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Thursday 24 January 2019

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 01

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 01

1. Audio Actual Test 01

2. Transcript Actual Test 01
1 (A) A lecture is being given in a boardroom.
(B) The woman has gotten up from the chair.
(C) A diagram is being drawn on the board by the
(D) Some documents have been placed on the table.
2 (A) Several passengers are getting off the train.
(B) The subway has arrived at the station.
(C) Tickets are being sold to passengers.
(D) There are no seats available in any of the cars.
3 (A) Customers are trying on some new shirts in the
(B) A large number of shirts are being displayed on
(C) The clothes are currently on sale for low prices.
(D) A picture is hanging from the wall above the clothes.
4 (A) Several participants in the meeting appear to be
(B) All of the chairs have been pushed under the table.
(C) A computer has been placed in the center of the
(D) The decision to hold the meeting has been tabled.
5 (A) There are several sheep in the field.
(B) One of the ships is sailing beneath the bridge.
(C) People are getting on board the ship.
(D) Pedestrians are walking alongside the waterway.
6 (A) The seated people are all facing the same direction.
(B) The outdoor dining area at the café is completely
(C) One man is walking in front of the seated individuals.
(D) Waiters are bringing plates of food to the diners.
° PART 2 p.34
7 How much longer do you need on this project?
(A) About ten pages long.
(B) Roughly half an hour.
(C) In my office soon.
8 Why hasn’t anyone responded to that complaint?
(A) That’s the response she gave us.
(B) Yes, it looks a bit plain to me.
(C) I thought Ted already handled it.
9 Do you want me to see if the item is still in stock?
(A) I would appreciate that a lot.
(B) I don’t have stock in that company.
(C) This is the item that I purchased.
10 The picnic has been postponed until next week, hasn’t
(A) Sometime last Friday.
(B) That’s what I heard.
(C) I’m going to the picnic.
11 You’d better be on your best behavior at the meeting.
(A) He’s behaving properly.
(B) That’s the best product.
(C) I promise to do that.
12 Nobody can remember Ms. Carlyle’s phone number,
(A) You should ask Jane for it.
(B) She called a while ago.
(C) No, I’m not on the phone.
13 Where is the nearest gas station in this neighborhood?
(A) I’ll fill up the car later today.
(B) We’re in the Coldwater neighborhood.
(C) There’s one right down the street.
14 What time should we expect Ms. Carter to arrive?
(A) On Monday or Tuesday.
(B) Sometime after six.
(C) Around forty minutes ago.
15 I believe you ought to see a doctor about that cough.
(A) That’s what my husband said.
(B) He’s been coughing all day.
(C) No, I don’t want any coffee.
16 Who should we send on the business trip to Tokyo?
(A) About two weeks from now.
(B) To negotiate a new contract.
(C) How about Mark or Anna?
17 Can you give me directions to the Wishbone Café?
(A) Yes, this is the map you asked for.
(B) You’ll love the selection of teas there.
(C) Sorry, but I’ve never heard of it.
18 Which of these three proposals are we thinking of
(A) Yes, there are three of them.
(B) Probably the second one.
(C) We will accept the offer tomorrow.
19 Will Martin conduct the interviews, or is John doing
(A) Actually, Peter will be doing them.
(B) Martin and John are coworkers.
(C) Yes, that’s correct.
20 There appears to be a problem with your car’s engine.
(A) Thanks for fixing it for me.
(B) What exactly is wrong with it?
(C) How much do I owe you for it?
21 I can’t recall where Ms. Hamilton’s office is located.
(A) She’s in Mr. Wilkin’s office now.
(B) It’s in the building by the Sultan Theater.
(C) No, I haven’t located her yet.
22 The agenda for the staff meeting is already settled, isn’t
(A) Not to the best of my knowledge.
(B) Yes, Jeff is a member of the staff here.
(C) I settled the problem this morning.
23 How often does the subway come to this station?
(A) Five or six times an hour.
