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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 1 - Actual Test 03

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 1 - Actual Test 03

1. Audio Actual Test 03

2. Transcript Actual Test 03

PART 1 p.96
(A) The customer is checking out of her room.
(B) The man is helping the woman with her luggage.
(C) The woman has one hand on her baggage.
(D) The clerk is typing on the keyboard.
(A) Some boats are sailing on the ocean.
(B) Several houses are being built along the shore.
(C) Reflections of some boats can be seen.
(D) People are working on some of the boats.
(A) The man is seated in front of the instrument.
(B) The man is listening to some tunes.
(C) The man is performing for an audience.
(D) The man is looking at some sheet music.
(A) One of the doors is being opened by somebody.
(B) Shadows of people can be seen on the sidewalk.
(C) A bicycle has been parked outside the building.
(D) Potted plants have been placed on the ground.
(A) The man is putting on some gloves.
(B) The man has been putting some air in the tire.
(C) The man has taken the tires off the car.
(D) The man is working while on one knee.
(A) She is holding a pen in one of her hands.
(B) She is getting up from behind her desk.
(C) She is speaking to a client on the telephone.
(D) She is focusing her attention on the monitor.
PART 2 p.100
7 How often do you communicate with your superiors?
(A) That’s definitely the best product.
(B) This product is superior to that one.
(C) At least once a day to give a status report.
8 Will Mr. Hargreaves get transferred to headquarters soon?
(A) We haven’t made a decision regarding that yet.
(B) No, he’s not working at headquarters right now.
(C) Mr. Hargreaves started working here ten years ago.
9 What type of vehicle should we rent?
(A) Sorry, but it’s not for rent.
(B) I love driving sedans.
(C) You own a convertible, don’t you?
10 When will the courier deliver the envelope?
(A) Some contracts to sign.
(B) Supposedly within two hours.
(C) He’s coming from across town.
11 It would be better if you contacted Ms. Wilson.
(A) I’d rather you be the one to speak with her.
(B) Ms. Wilson hasn’t contacted us for a month.
(C) I agree that this one looks a lot better.
12 What do you think about renewing the contract with the KTR
(A) We should definitely renew that magazine subscription.
(B) Actually, I haven’t been contacted by them yet.
(C) That’s being discussed at the highest levels.
13 Someone dropped off an envelope with your name on it.
(A) Okay, I’ll visit the post office soon.
(B) That’s odd. I’m not expecting anything.
(C) Sure, the envelopes are in the top drawer.
14 Who remembered to complete the survey?
(A) It’s about satisfaction in the workplace.
(B) All the workers in this office submitted theirs.
(C) Yes, the work was completed on time.
15 Please allow me to introduce you to CEO Edwards.
(A) Thanks. I’d really appreciate that.
(B) Mr. Edwards knows me very well.
(C) Yes, she introduced herself to you.
16 Do you intend to fly to the conference or take the train there?
(A) Yes, that’s how we’re going there.
(B) The former seems the better choice.
(C) On the morning of the 27th.
17 When will this hot weather come to an end?
(A) It’s almost the middle of summer.
(B) It should cool down in a few days.
(C) No, it’s not going to rain this week.
18 Where should I go to return this pair of pants?
(A) They look really nice on you.
(B) Mark over there can take care of you.
(C) The dressing room is in the corner.
19 Have the items been put out for display yet?
(A) Wendy will do that once her break ends.
(B) The display is getting lots of positive attention.
(C) No, these aren’t the items we want to display.
20 What are the company’s annual revenues like?
(A) Thousands of people are employed here.
(B) Yes, the event is held on an annual basis.
(C) Nearly a billion dollars for the entire year.
21 Can I borrow this laptop for a moment?
(A) Yes, I borrowed it from Cindy in Sales.
(B) Please be my guest. I’m not using it.
(C) No, there’s nothing in my lap now.
22 The weather is going to become snowy, isn’t it?
(A) Right. The weatherman is predicting heavy rain.
(B) I love when we get lots of snow.
