finally, some positive news.
(B) Why didn’t she qualify then?
(C) We’d better place another ad.
23 Does Janet Smith remember what they talked about?
(A) She doesn’t have the best memory.
(B) I haven’t spoken with them today.
(C) Janet’s giving a talk in the auditorium.
24 If I were you, I’d speak with an attorney immediately.
(A) No, she’s not in a rush.
(B) Arguing a case in court now.
(C) Do you know one’s number?
25 Which exit do we take to get to the beach?
(A) Approximately ten more minutes.
(B) Either this one or the next.
(C) The second floor, I believe.
26 We need to confirm our reservation at Crystal Express.
(A) Ms. Jones handled that during our meeting.
(B) Something from the lunch menu.
(C) A party of eight at six this evening.
27 Mr. Wilson needs to choose whether to visit Jakarta or Sydney.
(A) A seat in business class.
(B) For the next two weeks.
(C) I’d select the latter.
28 How much is the discount on this sweater?
(A) It retails for eighty-five dollars.
(B) It comes in blue, green, and gray.
(C) Thirty percent until this Friday.
29 We shouldn’t invest in that firm, should we?
(A) Not without more information on it.
(B) Yes, its investments are doing exceptionally well.
(C) More than half a million dollars.
30 Can you turn down the volume on the television?
(A) A program on the sports channel.
(B) I didn’t know it was bothering you.
(C) She’s watching her favorite show.
31 Why does the copier keep making that strange noise?
(A) I’d say it’s time to contact the service provider.
(B) Can you make ten double-sided copies, please?
(C) No, I’m afraid I didn’t hear anything at all.
PART 3 p.57
W Good afternoon, Jack. I’m surprised to see you here. I
thought you always did your clothes shopping online.
M I do that for myself, but I’m here to get a birthday present
for my wife. So how is your new business going? Didn’t you
open another restaurant a week ago?
W That’s right. It’s getting diners all day long from lunchtime to
closing. All three of my locations are doing so well that I’m
thinking of opening another place in Richmond.
M Congratulations. It’s wonderful to hear that business is so
great. Well, I need to finish shopping so that I can get back to
my office for a meeting. I’ll see you later.
M We’ve been receiving numerous complaints from customers.
Apparently, some staffers are responding to customers’
inquiries in ways they consider impolite. We absolutely must
do something to make that halt.
W Let’s bring in a customer service expert to speak with all of
the employees. We can have the person conduct training
sessions for employees in individual departments. We’ll
start with Sales since all of its members directly interact with
M I like the sound of that. I’ll talk to Judy in HR to see if she
knows anyone that we can hire to speak to us. I’ll try to get
the person to come no later than next week.
W Mr. Burns, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to take
your advice, so I’m going to enroll in the MBA program
at Central University starting in the fall semester. I’ll be
attending classes in the evening there.
M That’s a prudent decision, Melanie. It should help you acquire
the skills you require to get the promotion you’re seeking. If
you ever need to get off work early to get to class on time,
just ask.
W I appreciate the offer, but I don’t think that will be necessary.
I’m going to do my best to register for classes that start after
7:30. That should give me a sufficient amount of time to
reach the campus.
M Excuse me, but I have something of a problem. I’m afraid I
lost my keycard somewhere on the subway, so I don’t have
any way to get into my room.
W That’s no problem, sir. If you can just give me some form of
identification and let me know which room you’re staying in, I
can make a new one for you momentarily.
M That’s great. My name’s Sid Harper, and I’m in room 1202.
Here’s my driver’s license.
W Thank you very much, Mr. Harper. You should be aware that
we charge a $5 fee for replacement cards. Shall I go ahead
and add that to your bill?
M Hello. I’m calling about the home available at 38 Braxton
Road. Would it be possible for me to view the residence
sometime today?
W I’m terribly sorry, but that house has been taken off the
market as another person just rented it. However, I have two
other homes similar to the one you’re interested in.
M I’m listening. What exactly can you tell me about them?
