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Thursday 28 December 2017

Listening Unit 4 - Starter TOEIC

Listening Unit 4 - Starter TOEIC

1. Audio Unit 4 - Starter TOEIC

2. Transcripts Unit 4 - Starter TOEIC

Part I. Picture Description

1. (A) The actresses are making a movie.
(B) They are leaving the theater.
(C) The two women are watching a show.
(D) The actresses are in costume.
2. (A) The man is holding flowers.
(B) The man gave the woman flowers.
(C) The movie theater is closed.
(D) There are many people waiting in line.
3. (A) The woman is wearing headphones.
(B) The woman is singing on stage.
(C) She is speaking to a small audience.
(D) She is turning on the machine.
4. (A) The people are watching a movie.
(B) The people are making a sign.
(C) The people are in a theater.
(D) The people are buying tickets.
5. (A) The man is selling tickets.
(B) The man is watching a sad movie.
(C) The man is laughing.
(D) The man is sitting at home.
Part II. Questions and Responses
1. What time does the movie start?
(A) I think it starts at 3:30.
(B) Yes, let's go to see a movie.
(C) There are three movie theaters.
2. Is there anything good on TV tonight?
(A) Did you buy it?
(B) No,just the usual.
(C) There's book on the TV.
3. Have you seen the new musical at the Play House?
(A) Yes, it was great.
(B) Yes, it is the Play House.
(C) I like musicals.
4. Where is my movie ticket?
(A) It's already 4 o'clock.
(B) This is a good movie.
(C) There it is, under that chair.
5. Do you like watching comedies?
(A) No, I prefer action movies.
(B) It is not a comedy.
(C) This is very funny.
Part III. Short Conversations
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation.
(M) Do you want something to eat? The film doesn't start for another ten minutes and I'm pretty hungry.
(W) Sure, I'll have some popcorn. No butter, please, but make sure they put on a lot of salt.
(M) All of that salt is not good for you, and it will make you thirsty. Do you want anything to drink
with that?
(W) Yes. I would like an orange juice,please.
Questions 4 through 6 refer to the following conversation.
(M) I'd like two seats for the 7:30 performance.
(W) Certainly. Would you like your seats near the middle of the theater or near the aisle?
(M) Hmm..maybe near the aisle, please. That way I don't step on anyone's feel if I have to go to the bathroom.
(W) How will you be paying, cash or credit card?
(M) I'll pay in cash. And I'll buy a program, too.
Part IV Short Talks
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following introduction.
(W) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's program. On our talk show today,we have three guest. First, this
is Mr.Brian Hopkins from Chicago, Illinois. Next to him is Ms.Tina Martin from Madison, Wisconsin and on
her left, we have Dr.James Lee from Orlando, Florida.
Welcome to all of you. Our topic for discussion today is the problem many homeowners have with their
neighbors. Most of us don't even know our neighbors, but some families have a difficult relationship with
the people living next door. Loud parties, parking their cars in front of your house, their dog making
a mess in your yard. Why cant's we all just get along? What are some things we can do to help deal
with bad neighbors? Let's take a look.
Questions 4 through 6 refer to the following review.
(M) The Talk of the Town is a romantic comedy set in a small town in the south of France. This movie takes
a typical love story and gives it a little bit of a surprising twist that I think most viewers will really
enjoy. In the Talk of the Town, rich businessman Timothy Green finds himself on vacation in the strange town
of Moliere. Nothing here is quite what it seems. He constantly upsets the locals with his foolish mistakes
and his inability to speak the French language. However, after meeting the mysterious and accident-prone
Stephanie, played by Nina Ricci, his trip begins to improve. Go to see this movie if you want a light-hearted
diversion. It will certainly make you laugh, and I bet you won't believe the surprise ending! This movie is
suitable for whole family.

3. Answer key Unit 4 - Starter TOEIC

Part I
1. (D) The actress are in costume.
(A) The man is holding flowers
(A) The woman is wearing headphones.
(C) The people are in a theater.
(C) The man is laughing.
Part II
1. (A) I think it starts at 3:30
(B) No, just the usual
(A) Yes, it was great
(C) There it is under the chair.
(A) No, prefer action movies.
Part III
1. (C) In ten minutes.
(C) Popcorn with salt but no butter.
(A) An orange juice
(D) Two seats
(B) He can use the bathroom more easily.
(A) Tickets and program.
Part IV
1. (A) Problems with neighbors.
(C) 3
(C) A talk show
(D) It does not say
(A) It's a funny love story.
(C) Everyone.

Bài tiếp theo Listening Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC
Book and Audio Starter TOEIC Third Edition Book

  • costume ['kɔstju:m] : Trang phục, hóa trang
  • comedy ['kɔmidi] : Hài kịch
  • popcorn ['pɔpkɔ:n] : bắp rang bơ
  • inability [,inə'biliti] : không có khả năng, bất lực
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