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Thursday 24 January 2019

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 02

Listening New Toeic 700 - Actual Test 02

1. Audio Actual Test 02

2. Transcript Actual Test 02
PART 1 p.76
1 (A) Attendance at the event is higher than it normally is.
(B) Several people are focusing on the man standing
(C) The professor is lecturing to the students in his
(D) Notes are being taken about the lessons being
2 (A) Several passengers are getting on the bus.
(B) Pedestrians are crossing the street at the crosswalk.
(C) The sprinters are having a race downtown.
(D) Some cyclists are riding in a line on the street.
3 (A) The chef is preparing meals for all of the customers.
(B) Plates of food have been placed in front of the
(C) All of the seats at the restaurant are currently
(D) A waiter is taking an order from one of the
4 (A) Shoppers are heading up the escalator.
(B) Some people are waiting to get on the elevator.
(C) Everyone is heading in the same direction.
(D) Both sides of the escalator are currently in use.
5 (A) Merchandise has been stocked on several shelves.
(B) The customer is putting items in the grocery cart.
(C) The prices of some of the items have been reduced.
(D) Fresh produce is being placed in the refrigerators.
6 (A) There are paintings on all of the room’s walls.
(B) Cushions are being placed on the sofa.
(C) A table is in between the couch and the television.
(D) One of the doors in the room has been opened.
° PART 2 p.80
7 The files have all been submitted, haven’t they?
(A) Yes, about two hours ago.
(B) I’ll submit my application then.
(C) Mr. Peters wants to see them.
8 I recommend applying for a job at Ermine Consulting.
(A) A low-level employee there.
(B) That’s what I’m planning to do.
(C) No, you didn’t recommend that.
9 How long do you intend to wait for Mr. Schnell?
(A) I’ve known him for years.
(B) Several months from now.
(C) Until the workday ends.
10 What time is the flight supposed to land?
(A) Let me check the schedule.
(B) We’re landing in San Francisco.
(C) It’s Flight TR492.
11 Shouldn’t you submit the application form at once?
(A) Actually, I already did.
(B) Apply it to the surface.
(C) Yes, he has very good form.
12 Do you happen to know who the head accountant is?
(A) He works in the Accounting Department.
(B) Get ahead by working hard.
(C) His name is Fred Marshall.
13 Can you please file these documents for me?
(A) There’s the file cabinet.
(B) Sorry, but I’m too busy now.
(C) No, they haven’t been documented.
14 Where did Jenny put the stapler after she finished using
(A) The staples are in the drawer.
(B) She left it on the counter.
(C) I’m sitting at my desk now.
15 How much does it cost to purchase a box of paper?
(A) I bought some paper.
(B) 5,000 sheets per box.
(C) I’m not quite sure.
16 There appears to be a mistake on this report.
(A) Why am I mistaken?
(B) Didn’t he report it?
(C) What’s wrong with it?
17 Could you please send me the itinerary by e-mail?
(A) I’ll do that after lunch.
(B) That’s my e-mail address.
(C) It’s our schedule for the conference.
18 Why don’t we meet Mr. Richardson at the restaurant
after work?
(A) I’d like a menu, please.
(B) No, he doesn’t work there.
(C) I already have plans tonight.
19 Was that Mr. Murphy’s boss who just called him on the
(A) His boss is Ms. Sanderson.
(B) No, it was a client of his.
(C) Call me at 407-4994.
20 What’s your opinion of that article on the front page?
(A) Yes, I’m reading it.
(B) I haven’t read it yet.
(C) He wrote a short article.
21 When did Ms. Jackson send the contract to be signed?
(A) By courier, I believe.
(B) Both your name and hers.
(C) Two or three days ago.
22 Let me give you a hand with all of those folders.
(A) Fold the items carefully.
(B) I really appreciate it.
(C) We gave the performers a hand.
23 What time did Mr. Butters say he is going to contact us?
(A) Five days ago.
(B) I’ll get in contact.
(C) No later than seven.
24 Weren’t we supposed to turn right at the last
(A) Yes, let’s turn right here.
(B) No, at the next one.
(C) Yeah, the streets intersect here.
