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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 04

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 04

1. Audio Actual Test 04

2. Transcript Actual Test 04
1 (A) Firemen are spraying the fire with water from the
(B) The crops in the garden are being watered.
(C) Workmen with tools are walking in the same
(D) People are enjoying playing in the water.
2 (A) Swimmers are having a good time at the beach.
(B) People are lying on the beach and sunbathing.
(C) Some people are making a sandcastle on the beach.
(D) Bags have been set down in places on the beach.
3 (A) One of the men is going into the pastry store.
(B) The customers are purchasing pastries at the
(C) Two men are baking a cake together in the kitchen.
(D) A shopper is selecting some desserts from the store
4 (A) All of the passengers have boarded the subway.
(B) The mechanic is trying to repair the train.
(C) The subway doors have not been closed yet.
(D) The conductor is collecting tickets from passengers.
5 (A) The man is lifting a fork from his plate.
(B) They have arrived at a fork in the road.
(C) Some people are lifting weights in the gym.
(D) The forklift is parked beside some boxes.
6 (A) People are holding umbrellas to keep from getting
(B) The doors to the buildings are being closed.
(C) Each table has some chairs set up around it.
(D) The umbrellas above the tables are being put up.
° PART 2 p.176
7 How would you like me to prepare your coffee?
(A) She’s making copies.
(B) From the local café.
(C) Black with no sugar.
8 When will I be informed about the status of my
(A) A promotion within two months.
(B) Sometime around Thursday.
(C) You can do that on our website.
9 Do you know where the office supplies happen to be?
(A) We buy from Alpha Stationery.
(B) It came as a total surprise.
(C) Look in the storage closet.
10 Shall I save a seat for you in the cafeteria?
(A) Yeah, the new café has great seats.
(B) That’s fine. I’m already sitting here.
(C) No, I’m going to eat at my desk.
11 Shouldn’t you be heading to the conference room in a
few minutes?
(A) No, the meeting got canceled.
(B) Sure, I’ll call you in half an hour.
(C) Yes, we’re ahead of our competitors.
12 Is it possible to have cable TV installed at my home?
(A) There’s a game on channel 10.
(B) If you pay an installation fee.
(C) A house at 54 Rosemont Avenue.
13 Why did Mr. Martinson request Ms. Johnson’s work file?
(A) She works in the Marketing Department.
(B) To review her performance last year.
(C) You’ll have to file your own request.
14 Is it your turn to drive tomorrow, or is it mine?
(A) Neither. Jane’s driving.
(B) I’ll drive you home today.
(C) I’m pretty sure that’s right.
15 We had better order some more food for the event.
(A) Two large pizzas and a pitcher of soda.
(B) It’s going to take place on Friday night.
(C) You’re right. More people are attending it.
16 Why hasn’t the appliance that I ordered been mailed
(A) You can get a discount on it.
(B) I ordered it last Monday.
(C) It’s not in stock at the warehouse.
17 You’re picking the German delegation up at the airport,
aren’t you?
(A) They’ll be here for the next two weeks.
(B) Jeremy volunteered to go there instead.
(C) She delegated several tasks to me.
18 Who’s giving the presentation at the staff meeting?
(A) It’s going to start at eight o’clock sharp.
(B) We can open the presents later in the day.
(C) Ken told me that Ms. Ruiz is doing that.
19 How quickly can we get the fax machine repaired?
(A) It was around several years ago.
(B) Let’s call the service provider and ask.
(C) Sure, I’ll send you my fax number.
20 What do you think about purchasing tickets for next
Wednesday’s concert?
(A) Go ahead and buy a couple for me, please.
(B) It’s going to feature some popular bands.
(C) Everyone on the team should act in concert.
21 Why haven’t the survey results been published?
(A) It hit the bestseller list after being published.
(B) All the data is still being compiled.
(C) Sure, I don’t mind taking a survey.
22 Could you please direct me to the Marketing
(A) Take a right at the third intersection.
(B) Follow me. I’m going there now.
(C) He’s quite an experienced marketer.