W Each has two bedrooms, and they are in the same
neighborhood. In fact, one is even on Amber Street, so it’s
right around the corner from Braxton Road. Why don’t you
drop by here around three thirty, and I can show them to you?
M Wendy, did the order from Geraldine Cosmetics ever arrive?
We simply have to get those products on the shelves before
the sale starts tomorrow.
W Yeah, we received several boxes while you were out at lunch.
Dave put them in the backroom.
M Do you think both of you can start unpacking them and
putting them out for display? I can deal with the customers
while you do that.
W Sure, which aisle should we put them in?
M Aisle nine. That’s where all of the other Geraldine products
are. Talk to Dave as he knows where they go.
W Okay, he’s on his break now, so we’ll get started once he
comes back.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 9 12/13/2018 9:56:19 AM
M1 Melanie, do you drive to work or take public transportation?
W I always drive.
M1 How about you, Jeff?
M2 I sometimes drive and sometimes take the bus. Why?
M1 Would you care to join the carpooling program which we’re
setting up? So far, more than twenty employees here have
expressed an interest in it.
W What would I need to do?
M1 It’s simple. We’d match you up with two or three people who
live in your area. Then, you’d all drive to work together.
M2 Melanie, how about getting paired with me? We live in the
same neighborhood, so I’m sure that would work for both of
us. You can drive from Monday to Wednesday.
W Sounds great.
W David, rumor has it that you’re considering handing in your
resignation. Is there any truth to that?
M Pretty much. I’m feeling overwhelmed here, so I’m not sure if
this job is the right one for me.
W What do you plan on doing afterward?
M I haven’t given much thought to the matter. Maybe I’ll apply
to law school or something.
W Why don’t you let me help you with your work for a couple
of weeks? I was once in a similar situation, so I’m the right
person to lend you a hand.
M I’m not sure about that. Do you think that would work?
W I’m still here five years later, aren’t I?
M I’m so glad you’re both here. You should be aware that we’re
opening a branch office in Dublin.
W1 That’s wonderful news. I didn’t know we were planning to
M We are, and we’ve decided to send you two over there to run
the office.
W2 Both of us? So Lisa and I would be there together?
M Yes, since you work well as a team. Are you interested in
going, Samantha?
W2 I’d love to. It’s been a dream of mine to work abroad for a long
time. And I won’t have to learn a foreign language either. Lisa?
W1 I’ll have to give it some thought. Could you give me twentyfour hours to make my decision?
M Carlotta, you need to be absolutely sure that you take all of
your medication even after you start feeling better.
W What will happen if I don’t do that?
M You’re likely to have a relapse, so you’ll wind up back here in
my office again. Only this time you’ll feel even worse.
W All right. Where can I pick up everything you want me to
M I’ll have the receptionist out front give you your prescriptions
when you take care of the bill. You can have them filled at
any pharmacy you like. And call the office if you need a refill.
I’ll approve it.
W Thanks. I appreciate it.
W Here is the information you requested. I made a graph so
that you can easily compare the numbers by month.
M Hmm . . . I’d say we’ve done an outstanding job of keeping
under budget the past four months.
W That’s true. We haven’t gone over $20,000 in spending recently.
I think we have only done that once in the past ten months.
M Excellent. The last departmental manager, Mr. Schmidt,
always went over budget, but I won’t permit that to happen.
W Sounds good, sir.
M Now, let’s look at the month when spending was the lowest. I
want to figure out what we did then to see if we can duplicate
it in the future.
W Ted, you have failed to submit the documents from your visit
to San Diego last week. You’d better do that soon if you want
to get repaid.
M Oh, yeah. I think I received an e-mail about that from
someone in your department. I’ll take a look at it and turn in
everything by the end of the day.
W Thanks. By the way, are you planning to attend this
afternoon’s workshop?
M Yes, I am. Why do you ask?
W So many people have signed up that the venue has changed.
It’s going to be in the auditorium now instead of in the
conference room.
M I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know that.
M Here’s the floorplan of our new office building. How do you
like it?