(C) Yes, so we’re planning to go skiing this weekend.
23 Which caterer should we use for the awards ceremony?
(A) The same one as last year would be ideal.
(B) He was named the Employee of the Year again.
(C) No, we haven’t contacted a caterer yet.
24 Do you know when Kelly Manufacturing was founded?
(A) No, we haven’t found the keys yet.
(B) Yes, sometime around fifty years ago.
(C) Right. That’s exactly what happened.
25 Doesn’t anyone want to work overtime this weekend?
(A) I’ll do it if I get paid time and a half.
(B) Sorry, but we’re already out of time.
(C) There’s a long weekend due to the holiday.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -1.indd 13 12/17/2018 9:22:34 AM
26 How much did you pay for your airplane ticket?
(A) A bit more than seven hundred dollars.
(B) I’ll be flying in business class as usual.
(C) It’s scheduled to depart at nine P.M.
27 Several customers are waiting at the help desk.
(A) How often did they come here?
(B) What do you think she wants?
(C) Can you help me assist them then?
28 Is there a seat on the evening train from Osaka to Tokyo?
(A) Very fast since it’s a bullet train.
(B) I’ll visit the train’s website and find out.
(C) Let’s get to the station at once.
29 Why hasn’t the vending machine been serviced yet?
(A) Ms. Sullivan is calling the company in a few minutes.
(B) No, thanks. I don’t want to have any more snacks.
(C) You’re right. The service that we got was incredible.
30 Can’t you fax me the documents before noon?
(A) Sorry, but I didn’t get any of the documents.
(B) Yes, I received the faxes you sent me today.
(C) Okay, I’ll have someone from my office handle it.
31 Which of these positions are you applying for?
(A) No, I haven’t applied to any of them yet.
(B) The one that requires the most experience.
(C) The deadline is the last day of the week.
PART 3 p.101
W We’ve considered your application for a loan, but I’m afraid
we must reject it, Mr. Hamilton.
M I’m a bit confused by this decision. I have an excellent credit
rating and have borrowed money from you several times in
the past.
W Actually, that’s part of the problem. You still owe a substantial
amount of money from a home loan you took out one year
ago. When you pay it back in full, you can apply for another
M I should be able to do that by next month. I’ll return after that
W Excuse me. I’m looking for a new printer for my office. But
there are so many models to choose from that I’m not sure
which would be the best for me.
M We’ve got quite a few printers, including ones that are pretty
high-end. How about telling me which functions you need?
Then, I can help you make a decision.
W I require something that can print at fast speeds. And being
able to collate would be extremely helpful.
M In that case, the Rover 2000 would suit your needs perfectly.
It’s moderately priced as well, which makes it popular with
many businesspeople.
M Hello. I’m attempting to order some items from your website, but
I can’t log on at the moment. Is there some type of problem?
W There’s nothing wrong with it, but the site is currently down
for maintenance.
M Do you know how long it’s going to be offline? I’d like to
place my order before noon so that I can get the books
delivered to me today. I’m in a real hurry.
W If that’s the case, why don’t you place the order with me? The
maintenance isn’t scheduled to be finished until sometime
around one.
M Hi. I’m looking for a present for my twelve-year-old niece for
her birthday. I’d like something she can wear this season.
W These heavy jackets are popular with young girls. They’re
quite stylish, and girls think the designs are cute. How do
you feel about this one?
M It’s nice, but it’s out of my price range. I’d rather spend
twenty or thirty dollars less than the sticker price.
W It’s your lucky day then. I can give you a $15 discount. And
if you sign up for a membership card, you’ll get an additional
ten percent off. That will save you another $10.
W I’ll be downtown for meetings tomorrow morning, but I’ll be
finished by 1:30. I’ve never been here before, so I’d like to do
some sightseeing. What do you recommend?
M If you’re heading downtown, you should definitely check out
the palace. There’s also an outstanding museum nearby.
W How much time will it take to go through them? I have a
dinner appointment at 6:00.
