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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 1

Listening Maximize your New TOEIC Score - Test 1

1. Audio Test 01

2. Transcript Test 01
Part 1 Picture Descriptions
1.(A) The customer’s getting her prescription filled.
(B) The doctor’s measuring the patient’s blood pressure.
(C) The shelves are stacked with produce.
(D) The doctor’s treating the patient.
2.(A) The airliner is taxiing along the tarmac.
(B) The aircraf are being refilled.
(C) The airplanes are grounded.
(D) The runway is under maintenance.
3.(A) He’s touring on a motorcycle.
(B) He’s walking into a motorbike shop.
(C) He’s working in a repair shop.
(D) He’s getting a tool from the shelf.
4. (A) The vehicle is pulling into a garage.
(B) Commuters are boarding the public transport.
(C) People are getting bored of the training.
(D) The train car is being serviced.
5. (A) He’s filing a report.
(B) He’s organizing the office.
(C) He’s leaning against the desk.
(D) He’s sorting documents.
6. (A) He’s using a scale.
(B) He’s preparing a dish.
(C) He’s fishing from a yacht.
(D) He’s haggling with a fishmonger.
Part 2 Question – Response
7.Pop-up ads on web pages are simply annoying!
(A) Yes, I’ve had enough with the noise.
(B) Can’t agree with you more.
(C) You can dry up the pages with a heater.
8. Have you got the green light to start the project?
(A) I’m sorry. The green lights are out of stock.
(B) No worries. I always follow traffic regulations.
(C) Not until the director goes over all the details
9. What was Mr. Pak’s idea for increasing our sales?
(A) No, it’s not for sale.
(B) He plans to diversify our advertisements.
(C) Sales representatives are to blame.
10. Why’d they end the contract talks?
(A) They didn’t like the offer.
(B) They share common topics.
(C) Because metal contracts when it cools.
11.I hope these statistics are correct.
(A) They’ve been collected.
(B) The sticks are erected.
(C) No worries. I checked twice.
12.Who has been appointed to chair the hiring committee?
(A) It hasn’t been announced yet.
(B) I don’t think he has.
(C) I’m disappointed with the chair quality.
13.Why not make some cuts to air travel budget?
(A) I’ll give it a try despite the hardship.
(B) It feels really warm in winter.
(C) I like my current hairstyle.
14.Is the bank relocating?
(A) It’s not easy to find.
(B) No, you’ve heard anything?
(C) There’re only two local branches.
15. Where to find a locksmith near here?
(A) Sorry, I lef it on my desk.
(B) Try Google Map.
(C) Smith won’t be back till this Friday.
16. Why is all the office furniture covered?
(A) There’s still some lef over there.
(B) We got a new budget for renovation.
(C) The office walls need to be painted.
17. What does a round-trip flight to Hawaii cost?
(A) The flight is delayed.
(B) I’ll have to look that up.
(C) The prices don’t matter at all.
18. Who’s speaking at the product launch tomorrow?
(A) The reactions were positive.
(B) Evan has volunteered.
(C) I’ve reserved a table for three.
19.Why’d you leave the lights on in the conference room?
(A) The cleaning lady asked me to.
(B) It’s against eco-friendliness.
(C) We did it for the greater good.
20. Joan’s promotion simply took me by surprise.
(A) Why? She’s not qualified?
(B) John shouldn’t be promoted.
(C) Have we got enough office supplies?
21.Is this the bus heading for the city hall?
(A) Every 15 minutes.
(B) The bus is always on time.
(C) Sorry, I’m new in town.
22. How can I reach Mr. Bloomberg?
(A) I’ll need your cellphone number.
(B) He is willing to share his wealth.
(C) Leave your number, and he’ll call you back.
23. Hasn’t anyone taken your order yet?
(A) No, I’ve been waiting.
(B) We’ll order two set meals.
(C) Yes, it smells really bad.
24.You should probably take the train to avoid traffic.
(A) I didn’t bring anything on the train.
(B) That’s what I’m planning to do.
(C) The training aims to avoid car accidents.
25. Who attended the management seminar?
(A) If you can manage.
(B) Most of us are going.
(C) I didn’t make it.
26.I think you need qualifications to operate this forklif.
(A) I’ll check with the supervisor.
(B) How’s the quality of the forks?
(C) That doesn’t make any sense.
27.The clients seem very interested in our new services.
(A) They placed an order before leaving.
(B) Yes, they’re very easy-going people.
(C) Their services are satisfactory.
28. Should I invite everyone to the inspection or only a few key people?
(A) One from each section should be sufficient.
(B) We have plenty at the moment.
(C) No, you should be responsible for it.