23 Someone had better assist that customer who has been
(A) I’m free, so I’ll give her a hand.
(B) It’s our job to provide customer assistance.
(C) I’ve been waiting for almost an hour.
24 When is the commercial for the new product line going
to air?
(A) Sometime during the middle of the week.
(B) It features all kinds of new cosmetics.
(C) Yeah, she’s done something new with her hair.
25 What about purchasing a laptop instead of a desktop?
(A) This one is too costly.
(B) They bought it last week.
(C) I’d prefer not to do that.
26 How much money do I owe you for these items?
(A) Don’t worry. It’s my treat.
(B) I deposited it in your account.
(C) There are five of them in total.
27 What caused the power to go out all over the city?
(A) I don’t know why my phone has no power.
(B) Some electric lines got knocked down.
(C) There will be thunderstorms next week.
28 Don’t forget to submit your nominations for the
Employee of the Month.
(A) Thanks. I can’t believe that I won.
(B) Yes, he was nominated again.
(C) I turned mine in to Clarice already.
29 When can you send someone to look at the air
(A) It’s not very cool in this room.
(B) I can’t find anything wrong with it.
(C) A repairman will be there by two.
30 I wonder what’s taking Mr. Yeats so long.
(A) He called and said he’s caught in traffic.
(B) This is much longer than I had expected.
(C) He’s looking forward to meeting everyone.
31 Which type of wallpaper would look best in this room?
(A) I’ve never put up wallpaper before.
(B) This is going to be my office.
(C) They all seem all right to me.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 19 12/26/2018 4:27:17 PM
° PART 3 p.177
M I’m so glad I decided to attend the seminar today. The
talk which Mark Kenmore just gave on how to market
products in foreign countries was brilliant.
W I couldn’t agree with you more. He mentioned several
things that seem obvious now but which had never
previously occurred to me. I’m going to request that my
firm implement some of his suggestions immediately.
M I’m glad I took comprehensive notes. I’m supposed
to give a presentation on what I learned on Monday
morning, and my coworkers should be pleased to hear
what I have to tell them.
W I really appreciate your dropping by, Mr. Gardner. I want
to show you exactly what’s wrong with my apartment so
that everything can be repaired.
M I came here as soon as I received your voicemail
message, Ms. Woodrow. You indicated that there’s a
leaky pipe in the kitchen.
W Actually, that’s happening in the bathroom. In the kitchen,
the problem is that the light keeps blinking on and off,
and it’s driving me crazy.
M All right. Well, let me take a look at the pipe first since
that’s likely to be the more serious of the two issues.
M Hello, Ms. Desmond. This is Ian Carter calling from FirstClass Furniture. We received your online order a few
minutes ago, and we want to check on one thing.
W Yes? What do you need to know?
M You indicated that you’d like to have express shipping.
However, while we have the table and chairs in our
showroom, we have to acquire the sofa from our
warehouse. That’s going to take three days. Would you
like us to go ahead and ship the table and chairs first?
W That would be ideal. I recently moved into a new home
and don’t have anywhere to sit since the movers haven’t
arrived with my possessions yet.
W Lionel, would you mind if one of my assistants
accompanied me to our meeting this afternoon? I’ve got
to show quite a few slides, and it would make it easier if
someone else ran the projector.
M Sure, but what kinds of slides do you have? I wasn’t
expecting any type of visual aids.
W I visited the factory yesterday and took some pictures
of the equipment which the employees there have been
complaining about. The pictures are quite revealing. Once
you see how everything looks, you’ll understand why the
foremen there have been filling out forms requesting new
machinery for the past three months.
M Pardon me, but I have a problem that I hope you can
help me with.
W I’ll do my best. What’s the matter?
M I bought this radio yesterday, but when I tried using it, it
wouldn’t turn on.
W That’s peculiar. Did you visit the Electronics Department
to exchange it for another item?
M Yes, I was just there a few minutes ago, but the manager
refused to help me.
W Hmm... Did you bring the receipt with you?