25 Why can’t we connect to the Internet right now?
(A) We’re not connected to it.
(B) There’s a problem of some sorts.
(C) I’ll call the repairman now.
26 Has the shipment from Murray Office Supplies arrived
(A) It won’t be here until tomorrow.
(B) Several boxes of pens and paper.
(C) Not by ship but by plane.
27 How many times this week has the machine broken
(A) It’s the latest model.
(B) It’s time to take a break.
(C) Twice according to my count.
28 You ought to renew your magazine subscription by July.
(A) Thanks for the reminder.
(B) It’s a daily newspaper.
(C) Yes, I read it every month.
29 Doesn’t this contract require three people’s signatures?
(A) Yes, yours and two other individuals’.
(B) Sign on the dotted line, please.
(C) You’re not required to sign it.
30 Do you mind taking a look at this budget form?
(A) We went over budget last month.
(B) Yes, we are minding our own business.
(C) Can I do that after the conference?
31 How did you enjoy your meal at the Spanish restaurant?
(A) It was a bit too spicy for me.
(B) I look forward to trying the food there.
(C) Jeff paid for everyone’s meal.
° PART 3 p.81
M We’ve just arrived at the Cumberland House. This was
the home of John Cumberland, who founded our city
more than 200 years ago. It’s now been turned into a
museum. Why don’t you all take a look around it for an
hour or so?
dap an-New TOEIC 700-1-23.indd 9 12/26/2018 4:27:17 PM
W Are there any pamphlets we can get to learn more about
the house and its history?
M Yes, there are. You can pick up some free pamphlets at
the information desk right beside the front door. They’ll
tell you everything you need to know about this place.
Be sure to be back at the bus by 11:30 so that we can
depart here and visit the Landers Art Gallery next.
W Hello. My name is Wendy Sanders, and I’d love to
dedicate some time to your organization. What’s the
process for becoming a volunteer?
M Thanks for calling, Ms. Sanders. We at the Seaside
Charity Organization are always willing to accept offers
to work. We’re having a fundraiser for orphans this
Saturday and could use some more volunteers. Are you
W That sounds perfect. I have nothing scheduled for then,
so I’d be glad to be of assistance.
M If you visit our website, you can learn about the event,
and you’ll also see what kinds of volunteers we need.
How about checking out our website and then calling me
right back to tell me what you’d like to do?
W Excuse me, but I have a ticket for the express train to
Boston. Can you tell me which gate it’s leaving from?
M I’m very sorry, ma’am, but it pulled out of the station
about three minutes ago. I’m afraid you need to wait for
the next train for Boston to depart. I think that’s going to
be around 7 o’clock.
W Oh, no. I can’t believe I missed my train. It’s my first time
to visit this station, so I got lost on my way here. Anyway,
it looks like I’ve got to wait for an hour. I guess I’ve got
time to grab a bite to eat.
M Elaine, nobody here in the office can access the Internet
again. This is the third time in four days that we’ve lost
the connection. We’d better consider changing Internet
W I couldn’t agree more. To be honest, I was going
to suggest the same thing at the staff meeting this
afternoon. I even went ahead and found a company I
believe would be a good fit for us.
M Way to show initiative, Elaine. Which company is it?
W It’s Info Solutions. The law firm I was employed at prior
to coming here used its services, and we never had any
problems during the five years I worked there.
W Hello. This is the Rosedale Community Center. How may
I be of assistance?
M Hi. Um, I’m calling to find out about the classes you’re
offering this winter.
W Which one are you interested in?
M Is it true that Cathy Pollard will be teaching a class on
W Yes, it is. But there’s only one spot left, so if you want to
take it, you’d better sign up right now.
M This must be my lucky day. I’d definitely like to reserve
that seat. What do you need to know?
W Your name and telephone number. And I have to get your
credit card information so that you can pay the $100
fee. Just so you know, the price includes the cost of the
materials you’re going to use.
W Why haven’t the wastebaskets been emptied? Didn’t the
cleaning crew come last night?
M They did, but they don’t appear to have done a thorough
W Uh-oh. Aside from not taking out the trash, what else
didn’t they do?