29. Who’s ready for another slice of pizza?
(A) Yes, I’m well-prepared.
(B) I couldn’t take another bite.
(C) Mr. Wilson will take the blame.
30.Have you updated your operating system?
(A) There’re some improvements.
(B) I don’t remember.
(C) They’re free.
31.How about conducting a survey before we finalize the designs?
(A) That would be a hard decision to make.
(B) No, we should have it redesigned.
(C) Let’s check how much that’ll cost first.
Part 3 Conversations
[32−34] BrE/M AuE/W
M: Will you please arrange for lunch to be delivered to the office during the regional manager’s visit?
W: Not again. It always falls on me to handle trivial tasks like this. Why don’t you just go to a restaurant?
M: I need to show him our impressive sales data, and that is impossible to do at a restaurant.
W: All right then. I’ll call the restaurant and ask the meal to be delivered to the conference room by one o’clock.
W: I’m referring you to Dr. Hyman at the state university medical center for another test.
M: Another? What for?
W: Don’t worry. Dr. Hyman is a specialist in the field of cardiology, who has more experience than I do with the latest diagnostic equipment.
M: Phew! I thought things were getting complicated. So, anything I should know or do before seeing Dr. Hyman?
W: Yes, you should make your appointment soon. I would recommend making one by the end of this month at the latest. Also, I’m going to need your signature on these documents so that Ican transfer your medical records by this Friday.
M: The car comes with a one-year, thirty-thousand-mile warranty, but you might wantto consider purchasing a two-year, sixty- thousand-mile extended warranty. Both guarantee full protection as long as the car is serviced by an approved mechanic.
W: What if I choose to use my own mechanic?
M: Well, the terms of the warranty require you to take your car to a mechanic from our approved list to be covered.
W: Then I’ll take a basic warranty and use an approved mechanic for now, but when the warranty expires, I think I will go to the garage near my house for maintenance and repair.
M: Hey, Martha, how are you doing with your new venture?
W: Hi, Steve. Everything’s going as expected, but to be honest, it’s tougher than I thought. Being self-employed is not easy. I have to record all my expenses, as well as do my own sales and marketing.
M: Starting one’s own business is never easy, but I suppose with careful planning and rigorous execution, the results are very rewarding.
W: Agreed. Actually, I cannot complain at all because now I can work from home, or even from a coffee shop. And I can set my own hours. In fact, I was on a conference call last week while I was wearing my bathrobe.
M: Believe it or not, we are getting a new manager from LeadTech. His name is Mr. Grover. Didn’t you use to work there?
W: Yes, I know him very well, but he wasn’t my direct supervisor.
M: Well, I’ve heard a lot about him running the sales department, which generated a 10% growth under tough economic times last year. That’s very impressive!
W: No doubt. He’s a born leader who knows how to inspire and motivate his staff. That totally explains why they managed to excel and retain an edge over their competitors.
M: I’ll fax a copy of the contract to you right away.
W: Our fax machine’s been kind of spotty lately. Would it be possible to send it as an e-mail attachment? I’ll print it out, sign it, scan it, and then mail it back.
M: That would work, except that we need it by noon tomorrow. Will it get here in time if you send it back to us via snail mail?
W: It will if I send it via overnight delivery. They guarantee a next-day noon arrival.
M: Mr. Mundine phoned this morning. He said the owners of the office space on Greenpoint Avenue are willing to come down to $2,000 a month.
W: That’s still too high. Besides, I’d prefer not to move downtown. Did Mr. Mundine say anything about the suites in the Liberty Building on Milton Street?
M: He said he’s still waiting to hear back from the Liberty Building’s owner. Oh, he also asked if we’d be interested in a 1,500-square-footoffice space in Brownsville.
W: Hmm. Brownsville’s nice, but that’s too small of a space. The way we’re growing, we need 2,000 square feet minimum.
W: So, have you had a chance to review the bids for the renovation project? What do you think?
M: Well, the Carlton Brothers' bid was the cheapest, but I'm not sold on the quality of their work. I think they have cut too many corners to bring the price down. The bid from Stuller & Sons is 15 percent higher, but I think it's worth the extra cost. What do you think?
W: The Carlton Brothers did a project for my friend's company, and she thought they did a great job. I don't know much about Stuller & Sons, but I like some of the suggestions in their bid, like using track lighting instead of canned lighting. So I think you're probably right.
M: Let's recommend Stuller & Sons to the board of directors tomorrow then. Of course, they still will need to vote on it, but they usually follow the staff recommendation.
M: Ms. Karim, thank you for coming today. I’m the manager of the advertising department. Your résumé shows you have been successful in sales, but you applied here with us for a position that’s different from your previous work.
