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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 3

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 3

1. Audio Test 03

2. Transcript Test 03
Part 1 Picture Descriptions
1. (A) The classroom is crowded with students.
(B) The chairs are stacked on top of each other.
(C) The classroom furniture is placed in an organized way.
(D) The room is windowless.
2.(A) They’re going to the boarding school.
(B) They take turns getting on the vehicle.
(C) They’re tapping on the windows.
(D) They’re seated on the school bus.
3.(A) The surgeon is conducting an operation.
(B) The monitor is showing some readings.
(C) The patients are conversing with each other.
(D) A medical worker is attending to the patient.
4.(A) The gas station is packed with vehicles.
(B) The electric cars are being charged.
(C) There is a row of vending machines on the sidewalk.
(D) The cars are being refilled.
5.(A) The fishing boat is rocking in the ocean.
(B) The men are spreading fishing nets at sea.
(C) The angler is using some fishing gear.
(D) The fishermen are preparing a meal.
6.(A) The man is flying an unmanned aircraf.
(B) The aircraf is being controlled to carry a package.
(C) The engineer is holding a laptop computer in his hands.
(D) The piece of equipment is navigating itself.
Part 2 Question – Response
7. Can you help me change the air filter?
(A) We exchanged it at the bank.
(B) Sure, I’ve got some change.
(C) Just a second. Let me finish this.
8. Didn’t you already talk to the client?
(A) Well, the line was busy.
(B) Yes, we all read about the news.
(C) The talk’s almost done.
9. Would you rather eat out or have something delivered?
(A) Delivery is free for orders over 30 dollars.
(B) The restaurant has been fully booked.
(C) How about we order Chinese takeout?
10.What time does the pharmacy close tonight?
(A) It’s not far from here, just around the corner.
(B) Actually, it’s already closed.
(C) By this Friday night.
11. How can I tell if the printer is out of ink?
(A) The red button will light up.
(B) There’re still three toners lef.
(C) This model is currently out of stock.
12. I’m calling to reschedule my hotel reservation.
(A) You’re sure you’d arrive on time?
(B) Is breakfast included in the tour package?
(C) Why? Something came up?
13. Will you be willing to help decorate the venue?
(A) I don’t mind lending a hand.
(B) The revenue is expected to be higher this year.
(C) Why not use balloons and flowers?
14. Why don’t you have the accountant review these figures?
(A) I really appreciate your help.
(B) I did, and the numbers are correct.
(C) Because I’ve been trying to figure out how.
15.Are the cleaning services affordable?
(A) They charge reasonably.
(B) Yes, the scaffold is used to clean the outer wall.
(C) Sure, the windows are covered in dust.
16. This lot doesn’t have assigned parking, does it?
(A) You can use the valet parking service.
(B) No, you can park anywhere.
(C) Yes, the hotel offers free parking.
17. How would you file the invoices for our clients?
(A) The noise is simply unbearable.
(B) By their surnames.
(C) If they fail to improve their work performance.
18. You sell replacement parts here, don’t you?
(A) Sorry, the garage sale ended last weekend.
(B) Not in the store, but you can place your order.
(C) I’ll find a replacement while you’re away.
19.There’s a typo in this advertisement.
(A) Where? I’ll fix it.
(B) Yes, it’s on sale now.
(C) What is it about?
20. What did you like about the factory tour?
(A) I like the food and the culture.
(B) At a car manufacturer.
(C) I finally got to see how things are made.
21.Who set up this laboratory equipment?
(A) Mr. Grover is the chief scientist of this lab.
(B) You have to ask the supervisor.
(C) Careful. The equipment is very fragile.
22.Should I pay the fee now or send a check later?
(A) Let me check if there’s any payment due.
(B) We’ll bill you later.
(C) I’ll give you fifeen percent off.
23.How many guests are you expecting at the event?
(A) We don’t have a final count yet.
(B) I guess the result will exceed our expectations.
(C) The banquet will be held for around 3 hours.
24. You ought to report this conflict to the manager.
(A) That’s the position I’ve always longed for.
(B) I believe the manager will settle it.
(C) You think that’s really necessary?
25.Is Dr. Palmer working today?
(A) Yes, but she’s with a patient.
(B) I would like to make an appointment.
(C) It doesn’t work anymore.
26. Which employees need new ID cards?
(A) Because they’ve lost theirs.
(B) For security reasons.
(C) Only the part-timers.
27. We’re here for the 3:00 p.m. guided tour.
(A) The guide is very experienced and knowledgeable.
(B) When does the museum open?