W Wow, we’re going to have much more space than we need.
What are we going to do with it?
M Well, we’re bringing on some new workers this fall, so every
office will eventually get used. In the meantime, several
rooms will be locked until somebody uses them.
W Okay. Where do we intend to put the conference room?
Beside the elevator or by the lounge?
M Neither, actually. It’s going to be opposite room 1205. Since
it’s facing north, it’ll have a great view of the city.
W In that case, I’d like room 1202, please.
M That can be arranged.
PART 4 p.62
W Good morning, Ms. Watson. This is Sandra Pushkin calling
from Full Plate. You just e-mailed us asking for a change
in the menu for the retirement party tomorrow. I’d like you
to know we can easily make another sandwich platter as
requested. However, we cannot provide any fresh tuna sushi
platters. According to our store policy, those must be ordered
three days in advance because the tuna is delivered fresh
from the Pacific Ocean. I regret to inform you about that. May
I suggest ordering some salmon sushi platters? Each plate is
twenty percent cheaper than the tuna and tastes delicious.
Let me know if you want it by 5:00 today so that I can make
the arrangements.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 10 12/13/2018 9:56:19 AM
M Good afternoon, shoppers. Today only, take advantage of
some special deals here at the Lexington Mall. Every one of
our stores and restaurants is offering items at discounted
prices in honor of the holiday. Drop by Jasper’s Department
Store to get discounts of thirty percent on men’s, women’s,
and children’s clothes. Pay a visit to the Seaside Café to
get twenty-five percent off drinks. And get forty percent off
everything in the store at Harper’s Books. These are only a
few of the sales going on today. For more information, pick
up a flyer near any entrance or ask the workers at individual
stores. We’re staying open later than usual tonight, so you
can enjoy shopping until 9:00.
M I called this meeting because we’re facing a serious issue.
We’re selling so many products at our stores this holiday
season that our inventory is at dangerously low levels.
Unless we find a way to have our suppliers send us products
faster, our customers are going to be greeted by empty
shelves. This cannot be allowed to happen. I’m going to
e-mail everyone a list once this meeting ends. It contains the
names and contact information of the suppliers you should
call. It also includes the name and amount of each product
we require. Get in touch with them and have them ship those
items to us immediately. If we have to pay extra for expedited
shipping, that’s acceptable.
W Welcome back, everyone. In the final half hour of tonight’s
program, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.
I’m going to conduct a live interview. Musician Marie
Clarence is here in the studio with me now. She’s currently
on a nationwide tour and is visiting Scottsdale to put on
two performances. The first will be tomorrow night while the
second is on Saturday evening. Tickets are still available, so
book some if you’re interested in seeing a great performance.
I’m a huge fan, so I’ll be attending both shows. If you have
any questions for Ms. Clarence, call 980-3902 to speak with
her live. All right, let’s get started. Ms. Clarence, thanks so
much for agreeing to come here.
M Our engineers have determined there’s a problem with the
engine in this year’s model of the Percival. We have to get
in front of the news cycle by announcing the problem and
what we intend to do promptly. If a journalist publicizes the
problem first, we’ll instantly be on the defensive. So I’m
going to hold a press conference one hour from now. During
it, I’m going to discuss the problem in detail and explain how
we’ll solve it. All Percival owners will be instructed to take
their vehicles to the nearest Claymont dealership to have the
issue fixed. In doing that, we ought to be able to avoid too
much negative publicity. Questions?
W There’s someone here that I’d like everybody to meet.
His name is Richard Berman, and he’s your newest
colleague. Richard comes to us from Cincinnati, where
he worked at PTL Engineering for three years. Prior to
that, he attended graduate school in Portland. Richard
specializes in mechanical engineering and has even patented
several machines. He’s the first person I’ve met who has
accomplished this feat. Richard is new to Nashville, so I
hope you make him feel welcome here and help him become
acquainted with the metropolitan area. He’s going to be
attending the big conference in Denver next week, so it
would be great if he could learn as much as possible about
the firm before then.