(B) On the number three line.
(C) Go out exit number nine.
24 Would you prefer taking the train or flying to the
(A) Yes, that’s a good idea.
(B) We flew there last week.
(C) Either is fine with me.
25 Did you remember to turn off the lights before you left?
(A) Yes, I remember what they look like.
(B) Oh, no. I totally forgot.
(C) No, I haven’t left the office yet.
26 The interviews won’t begin until this Friday, will they?
(A) I believe that’s correct.
(B) Fred’s going to interview then.
(C) Friday’s a busy day for her.
27 Would you mind picking up a sandwich from the deli for
(A) They are delighted to see you.
(B) Sure, I can share my lunch with you.
(C) Not at all. What would you like?
28 I suggest calling the customer service hotline
(A) Yes, you can borrow my telephone.
(B) I’m expecting to get good service.
(C) Do you know the telephone number?
29 What do I need to do to open a new bank account
(A) I need two forms of picture ID.
(B) Fill out this form to withdraw money.
(C) At the First National Bank branch.
30 Shouldn’t we reserve a car for our trip to Los Angeles?
(A) No, I haven’t reserved a car yet.
(B) We could just take public transportation.
(C) On the morning of the thirtieth.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 3 12/26/2018 4:27:16 PM
31 We need to get in touch with the caterer regarding the
(A) I’ll instruct Ms. Johnson to do that.
(B) Please be sure not to touch it.
(C) I catered several meals in the past.
° PART 3 p.35
W Hello, Mr. Sanders. This is Julie Maple calling. I contacted
you by e-mail this morning about a condo I’d like to look
at. Do you have time to show me the place today?
M I sure do, Ms. Maple. You mentioned you’d prefer to
check it out around 3:30. Is that time still satisfactory for
W Oh, no, it isn’t. I’ve got a meeting scheduled at 4:00, so
I’d like to see the place around 2:00 instead. That should
give me plenty of time to check out the property.
M Fortunately, I’ve got time then, so I can comply with your
request. Why don’t we meet at 52 Jackson Avenue at
that time?
M I’m pleased we finally completed the interviews with the
job candidates. I had no idea they were going to take
nearly the entire day.
W I know what you mean. I was on the intern search
committee last year, and the interviews only required
about half the time that this year’s did. So which of
the applicants did you like the most? I thought Sarah
Carpenter was impressive and believe we should strongly
consider her for a position.
M She’s definitely one of the leading candidates in my
mind. We’ll have to be sure to invite her back to conduct
a second interview.
M Lara, how is the work on the redesign of the Fargo
Building progressing? Do you think that you’re going to
be able to finish everything by tomorrow’s deadline?
W I’m afraid not, Mr. Ito. The work is taking much longer
than I expected it to. However, I’ve started making good
progress, so I am positive that I can submit the blueprints
to you no later than noon on Friday.
M All right. I’ll call the client now and request an extension.
But you had better finish everything by the new due date.
The client is eager to get a look at the plans, and I don’t
want to disappoint him.
M Did you happen to read the news about promotions on
the bulletin board? The list was just posted a few minutes
ago. I can’t believe Alice Milton got promoted to director.
W You’ve got to be kidding me. I heard she was probably
going to get transferred to another branch or maybe even
fired. Do you mean she’s going to be our boss now?
M That’s right. According to what I read, her promotion
won’t go into effect for another month though. I’m
considering making a request to transfer to another
W Good morning. What can I assist you with today, sir?
M I’d like to open a checking account. How can I go about
doing that?
W It’s a very simple process. First, you have to fill out this
form here, and then you need to show me two forms of
M Should both of them be picture IDs? I’ve only got my
driver’s license with me.
W One has to have a picture, but the other can be
something such as a library card. Would you happen to
have a bill with your name and address on it as well?
M Yes, I do. Here’s my most recent electricity bill.
W Thank you very much.