M No, but I brought the box with me, and the saleswoman
who sold it to me remembers me. Can we just talk to
W Normally, we require a receipt. But I’ll make an
exception in this case. Why don’t we visit the Electronics
Department together?
M Sure. Let’s go.
M Now that the interviews are complete, we need to
determine who should be hired.
W Eric Harrison is by far the most qualified applicant.
M I agree, but he didn’t perform very well on his interview. I
wasn’t particularly impressed with him.
W I couldn’t disagree more.
M Yeah? Tell me why you think that way.
W I thought the answers he gave were well thought out
and showed sufficient knowledge of the pharmaceutical
industry. Sure, he seemed a bit nervous, but he’s only a
college student. I don’t blame him for being a bit jittery.
M What you say makes sense, but I’d like to call him in for
a second interview before we offer him the position. Can
you set it up for sometime next week?
W Sure.
M Hi, Melanie. It’s Ken from TWP, Inc.
W Hello, Ken. What can I do for you?
M I have a question for you regarding today’s lunch gettogether.
W Sure. Go ahead.
M I’m new in town, so I’m not quite sure how I should get
to the restaurant. Can you tell me where it is?
W Of course. You know where my office is, don’t you?
M Yes. I was there yesterday.
W From my office, go straight down Hampton Road two
blocks and then take a left onto Lemon Street. The
restaurant is the second building on the right.
M Okay, uh, I think I can do that.
W You know, on second thought, how about coming here
first, and then we can go to Roberto’s together?
M I think I’ll take you up on your offer.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 20 12/26/2018 4:27:17 PM
Man I just read the memo HR sent to everyone. I can’t
believe that Ted Martin is finally retiring.
Woman A I know what you mean. It will be strange not
having him around anymore.
Woman B Are we going to have a party for him?
Woman A Yes, it’s being held after work next Friday.
Man We should definitely buy him a retirement present. But
Woman B I’ve no idea.
Woman A I don’t think we need to worry about that too
Man What makes you say that?
Woman A I’m positive the company will get Ted something.
 We might be asked to make donations, but when
someone who’s been employed here this long retires, the
company always provides that person with a very nice
Man Oh, right. That’s what happened with Mary Burns.
W Good afternoon, Mr. Cutler. According to the request you
filed, you’re interested in transferring to another branch.
You specifically mentioned St. Louis. May I ask why?
M That’s where my parents live.
W Do you intend to live with them?
M No, but they’re both elderly, so I would like to be near
them in case they require assistance. My wife and I won’t
be living together with them though.
W Okay. Well, there happens to be an opening in the St.
Louis office, but it’s in the Marketing Department.
M I can handle that. Prior to being employed here, I did
some marketing work for the company I previously
worked at.
W Then it’s settled. I’ll approve the transfer. You’ll start
working there on the first of October.
W Mr. Tanaka, I know we’re planning to meet tomorrow at
9:30, but would it be acceptable to postpone our meeting
until the day after tomorrow?
M How come you need to delay the meeting?
W There’s a problem in one of the laboratories, so I need to
spend the entire day at the Brighton facility tomorrow.
M Ah, I see. Well, Thursday doesn’t work for me because I’m
attending a sales conference in Framingham. How does
Friday sound?
W Morning or afternoon?
M Either. I’m free all day.
W Let’s get together in the morning then since I’m not sure
how long we need to talk for. How about at 9:00 in my
M That works for me. I’ll be sure I don’t have any meetings
the entire morning just in case.
Man Before we conclude our weekly staff meeting, is
 there anything else we ought to cover? Maya, do you
have something to add?
Woman A Yes, I do. The computers we’re using are getting
 rather old, so we should strongly consider upgrading
Man There isn’t enough money in the budget for that.
Woman A I understand, but we can’t run a lot of new
programs on our computers.
Woman B That’s a big problem, Jason. I tried to put the
 latest accounting software on my computer yesterday,
but I couldn’t do it.
Woman A You had problems with that program as well?
Woman B Yeah. If I can’t upgrade to the new software, I’m
going to be a lot less efficient at my job.