W: Yes, I worked in sales for five years. Although I set some very high records with the team and felt a sense of achievement, I always wanted to do something more creative.
M: I totally understand what you mean because I was in a similar situation when I decided to join the company. Could you tell me what makes you qualified for this job?
W: Well, I believe my knowledge in marketing research and communication meets the requirements and also gives me an edge at work.
W: Hi. This is Margaret Chase. I’m planning a publicity campaign for the Charlestown Film Festival and looking for a printer to supply large quantities of posters. I’ll need them by the end of this week. Do you handle this kinda work?
M: We do. We can do as many as 10,000 by Friday.
W: Great. We probably need just half that number. I can’t be sure till I know our exact budget.
M: All right. Thank you for calling us for the job. Please check out our price list on our website. We offer big discounts for bulk orders.
[62−64] AmE/W CanE/M AuE/W
W1: Chris, this Friday is our manager Lauren’s last day in our department. We’re throwing a farewell party for her. Would you like to join us?
M: Count me in! Have you guys decided on a location for the event?
W2: Well, at first we wanted to rent out a restaurant for a few hours, but we decided to throw a bit of a surprise party for her right in our office.
W1: Also, we’re asking those who have been invited to contribute to a gif for our guest of honor.
M: Sure, how much are the others putting in?
W2: About 30 dollars. But to be honest with you, we’re only 40 dollars short for getting her a nice watch. So,...
M: Not a problem. Lauren helped me a lot with transitioning when I first arrived. Here’s 40 bucks.
New [65−67] AmE/W CanE/M BrE/M
W: Marvin, have you booked us an airport taxi service? I don’t want anything to spoil the fun of our vacation.
M1: No worries, I took care of it. A minivan will arrive at around 10 this Friday morning.
W: 10? But our flight departs at 11. Right, honey?
M2: Exactly, an hour is barely enough time for the traffic, not to mention checking in and going through the security screening.
W: No, it isn’t. Marvin, you gotta call the service and reschedule ASAP.
M1: Got it. So I’ll tell them to come at 9?
M2: Make it 8 so that your mom has time to pick up a few duty-free items at the airport.
M: Good evening. Thank you for calling Turtle Bay Resort. This is Jason speaking. How may I help you?
W: Hi, this is Elaine Thomas. I’m making a reservation for a family of 4. hat kind of rooms do you have available?
M: Okay, ma’am. May I ask about the exact date of your arrival?
W: September 24th for one night.
M: Thank you, ma’am. We have two family suites available for that particular night. One has two double beds, and the other with one double bed plus two single beds.
W: Are they the same price?
M: No, the latter costs slightly more but has a much better view of the ocean.
W: Then, it’s an easy choice to make because nobody can resist an amazing ocean view.
Part 4 Talks
[71−73] AuE/W
The motto for our new training and development program will be “QVS”. It stands for Quality, Value and Service. I want this motto to guide our training program every step of the way. Whatever specific skill we’re learning, or whatever project we’re working on, I want you to always ask yourselves, “How will this result in higher-quality products, better value for our customers, and a speedier delivery?”. I want the letters “QVS” to be imprinted on your brain. The program will provide four special training classes this year. The first is called “LeadershipStyle”, and it’s for everyone. The second is called “Leading in a ‘QVS’ World”, and it’s for those of you who head up our manufacturing plants. The third
is “Passport”, and it’s for young workers whose management has been identified as having high potential. And the fourth is “Leading the Way”, for our executives and senior leaders. These classes are designed to help fulfill the objectives for this year’s program, which are to focus on our revenue growth, expand our global presence, drive our QVS management system, and build organizational capability.
Hello, you've reached the Museum of Science, Boston. Our hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends. The museum features an IMAX movie theater and an observatory that boasts spectacular 360-degree views of Boston. Admission for IMAX movies is $8 for adults, and $5 for children aged 12 and under. For IMAX movies show times, press 1. For observatory information, press 2. To purchase the museum’s annual pass, which gives you a great discount compared to regular admission plus free IMAX tickets, press 3. For all other inquiries, press 4. If you need directions to the museum, more detailed information about current exhibitions or a virtual tour of the premises, please visit our website: www. Thank you for calling, and we hope to see you soon.
We are proud to announce that the company will be opening its very own cafeteria for employees next month and all the meals served there will be free of charge! Now you can come to work empty- handed and leave with a full stomach. The cafeteria will feature different kinds of cuisine, ranging from vegetarian dishes to sushi to ethnic foods from around the world. We will promote the use of fresh, organic and local produce and ingredients, which are beneficial to both our bodies and the environment. Every Monday morning, the chef will post the menu for the week on the bulletin board at the entrance of the cafeteria. We believe that great food is fuel for innovation and productivity. And most importantly, we believe you are worth it.
