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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 5

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 5

1. Audio Test 05

2. Transcript Test 05
Part 1 Picture Descriptions
1. (B) AuE/W
(A) The retailer is wearing a jacket.
(B) The man is taking measurements.
(C) The outfit is ready for sale.
(D) The shopkeeper is checking inventory.
2. (C) CanE/M
(A) The man is lecturing a crowd.
(B) Some items are placed on the corridor.
(C) The students are standing before a display case.
(D) The museum is being renovated.
3. (C) AuE/W
(A) The men are operating heavy machinery.
(B) The men are standing on the escalator.
(C) Some workers are cleaning the exterior of a building.
(D) The window panes are being installed.
4. (A) AmE/W
(A) Some plants are lined up on the sidewalk.
(B) The stores are crammed with customers.
(C) Some chairs are stacked in piles.
(D) The wooden boxes are placed against the wall.
5. (C) BrE/M
(A) The food products are placed in the storage room.
(B) The woman is checking on her cell phone.
(C) The woman is browsing some items.
(D) The woman is sampling foods.
6. (D) AmE/W
(A) Some passers-by are giving the group a cheer.
(B) The man is seated on a bench.
(C) The musicians are entertaining the audience.
(D) Some musical instruments are placed on the floor.
Part 2 Question – Response
7. (B) BrE/M AmE/W
Where are the electrical goods located?
(A) In another 2 days.
(B) They’re available on the second floor.
(C) The candidates are having a nationwide tour.
8. (A) AuE/W CanE/M
Don’t you want some wine with your meal?
(A) I’d love to, but I’m driving tonight.
(B) The red wine goes perfectly with this dish.
(C) The meal’s totally not worth the money.
9. (C) AmE/W BrE/M
Where did Mr. Kalansky go?
(A) From the headquarters in London.
(B) Skiing season is coming in 2 weeks.
(C) To run some errands.
10. (A) CanE/M AmE/W
Have you worked here long, or are you a new employee?
(A) I’m in fact just an intern.
(B) I usually work long hours on weekends.
(C) New recruits have to attend the orientation.
11. (B) BrE/M AuE/W
Isn’t the manager supposed to approve your drafs soon?
(A) Yes, he’s supposed to prove his innocence.
(B) I’m afraid he’s occupied at the moment.
(C) The manager will resign by the end of the month.
12. (B) AuE/W AmE/W
Brenda will be able to process that check for you.
(A) Great. Right before the inspector arrives.
(B) Perfect. When will she be available?
(C) The procedure might take a few days.
13. (A) BrE/M AuE/W
Have we met our sales quota this month?
(A) I’ll check the figures right now.
(B) I’ll complete the fiscal report by then.
(C) Yes, I’ve met him twice already.
14. (C) AmE/W BrE/M
Where can I drop off this parcel?
(A) By express mail.
(B) I’ll drop by this afernoon.
(C) At the front desk.
15. (A) AuE/W BrE/M
There’s a hair salon on the third floor.
(A) There’s also a café.
(B) My hair needs a trim.
(C) It’s been under construction for a month.
16. (B) AmE/W BrE/M
Why didn’t you return my call?
(A) In a few minutes.
(B) I was caught up in some urgent business.
(C) I will give it back when I’m done using it.
17. (C) BrE/M AuE/W
Could you work the evening shif on Friday?
(A) I’ve been working the whole week.
(B) That sounds fair enough.
(C) That shouldn’t be a problem.
18. (A) CanE/M AuE/W
Ms. Liao will be attending the conference in Singapore.
(A) Who’s gonna be her substitute?
(B) How did it go?
(C) I’ll send her the reference letter.
19. (B) AuE/W AmE/W
Did you purchase decorations for the reception?
(A) We will help with the décor.
(B) I thought Alice took care of that.
(C) I no longer work in the purchase department.
20. (C) AmE/W BrE/M
Could you keep an eye on my bags while I go to the ticket booth?
(A) No, I don’t know where it is.
(B) How many tickets do you need?
(C) Will you be gone for long?