Man Okay. I’ll speak with Mr. Prokofiev and see if we can
get some additional funding.
W Hello. This is Wilma Peterson calling from Waterman
M Good afternoon, Ms. Peterson. Is there something I can
help you with?
W Yes, there is. I ordered a large number of T-shirts for my
company’s annual summer picnic. But I realized that I
miscounted the number of employees we have.
M Sure. Do you need to purchase some more shirts?
W Yes. I forgot we recently hired a couple of new workers,
so they need shirts, too.
M No problem. How big are they?
W They’re both around average size, so could you add two
more shirts to the size I ordered the most of, please?
M No problem. And just to inform you, we’ll send the
T-shirts out on Wednesday, so they should arrive by
W Thanks so much.
W Here are your credit card and receipt, sir.
M Thank you very much. Oh, by the way, could you give me
a bit of assistance, please?
W I’ll do my best. What do you need?
M I’m looking for a store that sells kitchenware. My
colleagues told me there is one in the mall here, but I
can’t find it anywhere on the map.
W Ah, you’re looking for Taylor’s. It opened a few days ago,
so that’s why you can’t find it listed. All you need to do is
go to the floor above us. Take the escalator up and then
turn to the right.
M That’s easy. Thanks for your assistance.
W You’re welcome. And thank you for shopping at Wilson’s.
Please come again soon.
M I will. Thanks.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 21 12/26/2018 4:27:17 PM
° PART 4 p.183
W Good afternoon, Craig. It’s Julie. I’m afraid I’m going to
miss our meeting thirty minutes from now. I was on my
way to your office when I received a call from my son’s
school. Apparently, he broke his leg while playing soccer
during recess, so he has been taken to the hospital. I’ve
got to get there as soon as I can, so that’s where I’m
heading now. Would you mind meeting me tomorrow
in the afternoon? I’m available any time after lunch.
How about sending me a text message since I won’t be
able to answer my phone at the hospital? I hope you
M It appears as though the unseasonably warm weather
we’ve been getting in December is about to come to
an end. Expect temperatures to plummet from today’s
high of 15 degrees to 3 degrees by tomorrow afternoon.
And that’s not the worst part. Tomorrow night, the
temperature is going to drop below freezing, and it’s
highly likely that we’ll see some snow flurries around
midnight. By the day after tomorrow, you can expect up
to 5 centimeters of snow along with temperatures as low
as minus 5 degrees Celsius. So be sure to dress warmly
when you go out tomorrow and be prepared for snowy
W I’ve got some great news for all full-time and parttime employees here at the Western Department Store.
You are now eligible for membership at the Coldwater
Swimming Pool, which has just opened for the summer.
Full-time employees can receive 50% off an individual
or family membership while part-timers are eligible for
30% discounts on either type of membership. Both types
of employees qualify for 60% discounts on swimming
lessons. If you’re interested in this great deal, speak with
Juliet Foreman in the personnel office on the second
floor. She can provide you with all of the details.
W The Lexington Orchestra is holding open auditions
this Saturday, April 2. The auditions will be held in the
Cogswell Concert Hall from 9 A.M. until 8 P.M. No
reservations are necessary. Simply show up with your
instrument. You’ll be asked to play two classical pieces
and one modern piece of the conductor’s choice. We
welcome individuals who can play any instrument, but
we’re particularly interested in having more violins in the
orchestra this year. Please note that members of the
orchestra won’t receive any financial compensation but
will be given four complimentary tickets to each of the
six summer performances.
M I know that each and every one of you works hard and
that you have numerous deliveries to make on your
routes. However, I’ve been getting some complaints
from our customers regarding mistakes you’ve been
making. We got a call this morning from a customer who
claimed that the items in the package he received were
shattered. They were antiques, so he’s requesting $1,200
in compensation. Another customer remarked she was
given a package belonging to someone else. We need
to cut down on these and other mistakes. So please be
more careful, or I’m going to have to let some of you go if
you can’t improve your performance.