M The carpet in the Sales Department wasn’t vacuumed,
and the employee lounge is an absolute mess.
W Didn’t we change cleaning services recently? We never
had any problems with the previous company.
M That’s true, but B&G, Inc. raised its rates too much.
That’s why we hired the new company.
W Well, I’m going to give the person in charge there a call
and insist that the work crews do a better job from now
on. This kind of shoddy work is simply not acceptable.
W My computer just got disconnected from the Internet
again. Do you know what the problem is?
M I haven’t the slightest idea. The same thing has also
happened to me several times this morning.
W We ought to do something about this.
M Let’s speak with the Maintenance Department. We can
get a repairman here to determine the cause of the
W Okay. How about if you call them while I ask around to
see if anyone else is having connectivity issues?
M Good thinking. Oh, do you happen to know the number
for the Maintenance Department?
W Sorry, but I’ve never called anyone there before. Just dial
0, and the receptionist can connect you.
M Right. Why didn’t I think of that?
Man A Here are your schedules for next week. Please note
 that both of you are working slightly different shifts than
Man B Why did they change?
Man A We’ve got many new employees, and you’re our
 most experienced workers. I want you two working
different shifts to provide as much assistance as possible
for the inexperienced people.
Woman Um, Brad, there’s a slight problem here.
Man A What is it?
Woman I can’t work on Wednesday evening. My sister is
 flying in from Sydney, and I have to pick her up then. Did
you forget I mentioned this to you earlier in the week?
Man A Yeah, it completely slipped my mind.
Man B I can switch shifts with you on Wednesday, Stacy.
Woman Thanks so much, Dean. You’re a lifesaver.
M We need to add one more person to the negotiating team
heading to Madrid tomorrow. Who would be ideal?
W Ray Walker would make a great addition to the team.
How about asking him?
M I did, but he informed me that his passport has expired.
I also considered asking Tina Andrews, but she doesn’t
speak the language there.
W Oh... The person ought to speak Spanish. Well, I took a
few semesters in college, and I’ve vacationed in Spain
three times.
M That’s sufficient. You have a passport, don’t you?
W Yes, and it’s not going to expire for a couple more years.
M Great. You’re on the team. I’ll tell Diana Matthews
that you’re going with her. You’d better leave work
immediately so that you can pack your bags.
W Good morning, sir. Where are you headed today?
M I’m going on a business trip to Tokyo. Here are my ticket
and passport.
W Thank you very much. Do you have any luggage to
M I’ve got one bag here that I need to check in, and I’m
carrying my laptop on board with me.
W Okay. Let me get a luggage tag for you... Oh, I’m sorry,
sir, but your bag weighs too much. You’re only allowed
20 kilograms, but it weighs 23 kilograms.
M Should I remove some of my belongings?
W You can either do that, or you can pay an overweight bag
M I’ll pay the fee. How much do I owe?
W That will be forty-five dollars, please.
Woman Now that you’ve seen my presentation, do you have
any questions about the DV5000?
Man A How is our product different from the other ones on
the market?
Woman It’s capable of ironing clothes in less time than any
other products.
Man B How does it do that?
Woman Simple. It uses more heat than other irons, so that
lets it remove wrinkles from clothes more quickly.
Man A Can’t that hurt the people using it? We don’t want
anyone getting severe burns.
Woman That’s a distinct possibility. However, we’re planning
 to market it to dry cleaners and other professionals. They
know how to take the proper precautions.
Man B So the DV5000 isn’t for home use?
Woman Precisely. We anticipate 98% of all sales will be to
professional users.
W Pardon me, but would you happen to know this part of
town well? I’m visiting this neighborhood for the first
time, and I’m afraid I’ve gotten lost.
M I should be able to provide some assistance. Where are
you heading?
W I’m looking for the local branch of Trust Bank. I thought it
was here on State Street, but that doesn’t seem to be the
M Ah, it used to be here, but it moved to another building in
W I see. Does that building happen to be nearby?
M Yes, you can walk there easily. Go straight to the corner
and take a right on Carter Street. You want the second
building on the left-hand side of the street.
W Thank you for your assistance. You’ve been a
tremendous help.
M How were our sales during the past seven days?