21. (C) BrE/M AuE/W
What’s being served in the cafeteria today?
(A) The service is quite impressive.
(B) One of the servers is on maternity leave.
(C) Steak and fries for entrée.
22. (A) AmE/W AuE/W
Have you heard of Green Sun, the new start-up?
(A) Doesn’t really ring a bell.
(B) Yes, her grandson was born last Friday.
(C) Yes, I’ve listened to it more than once.
23. (A) AuE/W AmE/W
Can you finish this task all alone?
(A) I might need a hand.
(B) I’ve been here all along.
(C) As soon as possible.
24. (C) AmE/W BrE/M
Who will be promoted to general manager?
(A) Mr. Johnson’s managed to solve it.
(B) I will manage the book promotion campaigns.
(C) It’s hard to say.
25. (B) BrE/M CanE/M
When will Ms. Lynch return from Beijing?
(A) If weather permits.
(B) I didn’t know she was away.
(C) You see it at the end of the aisle.
26. (B) AmE/W BrE/M
How do I download apps from the online store?
(A) Have you checked your Internet access?
(B) First you need to sign up for an account.
(C) The store is closed for renovation.
27. (A) CanE/M AuE/W
Isn’t the sales position still open?
(A) That’s what Mr. Kenzie said.
(B) Yes, I need its location.
(C) Yes, at 9 P.M. on weekdays.
28. (C) BrE/M AmE/W
How about bringing a sack lunch on Monday?
(A) Monday will be packed with tasks.
(B) Set meals are actually more expensive.
(C) I think I’ll order Chinese takeout.
29. (C) AuE/W BrE/M
How did you hear about this job opening?
(A) It’s different from what I heard.
(B) I heard it’s pretty well-paid.
(C) I subscribed to an online job forum.
30. (B) CanE/M AmE/W
What are the special properties of this car?
(A) I read about the features in the supercar magazine.
(B) Let’s have a test drive and you’ll find out.
(C) Properties with a garage are a must.
31. (A) BrE/M AuE/W
Who’s had their vaccination already?
(A) I got mine last month.
(B) I am still on my medication.
(C) You can borrow my vacuum cleaner if you don’t mind.
Part 3 Conversations
[32−34] CanE/M AuE/W
M: Hi. I just looked through your website, and it says you provide inexpensive consultations for interior design. I’m upgrading the look of the waiting room at my business, and I’m interested in your services.
W: Certainly. First, I’ll e-mail you a brief questionnaire, so you can describe your color and style preferences. Then I’ll visit your business in person and create three different themes for you to choose from.
M: Would it be possible for you to come on Thursday?
W: No problem. But it would have to be in the morning, as I have a meeting with our supplier that afernoon.
M: Ms. Santos, I guess you’ve heard what happened. In my recent study, I quoted some lines from your research paper, but I forgot to list it in my bibliography. My teaching assistant was supposed to go over the citations, but she must have overlooked it. But there’s no excuse. I’m sorry.
W: Never mind. I understand. Also, I appreciate your withdrawing the article from theacademic journal that it was supposed to be printed in. That must have been a tough decision to make.
M: Well, it was the least I could do. But I’m still unhappy about this mistake. Why don’t we revise the paper together and have it printedin next month’s issue in collaboration?
W: It’d be my pleasure. Also, we should establish a platform for sharing and revising academic papers to prevent the same error from happening in the future.
[38−40] CanE/M AmE/W
M: Hello, this is Ron Morgan. Could I speak to Stella Maris, please?
W: I’m sorry, Ms. Maris hasn’t come into work yet. I’m her assistant, Sara Clark.
M: Do you know when she will be in?
W: I’m afraid I have no idea. Would you like to leave a message?
M: Yes, please. I was wondering if I could see her today about some paint samples she is interested in. She’s gotta see them in person to avoid any color differences between what the paint looks like in person and on a monitor.
W: Oh yes, she told me she wouldn’t have any time today because she has department meetings scheduled all day. She said shewould probably have time tomorrow. I’ll let her know you called.