W We’ve narrowed the job search down to the following
three candidates: Vladimir Sobieski, Wilma Howard,
and Maya Freeman. Each applicant has outstanding
credentials and comes highly recommended. They all
spent time here interviewing as well. Now, we need to
arrive at a consensus regarding whom we should offer
the open position to. I have my own personal favorite,
but I’d like to hear from every one of you regarding yours.
So let me give you all a chance to speak in support of the
person you’d like to become your new colleague. Jeff,
let’s start with you.
W As you know, we offered managerial positions to three
applicants last week. We received positive responses
from two of them. Both Jay Carpenter and Katy McDaniel
accepted our offers and will begin working here two
weeks from today. As for Delilah Cohen, she demanded
more money than we’re willing to offer, so we’ve
retracted our offer of employment to her. We contacted
Lucy van Horton this morning, and she requested one
day to consider our offer. I think she’s concerned about
having to come here from across country, but I’ve been
authorized by HR to cover her moving expenses if she
requests that.
W Hello, Ms. Richardson. This is Emily Jenkins from JW
Consulting. I sent you a schedule of the activities for
next week’s workshop by e-mail, but I haven’t received
a response yet. I’d like you to know I’ve decided that
you’re not going to give the lecture on foreign currency
exchange this year. Instead, I’d like you to speak about
solving workplace problems. The reason is that Brian
Andropov just informed me he can’t participate in this
year’s workshop, so you’ll be taking his place. Thus you’ll
be speaking on a different day than you were previously
scheduled. Let me know if this is going to be a problem.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 22 12/26/2018 4:27:18 PM
M Welcome to McMaster’s Farm. We have one of the
largest farms in the area. We grow crops and raise
animals here on the farm. As you can see in the fields
directly behind me, the corn is growing high and is
almost ready to be harvested. The fields in the east are
full of grass. We’re going to go horseback riding in them
a few minutes from now. To the east are where the sheep
graze during the day. And right behind you is the barn,
which you can see clearly. The field in back of it currently
has some tomatoes and potatoes growing in it.
M Hello. This is Mark Kelly. I’m calling because I was
overcharged on my phone bill one month. This summer,
I visited Europe for two and a half months and didn’t
take my phone. Before leaving in June, I used my phone
a few times, but I didn’t use it in either July or August.
I expected only to pay the basic rate 50 dollars each
month, but I somehow got charged extra money. I don’t
believe I should pay that since I didn’t start using my
phone again until September. Would you please call me
back at 504-5495 to let me know what’s going on?
3. Answer Key Actual Test 04
1 (C) 2 (D) 3 (A) 4 (C) 5 (D)
6 (C)
7 (C) 8 (B) 9 (C) 10 (C) 11 (A)
12 (B) 13 (B) 14 (A) 15 (C) 16 (C)
17 (B) 18 (C) 19 (B) 20 (A) 21 (B)
22 (B) 23 (A) 24 (A) 25 (C) 26 (A)
27 (B) 28 (C) 29 (C) 30 (A) 31 (C)
32 (C) 33 (A) 34 (B) 35 (C) 36 (D)
37 (A) 38 (D) 39 (B) 40 (C) 41 (C)
42 (D) 43 (A) 44 (B) 45 (A) 46 (C)
47 (B) 48 (D) 49 (D) 50 (B) 51 (B)
52 (D) 53 (D) 54 (C) 55 (A) 56 (B)
57 (A) 58 (C) 59 (B) 60 (D) 61 (C)
62 (A) 63 (B) 64 (D) 65 (A) 66 (B)
67 (B) 68 (D) 69 (C) 70 (C)
71 (B) 72 (D) 73 (B) 74 (B) 75 (A)
76 (C) 77 (D) 78 (D) 79 (C) 80 (A)
81 (B) 82 (D) 83 (C) 84 (C) 85 (A)
86 (C) 87 (A) 88 (B) 89 (C) 90 (A)
91 (B) 92 (B) 93 (A) 94 (D) 95 (C)
96 (B) 97 (D) 98 (B) 99 (C) 100 (D)
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