M You’re welcome. All right, let me complete the form right
W Did you attend last night’s awards ceremony?
M I had planned to go, but I needed to work late to
complete the budget reports for tomorrow’s meeting.
W That’s a shame. It was the most surprising event I’ve
attended in my five years here.
M You can say that again. I heard about it from Steve
Burgess in the IT Department. He dropped by this
morning to inform me about what happened.
W Can you believe Andrew Simmons won the Employee of
the Year award?
M I was positive Emily Hargraves was going to be the
winner. What did Andrew do to deserve it?
W There’s a rumor going around that he just landed a
multimillion dollar contract. There hasn’t been an official
announcement though.
M If that’s true, that would explain everything.
M Good evening. I wonder if you can give me some
W I’ll do my best, sir. What do you require help with?
M I received this shirt as a birthday present yesterday, but
it’s not really my style. Would it be possible to exchange
it for something else?
W You didn’t take it out of the original plastic wrapping,
M Yeah, that’s correct. But because it was a gift, I don’t
have the receipt. I’m really sorry about that.
W That’s perfectly all right. We handle requests like this on
occasion. And since I know that the shirt was sold here,
I’m permitted to let you exchange it for something else
costing the same price or lower.
M That’s great news. Can you show me where the men’s
shirts are, please?
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 4 12/26/2018 4:27:16 PM
Man A I’m nervous about the new boss we’re getting
tomorrow. Have either of you met him?
Woman I had lunch with Dave Thompson last week.
Man B What was your impression of him?
Man A Yeah, what was he like? Do you think he’ll make a
good boss?
Woman It’s hard to tell.
Man B How come?
Woman He didn’t say much at all. There were four of us
 dining together, but he mostly sat quietly and listened to
us talk.
Man A I heard he’s planning to restructure the department
and that there might be layoffs.
Man B I hope your news is wrong, but I’m afraid you’re
 right. Still, none of us has been performing up to
expectations lately, so it makes sense that he’s coming
here to shake things up.
Woman And that’s why all of us are worried.
M Good afternoon. Is this the number I should call
regarding subscriptions to the Daily Herald?
W That’s correct, sir. Are you interested in subscribing to
the paper?
M Actually, I already get the newspaper delivered to my
home each day, but my subscription is about to expire,
and I’d like to renew it. My name is Charles Anderson.
W Okay... Are you the Charles Anderson living at 58 Oak
M That’s right. I’d like to receive the paper for six more
months, please.
W No problem, Mr. Anderson. You know, we’re running a
special offer this month only. If you renew for one year,
it will cost the same as it would if you paid for eight
months. Are you interested?
M That’s a pretty good deal. How about signing me up for
it, please?
W Do you know why the shipment from Dyson
Manufacturing has failed to arrive yet?
M I called Mr. Sykes this morning, and he explained the
problem to me.
W Yes?
M Apparently, there was a bad snowstorm in Montana last
week, so no trucks were able to leave the factory for
three days.
W Did he indicate when our shipment is going to make it
M He informed me that he spoke with the driver and that
we can expect it first thing tomorrow morning.
W That’s a relief. Without the items in that delivery, we
will have to shut down the assembly lines. Would you
mind calling him back to confirm when the products are
M Not at all. I can give him a call once I return to my office.
Woman A I’ve considered all the proposals, but I can’t make
up my mind. Which vendor should we hire?
Man I’m in favor of selecting the Powell Corporation.
Woman B Why?
Man It has a proven track record of providing outstanding
 customer support. If anything goes wrong, Powell will
handle it immediately.
Woman A That’s a strong endorsement. Have you worked
with Powell before?
Man Not personally. However, I know people who have, and
 they’re unanimous in praising the company’s dedication
to service.
Woman B Well, I think we should go with the BYR Company.
 Its prices are the lowest, and we have financial
constraints to worry about.
Woman A Hmm... You’re right about that. Let me think
 about everything for a while. I’ll inform you of my choice
by 5:00 P.M.