(C) Good, please wait here for a moment.
28.Would you like a window or aisle seat?
(A) Please notify me when it’s available.
(B) This flight’s fully booked.
(C) Either will do.
29.Haven’t we interviewed this applicant before?
(A) No, it’s a different guy.
(B) Yes, and the vacancy has been filled.
(C) We’ve got way too many applications.
30. I have to work overtime this whole week.
(A) Just hang in there.
(B) You will receive your paycheck at the end of this week.
(C) The effect of teamwork is overrated.
31.Can you complete the analysis by tonight?
(A) I analyzed the data as soon as I could.
(B) It depends.
(C) Tomorrow would be better.
Part 3 Conversations
W: Hello. I was told to call this number because my suitcase was put onto the wrong plane.Can you tell me when I could come to claim it?
M: It usually takes between twenty-four and forty-eight hours to arrive. I’ll see if I cancheck on the progress. Could you give me the baggage number? It should be on a sticker on your ticket.
W: Yes. It’s 743-691A.
M: Okay. That item lef Los Angeles this morning, and the flight should arrive at 8:00 p.m. today. It will take about an hour afer the flight lands to get to our airline’s baggage claim desk. If you call back afer that, someone here should be able to confirm whether or not it has arrived. Also, please note that we close at 10:00 P.M.
M: I need access to the files for the Morgenson account for an investigation I’m working on. But the password I have for the database doesn’t seem to work.
W: Those files are restricted, and I think you need security clearance to view them. You have to get permission from Martha in the HR department first.
M: I have called her office. They said she’s on vacation and won’t be back till next Tuesday. The board is demanding my report immediately. Time is not on my side.
W: Well then, I suppose you could try asking Director Jenkins then. He can also authorize you to view files on that database.
W: I had a meeting with the president of the city council this morning, and he informed me that they have decided to go ahead with the wind farm project. We’ll begin contract negotiations next week and then set a work schedule afer everything’s been finalized.
M: That’s great news. Would you mind e-mailing
me a copy of the property ownership documents for the land? Then I can forward it to the company’s lawyers.
W: Okay. I’ll do that today. Also, please note that
this is considered a classified matter. We must be very careful not to mention this to anyone else until it’s officially announced. Otherwise,it could affect our company’s reputation for
M: Sure. I understand the weight of this matter.
M: Ms. Sharma. I’ve heard a lot of complaints
from our employees about the poor quality of food in our cafeteria. I think it’s imperative we do something to provide more nutritious and
pleasant meals.
W: Agreed. It affects our workers’ efficiency and
even morale if their stomachs aren’t taken good care of. Can we find room in our budget to improve this situation?
M: I heard about a very affordable catering
company that just opened for business. They do most of their business online, so they’ve managed to keep their costs down, and their service is flexible and rapid.
W: Sounds like a plan. Why don’t we discuss this
at the weekly meeting this Wednesday? Could you draw up a short proposal to explain the idea by then?
M: I just learned that the head office will be
sending someone to review our safety protocols. I need you to ensure that all company policies are being followed.
W: We already do that. All maintenance personnel
are required to complete a report each week, and I run random spot checks on a monthly basis.
M: I’m still worried about what the inspector
might find, as there will be major consequences if we do not receive a passing score.
W: I understand. I’ll review the procedures with
the staff right away. If you’d like, I can also give you a report with an overview of thelatest repairs we’ve done.
[47−49] AmE/W BrE/M
W: Hello. I’m calling from ChildMatter NGO.
There are currently over 4,000 children without permanent homes across the city,
and our charity is working to provide them a brighter future. Are you interested in making a donation to help the needy?
M: Well, that does sound like a good cause. What
kind of donation methods are available?
W: You can make a one-time personal donation
without any future commitments. Other popular long-term options include sponsoringa child, or setting up a corporate charity drive at your workplace.
M: Hmm. I think our company might be interested
in signing up for a charity drive. Let me contact a representative from our PR department, and then I’ll call you back later.