M: That’d be great. I appreciate it. Goodbye.
M: Hi, I’m here to set up a booth for the book fair. I’m from Belfast Books. In what section is our booth located?
W: OK, let me check for you... Your booth is assigned to Section B, next to Pelican Publishing. Do you need any help? We have some staff available to help you.
M: That’d be great. I need to carry a lot of equipment, so you can take care of that box of books for me.
W: Not a problem.
M: Also I heard we can borrow a projector from this information desk.
W: Yes, but you need to have made a reservation in advance; they get rented out quickly for occasions like these. Well, hold on, it seems...
you’ve got lucky, there’s still one lef.
M: Great. Thank you so much.
W: Anytime.
W1: Hi, Marcus and Olivia. Are you guys ready for your new responsibilities as manager and vice-manager of the Buenos Aires branch? It’s gonna be different from working here.
M: I don’t know if I’m prepared enough for it. To be frank, I’m getting increasingly nervous.
W2: Same here. I’ve never worked in South America before, and I can barely speak Spanish.
W1: There’s really nothing to worry about. All the office staff there are pretty fluent in English.
W2: Maybe you’re right. Still, being able to converse in Spanish would make it easier to blend in with the local staff.
M: That’s why we’ve signed up for an online university course, right? I don’t know about you, Olivia, but I try to log on at work every lunch hour.
M: Are you going to Jeff Matsuda’s going-away party? It’s next Friday at the Intercontinental Hotel.
W: What? You’ve got to be kidding! I had no idea he was leaving the company!
M: He’s not, but he is transferring to the Osaka branch. We got a memo about it last week.
W: I must have missed it. I’ll certainly be there, however. It’s the least I can do, considering all the help he’s given us with past projects.
W: I was wondering if you have any DX20 inkjet cartridges in stock. I can’t find any in the office supplies section on your website.
M: I’m afraid we don’t sell those anymore.
W: Is that right? Does that mean I can’t use my printer anymore?
M: Oh, not at all. We still sell the newer FX cartridges. They’re just as good, and they are compatible. Scroll over to the “printer and cartridges” part of the office supplies tab, and you’ll see them.
W: Okay, I’m scrolling... now I see them. Umm... I really wanted the DX because I’ve used them for so long. But I guess I’ll have to go with the FX.
M: Trust me. You won’t be disappointed with them.
[53−55] AmE/W BrE/M
W: Hi, Hugh, I’m on my way out. Let Mr. Woodman know I’ll be in Perth today, then Brisbane until Monday, Melbourne on Tuesday and back here in Sydney by noon the following day.
M: Okay, Ms. Page, but he’ll still be able to reach you by phone, right?
W: Yes, by all means. But as I’ll be touring quite a few factories, it would be better if he calls afer 6:00 P.M. instead of in the afernoon.
M: Okay, I’ll let him know.
W: Excuse me, do you have the latest Pink Butterfly?
M: I’m sorry ma’am, that product won’t be released until Friday. Would you like to pre- order one?
W: Um... not until I take a first look at it. I only want it to make calls. So, the simpler, the better.
M: The Pink Butterfly comes in a variety of models, from the very basic to the performance version. The model can also be upgraded later if you want.
W: Okay. Still it’d be an easier decision to make if I can see and touch the actual product.
M: I see. I can get some of the previous models out for you to look at if you like. They share the same exterior design and material.
M: I’m going to the reception desk to find out the earliest time we can set up at the exhibition hall. Do you want to come along?
W: Umm... I think I’d rather not.
M: Oh, why is that?
W: Well, I need to stay here in the office and finish writing my notes. I have a meeting with Stella Planning at 2:00. They want to confirm the schedule for tomorrow and talk to me about the complimentary DVDs and refreshments.
M: I see. That sounds pretty expensive for an investors’ conference.
W: Maybe, but it’s what Mr. Gupta wants, and he’s the boss. He wants everything to go as smoothly as possible.
W: Hi... um... I’m a bit lost. I’ve got a job interview at Strong & Samson Accounting on the 4th floor... but when I got to their office, I saw adifferent company nameplate on the door.