W Headquarters has decided that the energy consumption at
our facilities is too high. We’ve therefore been ordered to
reduce the amount of electricity we consume. Tomorrow
morning, we’re going to receive a shipment of LED light
bulbs. We need to replace all of the fluorescent bulbs we’re
using with the new ones. Apparently, they will last longer
and consume less energy. Management additionally wants
us to encourage our employees to use the elevators less
often. This is especially true for individuals going up or down
a single flight of stairs. There are a few other suggestions
which are detailed in these handouts I’ve got for you. Please
let your employees know about the policy changes today.
M In financial news, local manufacturer J.T. Gooding announced
that it’s hiring thirty-five full-time employees this month. Its
shirts and blouses have increased in popularity, so it needs
more garment makers immediately. In addition, a spokesman
from the Ralston Corporation stated it has secured a
contract with shipbuilder Watson, Inc. It will construct three
new facilities at Watson’s shipyard alongside the harbor. The
terms of the deal were not officially released, but a person
close to the negotiations remarked that the contract is worth
several million dollars. Finally, the city declared that it’s
eliminating property taxes for five years for companies that
move within the city limits. This is Mayor Simmons’s latest
effort to attract new businesses to the community.
W Following the completion of the renovations in May, we
reopened the museum with several new exhibits. We
surveyed our visitors during the past three months and now
have the results. We all assumed the dinosaur exhibit would
be extremely popular, and that belief was confirmed by
the survey. Personally, I was surprised by the popularity of
the animal exhibit. We should consider expanding it since
so many people enjoy it. On the other hand, we’re getting
rid of the second-least popular exhibit. And in an effort to
encourage more people to visit the art exhibit, we’re planning
to advertise it both online and in newspapers next month.
We have some nice paintings, so it’s disappointing that more
people don’t appreciate them.
M Hello. My name is Dwight Simpson. I want to speak with
someone in the Shipping Department regarding an order I
made ten minutes ago. The order number is 4730–MR41.
I mistakenly ordered too many of one item. It’s product
number 985–330. Instead of twelve, I only need two. I’m
terribly sorry about my error. Would you please make the
alteration before you send it out? Oh, if it’s possible, I’d like
to change the shipping method as well. My company needs
everything at once, so could you send them out by next-day
air? I’d appreciate someone calling me back to confirm that
both of my requests are possible. My number is (485) 897–
1822. Thank you. Goodbye.

3. Answer Key Test 02

1 (B) 2 (D) 3 (A) 4 (C) 5 (D)
6 (C)
7 (C) 8 (A) 9 (C) 10 (B) 11 (B)
12 (B) 13 (A) 14 (B) 15 (A) 16 (C)
17 (A) 18 (B) 19 (A) 20 (B) 21 (B)
22 (C) 23 (A) 24 (C) 25 (B) 26 (A)
27 (C) 28 (C) 29 (A) 30 (B) 31 (A)
32 (C) 33 (A) 34 (A) 35 (B) 36 (D)
37 (A) 38 (C) 39 (D) 40 (B) 41 (D)
42 (A) 43 (B) 44 (B) 45 (C) 46 (B)
47 (C) 48 (C) 49 (A) 50 (C) 51 (C)
52 (A) 53 (C) 54 (A) 55 (D) 56 (C)
57 (A) 58 (A) 59 (D) 60 (D) 61 (A)
62 (A) 63 (C) 64 (B) 65 (C) 66 (C)
67 (C) 68 (B) 69 (B) 70 (B)
71 (A) 72 (D) 73 (B) 74 (A) 75 (A)
76 (B) 77 (C) 78 (C) 79 (D) 80 (B)
81 (A) 82 (B) 83 (B) 84 (B) 85 (A)
86 (D) 87 (B) 88 (C) 89 (C) 90 (B)
91 (A) 92 (B) 93 (D) 94 (A) 95 (A)
96 (B) 97 (C) 98 (B) 99 (B) 100 (D)
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