W1: Lance, our client from the culinary school told
me the launch of their new website has been a great success. In just one week, the site has already gotten very positive feedback from visitors. Well done.
M: Well...Thanks, Rebecca. I didn’t expect such a
big reaction.
W2: The manager is very pleased with your
performance. I heard he’s gonna give you a promotion.
M: Hmm. Actually, I have a little confession to
make. I’ve found some issues with the mobile version of the website. When I was browsing the homepage on my smartphone yesterday, some texts and pictures weren’t displayed properly.
W1: Really? I didn’t notice that. So, you’ve fixed it
M: I’m still working on it. I believe it’s just a bug
in the system.
W2: Yeah, no worries. Rebecca, I’ll help Lance run
some tests. We’ll get it working in no time.
W1: Alright. Hopefully, you guys can get it done
before I get any complaints from our clients. This could really cost us our reputation.

M: Good morning. I’m emigrating to Australia
next month, and I need to get a copy of my medical records. Are you the right person to speak to about this?
W: Yes. I’ll print those out for you. You can come
to the clinic in person to pick them up. Or, we can mail them to you, but you’ll be charged a small fee for the delivery.
M: It’s no problem for me to stop by the clinic. I’ll
be in the neighborhood around four o’clock.
W: Okay. Please make sure you have a
government-issued photo ID with you. We have to verify your identity before we can release the records.

M: I was accepted to the Academy of Culinary
Arts in Milan. I’ll be taking classes there this summer.
W: Congratulations! I know you’ve always
dreamed of becoming a professional chef. And you must be excited about living in a foreign country.
M: Yes. I can’t wait to experience Italian culture.
However, I’m a bit concerned about the costs of living in Europe, especially in Milan. An apartment alone is out of my league, not to mention other expenses.
W: Guess what? You can rent out your New York
apartment while you’re away. In fact, I have a friend who is looking for temporary housing. I can introduce you to him. If he rents, it’ll really reduce your financial burden.

W: Hello, I’m visiting Sienna National Park on June
13 with a large tour group. I’d like to reserve some rooms for us at the main lodge.
M: I’m sorry, ma’am, but Elmwood Lodge is
currently under reconstruction. It won’t reopen
until the 27 .
W: That’s too bad. We’ve been looking forward to
staying in the park.
M: Well, we still have some cabins available at
our campground. Although the rooms are
not as luxurious as those at the lodge, the campground is located right at the heart of the park, next to the Grand Sioux waterfalls.

M: PrinTECH services. This is Mike speaking. May
I help you?
W: Hi, I need to have a hundred user manuals
printed. Can you tell me how long that will take? If possible, I’d like to pick them up today by 5 p.m.
M: Sure. But we will need to charge you an extra
fee of 30 dollars for same-day service.
W: Hmm...I need those manuals for an invention
expo this coming Friday.... So...
M: In that case, you can go with our 3-business-
day service. It’s a lot cheaper. Just fill out the order form online and send it to us or print it out and fax it to us.
W: OK, that’ll work. I’m looking at the form now,
and I’ll submit it online.