M You could easily spend the entire day at each place. But you
can take tours showing you the highlights. The museum tour
lasts an hour while the palace tour is an hour and a half long.
M Our annual spring sale begins next Friday. We need to
make some signs to put up in the shopping center to inform
customers about it.
W The ones we used last year went over pretty well. How
about updating them and getting them printed? We can use
Brentwood Printing like we normally do.
M Not anymore. It went out of business, so we have to find a
new print shop. But let’s go with your suggestion regarding
the signs.
W I remember seeing a store on my way to work this morning. I’ll
drop by there after lunch and ask about the rates.
W Greg, six people are starting tomorrow, but there’s no place
for them to sit. What are we going to do?
M We’d better rearrange some cubicles, and Lisa and Gina can
share an office. That should give us the necessary space.
W It’s going to be rather cramped. You know, we’ve been fairly
profitable lately. We ought to use some of that money to rent
a bigger office. A more comfortable workplace would make
everyone more productive.
M I agree, but we can’t get out of our lease until five months from
now. We’ll just have to make do with what we have until then.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -1.indd 14 12/17/2018 9:22:34 AM
W You’re the most qualified applicant, Mr. Hardaway, so we’d
like you to join us at Waldorf Consulting.
M May I assume the pay and benefits are the same as what we
discussed over the phone?
W Yes. However, before you start here, you must work at our
Jacksonville branch for a month. You’ll be mentored by Mr.
Hamilton, the manager there.
M That’s acceptable to me. When should I begin?
W The sooner, the better. But you have to start no later than
October 15.
M I’m obligated to provide my boss with two weeks’ notice, so
I can quit on September 30. Then, I’d like a week off, so how
about starting on October 8?
W That’s fine.
M1 The Stetson project is getting underway this Thursday. I was
told I could have someone work with me on it. How about
you, Wendy?
W Is this something I could work on part-time?
M1 I’m afraid not. You’ll have to give up any other assignments
you’re working on. This work will require your undivided
attention for three months.
W You’ll have to count me out then. I’m heading the project for
Kappa Electronics and can’t give it up.
M2 I’m sure Mr. Parker will let me work on it, Mr. Stephens. I
worked at the Stetson Corporation before, so I know nearly
everyone there.
M1 I had no idea. Let’s speak with Mr. Parker now. He’s still in
his office.
W1 Pardon me. I came here to get some Crunchy Oats cereal
since it’s on sale, but I can’t seem to locate it.
W2 Did you try looking in aisle three? That’s where we stock all
of the breakfast cereals.
W1 I looked everywhere in that aisle, but I couldn’t find it. Do you
think you’ve sold it all?
W2 That’s a distinct possibility. Let me go to the back room and
M You don’t need to do that, April. We moved the item you’re
looking for to aisle ten, ma’am.
W1 Thanks so much. But why did you put it there?
M That’s where we keep all the sale items these days. It makes
shopping easier for bargain hunters.
M Hi, Meredith. I’ll be leaving in a few minutes. You’re still
located at 87 Wiltshire Drive, aren’t you?
W Not anymore, Don. We moved to another place two months
ago. Mr. Denny found a cheaper location closer to the heart
of downtown.
M I had no idea. So where are you now?
W We’re not too far from our previous spot. Just go down
Wiltshire Drive until it intersects with Morton Road. We’re in
the building in the northeast corner.
M Great. I can get on Morton Road easily by taking Beaumont
Street. Thanks for letting me know.
W No problem. Don’t forget the samples when you come. I’m
eager to see the new products.
M They’re already in my briefcase.
W I urge you to accept my proposal. If we can get this product
to the market in three months, we could have a huge hit on
our hands.
M I agree. But finances are tight at the moment. How much do
you think you’ll need?
W For the first month, I think $30,000 will be sufficient. But
I’ll require a total of between $80,000 and $100,000 for the
entire development period.
M I can’t authorize the release of that much money. You need to
speak with someone in Accounting.
W Should I give Ms. Merriweather a call then?