M Excuse me. I’m looking to buy a blender.
W The top-of-the-line model is this one here by Nelson
Electronics. However, unless you’re employed as a cook,
you probably don’t need it. It’s also a bit pricy.
M I intend to use it a couple of times each week, so it
doesn’t need to be anything special.
W In that case, I recommend this one. It’s our bestselling
M It looks fine, and the price isn’t too bad either.
W Just so you know, we’ve got a special sale going on at
the moment. Depending upon how much money you
spend, you can get anywhere between five and twentypercent off.
M Sounds great. So how much of a discount will I get for
buying this one?
W You’ll receive an extra fifteen percent off.
M Excellent.
M What a great speech that Dr. Apu just gave. I’m glad I
decided to attend it at the last moment.
W I fully agree with you. His discussion on those new
medical procedures was quite instructive.
M So, uh, what are you planning to do next?
W I’m attending the speech by Dr. Archer. He’s a worldrenowned expert on vaccinations.
M That doesn’t appeal to me very much. Instead, I’m going
to the lecture being given by Dr. Probst. I took a class
with him at med school, so it will be nice to see him
W All right. They both finish at the same time, so how about
meeting here at 1:30 and having lunch when the talks are
M Good thinking. I’ll see you in a while.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 5 12/26/2018 4:27:16 PM
° PART 4 p.41
W Before we close this meeting, there’s one more thing I’d
like to cover. I’m well aware of the problems at the Dayton
factory. A team of inspectors was sent there to look at
the problems this morning, so none of you needs to
worry about that anymore since we’re handling the issue.
I would, however, like to thank all of you who reported
the problems to me. Your observations may have helped
us avoid a catastrophe. And that’s something I’d like
to remind everyone to do: When you see something
wrong, let a supervisor know immediately. That’s how we
can prevent small issues from transforming into major
W Hello, Mr. Russell. This is Mandy Jenkins from Winston’s.
I’d like you to know that your laptop has been repaired,
so you can come here to pick it up anytime we’re open.
We’ll be closing our doors at 8:30 tonight and reopening
them at 9:00 tomorrow morning. By the way, the problem
with your computer wasn’t as severe as we had initially
feared. We didn’t have to replace the hard drive. Instead,
we just reinstalled some software, and that cleared the
problem right up. So you’ll only be charged $50 for the
work we did.
M Now that the renovations on Fred’s Diner are complete,
we are once again ready to open our doors to the public.
With more than 500 square feet of space added, we can
fit more customers than ever before. That means you
won’t have to wait long to get a table. This weekend only,
we’re having a special sale to celebrate our reopening.
Order one entrée, and you can get a second one of
equal or lesser value for free. Come down to 76 Dansby
Avenue and check us out. You won’t regret it.
M May I have your attention, please? It looks like the snow
has been cleaned off the runway, so planes are being
cleared for takeoff. We’re fifth in line, so we’ve got a
few minutes before it’s our turn. In the meantime, would
everyone please be sure your seatbelts are buckled and
your baggage is stowed properly? Once we get airborne,
we’ll rise quickly to get above these storm clouds. After
that, I expect to make up for lost time. We should have
constant tailwinds the entire trip, which should help us
make the flight to Moscow faster than normal.
W Good evening, listeners. This is Kate Charles at the
WTRO news desk with a breaking news report for you.
The East Bay Bridge has been closed to traffic. About
twenty minutes ago, the bridge was struck by a barge
passing beneath it. There are apparently cracks in one
of the bridge’s columns, so no vehicles or pedestrians
are being allowed on it. Motorists are being redirected
to other bridges in the city. This has understandably
created serious traffic issues throughout the city. I’ll keep
you updated as soon as anything new comes across my
desk. And now back to Earl Jenkins with today’s sports
M I’m really proud of the way everybody in this room
contributed to the conference we held here last weekend.