M: Hi, this is Anton Chekhov in Room 306. I’m on the Blue Coast for the education conference. The host of the event has reserved some time for the participants to explore around on their own. Any suggestions?
W: Yes. There’s a brochure in the drawer by your
bed for your reference.
M: Hold on. Okay, I’m looking at it.
W: Yes, so, which tour are you interested in?
M: I’m a science teacher, so I’m more into
activities or places that are a bit more, you
know, educational.
W: Then, the aquarium tour on page 3 might be
the right thing for you.
M: Yeah, that looks like a plan.
W: Great. How many tickets will you need?
M: Just one will be fine.
W: Okay. Would you like to charge it to your room?

W: Welcome to the Bath Visitor Center. How may
I help you?
M: Hello, this is my first time here. Can you
recommend any places of interest?
W: Sure. Will you be driving?
M: No, the hotel front desk told me to take bus
18 to tour the town so that I need not worry about parking.
W: That’s truly decent advice. Well, if you like
shopping, you can visit the outlet on Henry Road. If you’re more into history or stuff
like that, you should definitely visit the Bath History Museum. You’ll get to learn all about
this historic town there.
M: Great. I love history.
W: Oh, sorry, it’s Tuesday, so the museum is
closed today. The Bath Armory Museum is interesting, too, though. It’s not to be missed.
M: I’ll try that place first, then. And then maybe I
can do some shopping.