M I don’t think so. You’d better call Trent Lockhart instead. Tell
him exactly what you told me.
W There’s a seat in business class available for the flight. Shall I
reserve it for you?
M Before you do that, will I be able to take my dog with me on
the flight?
W This particular airline doesn’t permit animals in the cabin.
However, you can put your pet in a carrier and have it
shipped as cargo. You’ll also need to provide the airline with
a health certificate from your veterinarian.
M Do I have to pay a flat rate?
W No, this airline charges by the weight of your animal.
M I see. Well, my dog weighs thirty-three kilograms. I guess I
need to schedule an appointment with my vet before I leave
this Friday.
PART 4 p.106
M I’m sure many of you have noticed you’ve been getting an
increasing number of calls these days. There’s a simple
reason for this. Ever since Galt Industries and Mehrun
Technology announced they would be building facilities here,
Lexington has become a popular place. At least 1,000 jobs
are expected to be created by those two companies, so that
means the local economy is going to improve tremendously.
We’re going to see large numbers of people moving here
from out of town, and that’s a great opportunity for us since
we’re going to get the chance to locate properties for them
to purchase or rent. We need to be sure to take as much
advantage as we can from this chance.
W This is Tran Ngoc coming to you live from the news desk
at WMMC radio, the top FM station in the city. We’ve got
an update about that fire which broke out down by the
harbor this morning. According to a spokesman for the fire
department, the fire has not been extinguished but has been
contained. The fire consumed four warehouses and damaged
several other buildings in the area. Fortunately, nobody was
seriously injured although a few people went to the hospital
because of smoke inhalation. The cause of the fire has yet
to be determined, but it is not thought to be intentional at
this time. In other news, Mayor Wilhelm made a stunning
announcement today.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -1.indd 15 12/17/2018 9:22:34 AM
W Greetings, everyone. My name is Melinda Burns, and it’s my
pleasure to welcome you to company headquarters. Each
of you has transferred from one of our 128 branches around
the world. Since you’ve been employees at the company for
between two and nineteen years, we won’t do a standard
orientation. That’s entirely unnecessary. So let me tell you
what we are going to do. First, I’m going to lead you on a
tour of the entire facility. Next, you’re going to hear from
Vice President of Operations Maxwell Tucker. CEO Norman
Watts was supposed to come, but he’s in Prague for the
week. You’ll meet him later. Finally, you’ll be met by your
department head and taken to your office to be introduced to
your new colleagues.
W I’ve analyzed the number of customers we’ve been getting
for different types of movies, and I think you’ll find the results
quite interesting. Take a look at the attendance numbers
from last week. Oh, before we look at the chart, I need to
apologize. The numbers for dramas and action movies
should be switched. Now, I was expecting action movies to
be the most popular with our customers, but they actually
came in third place. The greatest number of customer saw
dramas while comedies came in second. Horror movies were
the least popular of the top four. That shouldn’t come as a
surprise though, as they almost never do better than other
genres. From this we can conclude that we need to change
the types of movies we show to increase our customer base.
M Good evening, Ms. Tyson. This is Kyle Kendrick calling.
I regret to inform you that I’ve got to cancel tomorrow
morning’s meeting. I hate to do this on such short notice, but
this is something out of my control. I’m flying to Vancouver in
an hour because I’ve got to meet with a client there regarding
an urgent matter. You were the one who introduced him to
me, so you know what he’s like. When he needs something,
he demands that I show up in person. Since he’s a major
client, I don’t have much of a choice. Anyway, I’ll be back on
Saturday or Sunday, so we can meet next week. How about
e-mailing me with a day and time convenient to you for us to
M Sometimes you don’t just need a regular moving company.
Instead, you might have a grand piano or something else
that’s enormous. Or you might have valuable artwork or other
precious and fragile items which require special care and
attention. That’s where Lou’s Logistics can help. At Lou’s,
we specialize in moving large, valuable, and fragile items. So
when you don’t trust regular movers to get your possessions
from one place to another safely, call us. We have antique,
art, and music specialists on staff to provide expert help on
just how to transport various items. Call 873-9383 and let us
know what you’ve got. We can provide an appraisal over the
phone at no cost to you.