M: That’s because they’ve relocated to the same floor as Walker George Films.
W: Thanks a lot. I didn’t see that marked anywhere on the information displays.
M: It’s not marked, because the move just took place. The updated location will be posted around the building soon. In the meantime, you should use Elevator B. It’ll take you where you need to go.
W: Jon, would you mind going to the downtown branch office to fetch the Hendricks portfolio for me? Sorry to ask you on such short notice. I didn’t know I’d be asked to attend this emergency meeting.
M: I think I can take care of it, but let’s hope I won’t get lost. What’s the quickest way to get there?
W: Afer you get off the Interstate at Exit 42, just keep going straight till you hit Third Street, then take a lef. About two blocks down you’ll see a... some kind of a hardware store on the right. It’s got a huge sign.
M: So, it’s by the hardware store?
W: Yes. It’s right across the street from that. The exact address is 420 Third Street.
M: Hey, I bought this shirt two days ago. I washed it just once and didn’t put it in the dryer, but still it shrunk terribly. Now it’s way too small.Is there any way I could exchange it for a new one?
W: I’m sorry, our exchange policy only applies to unused items, and the tag needs to be on. As to why it’d shrunk so much, are you sure you did exactly as the label says?
M: Let me check. Uh-oh. It must’ve been the water temperature. Well, the joke’s on me I guess.
W: The good news is, those shirts are now on sale. They are half off. All sizes in stock now.
Part 4 Talks
[71−73] BrE/M
Good afernoon, you’re listening to WKZV. I’m your host, Martin Block. Now for today’s local news.
It’s just been announced that millionaire Fernando Botero is donating money to build a new opera house in Bay City. Mr. Botero, a noted philanthropist who made a fortune in international shipping, made the announcement at a press conference. He noted that his decision was motivated by the desire to
express his gratitude to the place where he spent his childhood. Mr. Botero’s representative will meet with government officials next week to finalize the details of the deal.
[74−76] AmE/W
As you all may know, energy costs have skyrocketed these days. Today I’d like to share some easy and cost-effective tips to reduce your home heating costs. The first is to reduce your hot water and central thermostat by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.I’d advise replacing your thermostat with one that’s programmable. You can then set the temperature lower at night than during the day. Next are the filters. Check the filters of your central air-heating unit and make sure that they are not clogged. This allows them to work more efficiently and prevents them from over-heating, which may happen as they struggle to push fresh air through their cloggedarea. Also, don’t forget about air ducts. If you’re not a hands-on person, hire a professional to clean them for you. Implementing these tips may require some effort on your part, but the payoff will be enduring and rewarding.
In today’s business news, the legislature has passed a new federal law banning businesses from offering lump-sum pensions to retiring employees. The new law will apply to businesses with pension plans
that are more than 30% underfinanced. Lawmakers believe that this will discourage businesses from drawing funds out of employee pension when they need additional capital or funds. Though most corporations believe the law will not have much
of an impact on their daily operations or overall finances, many employees fear their pension plans may be slashed or affected. The new law will come
into effect starting January 1 next year, and willaffect more than 50,000 prospective retirees. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis with Peter Rogers and Richard Wheal.
Before we begin, I’d like to make a short announcement. As some of you already know,
Marie Kondo, head of the Operations Department,
is currently away on maternity leave and will not be returning for at least another three months. As a result, we have decided to move Rick Picard from
IT to her position until she returns. Personnel from both Consumer Finance and Marketing will also help as required during this period. I know this will be a bit tough. But let’s try to grin and bear it because we need to make sure our service continues to live up to the reputation as the best in the business. Now, as there seems to be no questions, I’d like to proceed with a look at the monthly report as scheduled. Please look at the first of the slides.
[83−85] BrE/M
Attention, everyone. I would like to briefly explain the new procedure for filing claims for expenses. Starting next week, the accounting department needs all staff to fill out detailed forms categorizing their business expenses. We’re doing this in order to comply with the updated tax rules. Prior to traveling on business, you should get this paperwork from your department head. As the forms are more complicated than the ones currently used, I will e-mail everyone instructions on how to complete them properly. I hope this will make the changeover as easy as possible.