Part 4 Short Talks
[71−73] BrE/M
Good afernoon, Mr. Brisk. This is Samuel calling from MegaTech Electronics. You dropped off your laptop this morning for an issue with the internal speakers. While I was working on the device, I noticed that the battery level would drop significantly in an instant. I suggest replacing it before the warranty expires, or
it might cost you a lot more later on. I’ll need your approval to proceed with replacing it. Please ring me back. Thank you.
Good morning. I’d like to thank you all for participating in this focus group. We’ve got a new line of yogurts that we want to test before it goes into production. We’ve prepared four varieties
for you to try, and we’d like you to fill out a brief questionnaire afer trying each flavor. To show our appreciation, we have some product samples that you can take home and share with your families when you are done with the taste test. Help yourself. You can take as many as you like.
Before we conclude the meeting, I have a request. As we all know, Queens Daycare Center is one of New York’s best and most popular public facilities for taking care of our future generations, as we’ve earned the trust of the public because of our dedication and expertise in the field of child-rearing. As a result, we’ve been given a much larger budget by the city council this year. I’d like to decide how we can best utilize it. Parents ofen request that we offer pick-up and drop-off service for the children
of those who are occupied with work. Most of you have agreed that this will be the most important change we can make to further contribute to the community. So, I suggest we use the money to employ part-time staff to drive kids to and from our institution.
[80−82] AmE/W
Join Twillingate Fishing Tours for Newfoundland’s most exciting guided fishing tour. Our luxury ocean cruiser departs from Rocky Harbour at 8:00 A.M. for a full day of fishing along the Gulf of St Lawrence. We’re the only fishing tour in Newfoundland licensed to take groups as large as 20 people,
so why not talk to us about your next employee outing? Our onboard chef will prepare your catch in any style you like, including French, Italian, or even Japanese. It’s your call! But be sure to indicate your preference when you make your reservation.
Good morning, everyone. Congratulations on joining Fresco Farms. I’m Mike Banner, the plant manager. Welcome to this new employee orientation session.
First of all, let’s start with some of the basics. Anyone entering the production area must wear a special protective uniform, including a face mask, gloves, and a cap. Since we’re handling food items, sanitation has always been and always will be our first priority. Also, during operations, make sure the person next to you is properly dressed. OK, looks like all of you are ready. Now, Frank Galiber will guide you to the production site. There, you’ll see how our products are manufactured.
Before we begin, I want to say that I really appreciate your coming in on the weekend to help prepare this shipment. The manager at Rexall Tech expects to have these goods by Monday, but wejust became aware of the request last night because the original order form was filed in the wrong place. That brought us all here. Now, you’ve all seen the demonstration on how to assemble the frames.
We’ll work until 6:00 P.M. Then we will have a one- hour dinner break and then continue working until the shipment is ready. Ms. Sandberg and I will be walking around to monitor your work and answer any questions. Please be sure to keep your gloves and safety goggles on at all times. And again, thank you very much for your help.
[89−91] AmE/W
Good morning, everyone. I’m Kelly Wilson. You’re listening to Truth About Money. Each week I select a portfolio of promising companies whose shares are undervalued. Let’s start the show by taking a look
at Sun Power Corp. This solar startup went public just a bit over 6 months ago, and since then its shares have been rising at a steady rate. The reason I recommend investing in this company is that with the trend of environmental movements gaining public support, it has great growth potential. Also,
it boasts strong management and skilled design
and research personnel. When we come back afer the commercial break, we’ll be interviewing Richard Swanson, the company’s founder and CEO. Stay tuned to hear him reveal some of Sun Power’s strategies for the future.
In local news, government officials of Emerald City announced today a proposal for using the $1.8 million surplus  in  the  city  budget.  The  funds  would  go toward building nearly one hundred more miles of hiking paths in Jake Peak Park. Supporters believe this could attract more tourists and help the city further establish its reputation for natural beauty. Some have reservations about this, though. They say it could actually reduce tourism spending, as long- term construction work throughout the park could discourage visitors from vacationing in the area. Mayor Ed Murray said that the vote scheduled for this Friday’s city council meeting is too soon. He
suggested pushing it back to the March-24 meeting, allowing members to look into the matter further.
[95−97] BrE/M
And now for our last agenda item, the company cafeteria. I’m glad to announce that the renovation of the cafeteria will begin next month. I’d also liketo present the results of the employee cafeteria satisfaction survey. These are the four categories which received an average score of three or less
out of a maximum of five. First, since we’ve heard some complaints about the occasionally unstableWi-Fi connection there, we’ve decided to install a new router in the dining area. We’ll also expand
the room to accommodate more people and offer complete nutritional information for the dishes we serve. Regarding the item that received the lowest satisfaction rating, that’s what I’d like you to discuss right now. Please talk in pairs or groups of three.
[98−100] AuE/W
Hi, Mitch. This is Kelly Clarkson from Facilities. I’m calling regarding your division’s new lavatory unit. I took a look at your requirements... um... and some other factors worthy of consideration, and I’m afraid that $6,000 is the most we can afford to give you. I’ve tried to talk the head of accounting into budgeting extra for your case, but he said we’re cost-cutting
at the moment so there’s no room for negotiation. You also have requested a new all-in-one printer for your office. I’d like to ask you to wait until the end
of August and request one again because we’re still negotiating with the manufacturer over a contract.
3. Answer Key Test 03
Part 1
1.C 2.B 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.A
Part 2
7.C 8.A 9.C 10.B 11.A 12.C
13.A 14.B 15.A 16.B 17.B 18.B
19.A 20.C 21.B 22.B 23.A 24.C
25.A 26.C 27.C 28.C 29.A 30.A
Part 3
32.D 33.A 34.B 35.C 36.A 37.C
38.D 39.A 40.A 41.D 42.D 43.B
44.D 45.A 46.B 47.A 48.B 49.B
50.B 51.D 52.C 53.A 54.C 55.C
56.C 57.B 58.A 59.D 60.C 61.B
62.A 63.B 64.D 65.B 66.C 67.A
68.A 69.D 70.D
Part 4
71.A 72.B 73.A 74.C 75.C 76.C
77.D 78.B 79.B 80.B 81.A 82.C
83.B 84.B 85.A 86.A 87.A 88.B
89.C 90.B 91.C 92.C 93.A 94.D
95.D 96.D 97.B 98.A 99.C 100.A
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