[80−82] CanE/M
Hi, Steve. This is Craig. I wanna thank you for lending me your drone to get aerial footage for my documentary. It went really well, and I captured some really fascinating video clips. You know, the views from up above were just mind-blowing. I will finish the editing pretty soon, and then I will send you a copy. So, I’m gonna stay with the crew for a couple more days. Though I’m done with the shooting, I will carry the drone with me, just in case. No worries, I’ll make sure it’s in good hands. Just wanted to tell you that everything’s great. Call me if you wanna talk. Thanks again, bud.
Welcome to the new light-rail station. To purchase tickets, use the automated ticket machines located just inside the main doorway, or go to one of the booths on the right side of the main hall. There are route maps and information about the light- rail system at the kiosks located on both the main and lower floors. Wheelchair-accessible ramps are available right next to the stairs, with an elevator along the rear wall. Trams arrive and depart every15 minutes. If you need any assistance, look for one of the workers wearing a pink vest. They’ll be happy to help you. You can also learn more about the new city light-rail system online at Thank you for choosing Metro light rail. We hope you have an enjoyable light-rail experience. If you’re looking for a portable scanner to digitalize all of your personal and business documents without taking up a lot of desk space, the ScanSnap S1300i is your best choice. It offers the best combination of speed and accuracy for creating searchable PDF files. It’s also small enough to take with you while traveling and can be powered through your laptop’s USB port. Simply put your documents in the paper feeder, press the button, and have them transferred electronically to your desired storage device in seconds. Order now and get a stylish carrying case for free.
Hello, Mr. Albertson. This is Laurence Wilco calling from Systel Mobile Services. I’d like to inform you of some irregularities on your phone usage this past month. As you may be aware, your phone bill has remained at constant average of $ 50.00 every month. Recently, however, your records show that you’ve been making numerous international callsto different countries and as of now your balance stands at $250 for this month. As a member of our customer protection plan, you will not be responsible for the charges should these calls be a result of phone thef or similar case. In addition, please be advised that you must notify us before
May 1st to report any fraudulent charges. Please call us back at 332-4958 and let us know whether there have been any mistakes. Thank you.
[92−94] AmE/W
Tonight we honor Kimberly K. Roberts, who has generously donated a $3 million gif to Peterson’s Children’s Hospital to establish a new cancer research center. We thank Ms. Roberts for her generous gif to our hospital. In a time of declining government funding for programs that benefit the disadvantaged, NPOs such as our hospital must work harder than ever to encourage philanthropy and gather as much support as possible. I’m very proud to say that we have taken another step forward in achieving that goal. We thank Ms. Roberts again, and we hope her spirit and affection will spread to each and every one of us.
[95−97] BrE/M
Morning, fellas. Hope you all have been havinggreat fun at our spring picnic. It’s truly heart- warming to see so many of our employees enjoying great food, nice weather and best of all, qualitytime together with their loved ones. We have made it a tradition for years to ask our new recruits to put on a performance as a way of providing an entertaining and jovial atmosphere. Now take a look at that schedule, they are next on stage. But, I was just informed that they’re having some technical problems right now. So, Matt Lewis, the best singer in our department, will treat the audience to one of his vocal classics. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Matt!
[98−100] AmE/W
Attention please, due to the heavy downpour and subsequent leak in the central plumbing system, there’s been severe flooding in terminal B. As a result, boarding gates 42 through 50 are temporarily closed. Passengers affected by this incident, please head to terminal C for boarding. Also, the reassignment of gates has led to slight delays for all flights departing from terminal C. For updated boarding info, please refer to any of the flight information display screens across all terminals. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
3. Answer Key Test 01
Part 1
1.A 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.D 6.A
Part 2
7.B 8.C 9.B 10.A 11.C 12.A
13.A 14.B 15.B 16.C 17.B 18.B
19.A 20.A 21.C 22.C 23.A 24.B
25.C 26.A 27.A 28.A 29.B 30.B
Part 3
32.D 33.C 34.B 35.B 36.B 37.A
38.C 39.B 40.A 41.B 42.C 43.B
44.B 45.D 46.C 47.A 48.B 49.D
50.C 51.A 52.A 53.B 54.A 55.C
56.A 57.C 58.D 59.C 60.C 61.B
62.B 63.B 64.D 65.D 66.A 67.C
68.C 69.D 70.D 71.C 72.B 73.C
74.A 75.D 76.C 77.B 78.C 79.A
80.D 81.D 82.B 83.A 84.D 85.C
86.D 87.D 88.D 89.A 90.C 91.B
92.A 93.B 94.C 95.C 96.A 97.C
98.D 99.D 100.C
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