W Templeton shoppers, may I have your attention, please?
It’s 7:45, so we’re closing in a quarter of an hour. Please
head to the nearest cash register with the items you intend
to purchase now. We’d also like to remind you that our big
holiday sale begins tomorrow. You’re going to love it. All
items will be reduced in price between ten and fifty percent.
As an added bonus, we’re going to extend our store’s
hours starting tomorrow. So from tomorrow until the holiday
season ends on January 3, we’ll be open for two hours later
than normal every day. That means we’ll close at 10:00 on
weekdays and at 11:00 on Saturday and Sunday. As always,
thank you for shopping at Templeton. We hope to see you
M Hello. This is a call from Hardaway Computing. Ms.
Woolridge, I spoke with my manager regarding the question
you asked when you visited our store earlier today. He said
that if you purchase some software from us but decide to
return it for a refund or exchange later, you can only do that
on one condition. The item has to be in the package with the
plastic around it unbroken. If the software shows any signs
of being opened, you cannot return or exchange it unless it’s
faulty. So I regret to inform you that you can’t return the item
you bought. However, Mr. Lewis decided to credit $15 to
your online account since you’re a regular customer here.
M Thanks for tuning in, everyone. I’ve got an exciting show
planned for you today. We’re going to spend the first ten
minutes of the show going over the latest in the world of
soccer and basketball. After that, Jordan Weathers is going
to stop by the studio for an exclusive interview. Jordan’s
going to talk about the new four-year contract that he signed
with his team, and he’s going to tell us how he feels about
the Tigers’ chances of winning this year. But before we get
started with the show, it’s time for a quick weather update
from Sue Ellis. She’s got some news about that storm front
that’s moving rapidly into the region. Sue?
W As you can see from the chart on the screen, the initial results
from the lab tests are extremely positive. The medicine we’re
working on has been successful at defeating several types
of cancer. In fact, I’d say it’s 20% more successful than
anything currently available to doctors anywhere in the world.
We’re not ready to begin testing on humans yet. I estimate
that won’t happen until around 6 months from now. First, we
need to make sure there aren’t any harmful side effects. We
must also get permission from the government to conduct
more advanced trials. Now, I’d like to be more specific about
the results. I think you’ll find them fascinating. Please hold
your questions until I finish.
3. Answer Key Actual Test 03
1 (C) 2 (C) 3 (A) 4 (C) 5 (D)
6 (D)
7 (C) 8 (A) 9 (B) 10 (B) 11 (A)
12 (C) 13 (B) 14 (B) 15 (A) 16 (B)
17 (B) 18 (B) 19 (A) 20 (C) 21 (B)
22 (C) 23 (A) 24 (B) 25 (A) 26 (A)
27 (C) 28 (B) 29 (A) 30 (C) 31 (B)
32 (A) 33 (C) 34 (A) 35 (B) 36 (D)
37 (C) 38 (A) 39 (D) 40 (B) 41 (A)
42 (B) 43 (A) 44 (A) 45 (C) 46 (A)
47 (C) 48 (C) 49 (B) 50 (C) 51 (A)
52 (C) 53 (D) 54 (A) 55 (B) 56 (A)
57 (C) 58 (A) 59 (B) 60 (D) 61 (B)
62 (D) 63 (B) 64 (D) 65 (A) 66 (B)
67 (C) 68 (A) 69 (D) 70 (A)
71 (C) 72 (C) 73 (A) 74 (C) 75 (C)
76 (A) 77 (B) 78 (D) 79 (C) 80 (C)
81 (D) 82 (D) 83 (D) 84 (A) 85 (B)
86 (C) 87 (A) 88 (C) 89 (C) 90 (A)
91 (D) 92 (C) 93 (A) 94 (B) 95 (A)
96 (B) 97 (C) 98 (A) 99 (D) 100 (C)
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