Thanks to your efforts, it was a complete success. We
had more than 250 people attend the conference, and the
feedback we’ve received thus far has been unanimous.
The attendees felt that the event was educational and
well worth their time. As an added bonus, more than 30
of them registered for the seminar we’re holding next
month. So it’s time for us to initiate our preparations for
that event. How about taking a look at the handouts in
front of you?
W I’d like to provide an update regarding the branch
openings in Europe and Asia. Our stores in Europe
are attracting large numbers of customers. They’re
performing according to our expectations. In fact, due
to the revenue they’re bringing in, we’re considering
opening several more stores on the continent later this
year. On the other hand, our sales in Asia are much
lower than we had hoped. We’re not sure what’s wrong
since our products are popular in many Asian countries.
On Monday, we hired an advertisement agency with
expertise in Asian markets to improve our image there.
W Good morning, Mr. Jackson. This is Cynthia Watson
from the Two Towers Resort. We received your e-mail
regarding your desire to book a double room with us.
Unfortunately, the weekend you intend to stay with us
is extremely busy because we’re hosting a conference.
As of this moment, there’s only one room available to
reserve. It’s a junior suite, so it will cost a bit more than
the room you requested. If you’re interested in booking
this room, please contact me as quickly as you can at
692-5768. I doubt this room will remain available for
much longer.
M Welcome to the Museum of National History. My name’s
Peter, and I’ll be showing you some of the exhibits here
today. First, I’d like to tell you about something that isn’t
covered on the tour. This morning, we opened a new
exhibit featuring numerous items more than 300 years
old. This exhibit provides a fascinating glimpse at life
in colonial times, and you’ll be sure to love it. It’s in the
west wing of the museum. You can purchase tickets for it
at the booth beside the museum’s front doors. Now, let’s
get started. If you’ll look straight behind me, you can see
the first exhibit.
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 6 12/26/2018 4:27:16 PM
W All right, let’s get this meeting started. Today, we received
the figures from the first quarter, and they’re somewhat
worse than we had expected. So I’m going to discuss
each type of item we sell starting with the worst-selling
one first. However, before I do that, I’d like to introduce
our newest employee to you. Her name is Sheila Roberts,
and she’s an assistant manager in the Marketing
Department. Today is Sheila’s first day on the job, so I
imagine this is the first time most of you are meeting her.
Sheila, how about standing up and taking a couple of
moments to introduce yourself, please?
3. Answer Key Actual Test 01
1 (D) 2 (B) 3 (B) 4 (B) 5 (D)
6 (C)
7 (B) 8 (C) 9 (A) 10 (B) 11 (C)
12 (A) 13 (C) 14 (B) 15 (A) 16 (C)
17 (C) 18 (B) 19 (A) 20 (B) 21 (B)
22 (A) 23 (A) 24 (C) 25 (B) 26 (A)
27 (C) 28 (C) 29 (A) 30 (B) 31 (A)
32 (A) 33 (B) 34 (A) 35 (D) 36 (A)
37 (B) 38 (D) 39 (B) 40 (B) 41 (A)
42 (D) 43 (C) 44 (B) 45 (C) 46 (A)
47 (A) 48 (B) 49 (D) 50 (B) 51 (C)
52 (B) 53 (C) 54 (B) 55 (D) 56 (C)
57 (A) 58 (B) 59 (B) 60 (B) 61 (A)
62 (C) 63 (A) 64 (B) 65 (C) 66 (B)
67 (C) 68 (B) 69 (C) 70 (B)
71 (A) 72 (C) 73 (C) 74 (D) 75 (C)
76 (B) 77 (B) 78 (B) 79 (A) 80 (D)
81 (C) 82 (B) 83 (C) 84 (A) 85 (D)
86 (A) 87 (B) 88 (D) 89 (A) 90 (D)
91 (C) 92 (D) 93 (C) 94 (B) 95 (B)
96 (A) 97 (B) 98 (C) 99 (D) 100 (A)
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