[86−88] AmE/W
Good morning, shoppers and welcome to Presgo Supermarket. Those of you new to Presgo may not know about our special One Dollar Aisle. Everything in Aisle C, just inside our main store entrance, costs just one dollar. Yes, you heard right. Not three, not two, but one dollar. And you’ll be amazed at what’s on offer there including leading brands! From
daily household goods such as Cleanix detergent
to tasty treats the whole family loves like Amigo’s spicy chips. Why not check it out today? This offer cannot be combined with other discounts, anditems purchased in Aisle C do not earn Victoria Card purchase points. Cash or credit welcomed.
Hello, Ms. Campbell. This is Jim from Global Realty. You visited the semi-detached Victorian on Holywell
Street just last Friday. You said you were interested but needed some time to consider things. The thing is, a man came to view the property yesterday, saying he could sign a lease agreement anytime. Obviously the house is ideal for him. So, you’ll
have to make your final decision soon. If I get the greenlight from you, I’ll arrange the lease signing ASAP. You will need to prepare the security deposit in full. If you decide not to go ahead, please alsoget in touch so I can confirm the matter with the other person. You can call or text me on this mobile number. Hope to hear from you soon.
I’m Steve Harper with all your business news.
A report by Professor Jane Pauley of Brunel University has found that the key to communicating effectively in front of large groups is being
prepared. While relaxation exercises or advanced speaking techniques can help with anxiety or
stage fright, there is no alternative to having a comprehensive knowledge of a subject. In an experiment, those who gave 100 percent preparing for a presentation were found up to 40% more expressive and convincing than those who didn’t. The difference was particularly clear when speakers had to face audience questions at the end of their presentations. At that point, well-prepared speakers did an especially good job with their topics. Now, here’s Lyra O’Brien with the weather.
Hi Ellie, this is Janice from Accounting. Thanks for setting up Room D for tomorrow’s presentation. The number of chairs is just correct. However, I have a favor to ask: Could you move the projector screen to the other side of the room? If it’s by the windows, the afernoon sun tends to make the slides unreadable for the audience, even with the curtains drawn. The weather is reported to be cloudless tomorrow, so you may have to adjust the projector a little, but aside from the screen, the setup is perfect. If you could call me when you get back from lunch to confirm things, that would be great.
Josh, this is Silvia Navarro from Personnel. I turned in an order for office supplies this morning, but I hope you haven’t processed it yet. We have to add another four laptops to the list. I was just informed that we’ll be having five new employees arriving on May 18 , and we need to have all the necessary office equipment set up for them before that date. The rest of the order seems fine as it is. I sent you an e-mail with this same request, but I’m not sure whether you’ve had a chance to read it. When
you get a moment, please call me back to confirm whether you can make these adjustments. Thanks.
3. Answer Key Test 05
Part 1
1.B 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.C 6.D
Part 2
7.B 8.A 9.C 10.A 11.B 12.B
13.A 14.C 15.A 16.B 17.C 18.A
19.B 20.C 21.C 22.A 23.A 24.C
25.B 26.B 27.A 28.C 29.C 30.B
Part 3
32.A 33.A 34.D 35.A 36.A 37.C
38.C 39.A 40.D 41.C 42.D 43.C
44.A 45.D 46.A 47.C 48.B 49.B
50.D 51.D 52.C 53.B 54.C 55.D
56.C 57.B 58.C 59.D 60.C 61.B
62.A 63.D 64.B 65.C 66.B 67.B
68.C 69.B 70.B
Part 4
71.C 72.B 73.A 74.D 75.B 76.C
77.B 78.C 79.C 80.B 81.B 82.C
83.C 84.B 85.C 86.C 87.D 88.C
89.D 90.B 91.C 92.A 93.B 94.C
95.B 96.B 97.B 98.C 99.C 100.C
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