W As you can see on the graph, we sold more than $25,000
in clothes last week.
M That’s incredible. We’ve never had a week that good
before, have we?
W I don’t believe so. We appear to be gaining popularity
with many shoppers in the mall.
M And it looks like we sold more men’s clothes than
anything else. I never imagined that would happen.
W Actually, there’s a mistake on the graph you’re looking at.
M What’s wrong with it?
W The figure you’re looking at has been labeled incorrectly.
We need to reverse the numbers for men’s and women’s
M I see. Okay, the new numbers make a lot more sense now.
W You’re right. Still, the numbers are all positive and have
been improving recently.
° PART 4 p.87
W My next guest on tonight’s show is one of the city’s most
popular residents. One year ago, Jeff Gonzalez was a
guy who sometimes sang at weddings to earn a few
extra dollars. But when he performed at a wedding last
August, a music producer happened to be in attendance.
Fascinated by his voice, the producer signed Jeff to a
contract on the spot. In the following ten months, Jeff
has produced two number-one singles and sold more
than 2 million copies of his debut album. He’s going to
be here in my studio performing his latest song right after
we listen to a few words from our sponsors.
W If everyone would look at the handout I gave you, you’ll
see the results of last month’s online survey. We received
responses from more than 1,400 customers, and the
results were mixed. Apparently, customers were highly
satisfied with the prices we charge for our services.
So we don’t need to make any adjustments there. We
also scored well on our speed and friendliness. On the
negative side, many customers expressed a strong
dislike for our website, calling it outdated, user-unfriendly,
and poorly designed. Customers additionally criticized
the knowledge of our staff. Let’s discuss these negatives
and how we can fix them.
M Good morning. I’m Paul Yoder from Goalpost Cable. I’m
trying to reach Mr. Steve Marino. Mr. Marino, I’d like to
inform you of a special that Goalpost Cable is offering
this week only. If you upgrade your cable service to the
Gold or Platinum level, you can get the first three months
for free. We’ll also slash the cost of the installation fee
in half, so you’ll only have to pay $40. Imagine receiving
double or even triple the number of television stations
that you currently do. This offer expires at midnight on
Friday, so go to our website soon to sign up and to make
the arrangements.
M Now that the computers have been installed, let me
provide you with some instructions regarding using
them. Firstly, you may not install any software on them
without the permission of the IT Department. Too many
programs have malware and viruses, so we don’t want
our computers to get infected. Next, please keep in
mind that these computers are strictly for work usage.
You may not check your personal e-mail accounts with
them or use them to surf the Internet. Those activities
are banned. The computers will also be monitored, and
everything you do on them will be recorded.
M May I have your attention, please? The train from South
Hampton scheduled to arrive at 6:45 has been delayed.
Apparently, a tree fell on the tracks, so a work crew has
been sent to remove it. They expect to finish the work
within the next half hour, so then the train can complete
its journey. It should arrive around one hour from now.
For anyone who wishes to seek an alternative mode of
transportation, please see the agent in the departure
lounge, and she will provide you with a reimbursement.
We apologize for the delay and will keep you updated on
the progress of the train.
W Hello. This is Brenda Marston. I’ve got an appointment
for a haircut on Thursday at 3:30, but I can’t go there
on that day. I have to go out of town and won’t be
back for a few days. Would it be possible to reschedule
my appointment for next week? I’ve got time next
Wednesday in the morning. 11 would be perfect for me.
In addition, I don’t just want to get a cut, but I want to
get a perm as well. Please call me back at 675-4855 to
let me know if this is possible. Thank you. Goodbye.
M All right, we’ve given out every award tonight, so
there’s one more thing to do before we can get to the
entertainment part of tonight’s event. We had an eventful
year full of ups and downs. Overall, however, we at
Hartford Construction earned our largest profit ever,
and we expanded our business as well. Now, we’d like
to inform you about our plans for the future. It’s time to
listen to our CEO, Gregory O’Connell. He’s going to take
five minutes to tell us what’s in store for the next twelve
months. Let’s give a big hand to our CEO.
W Something important has just been brought to my
attention. Apparently, the brownies which we ordered
for the company picnic have peanuts in them, and there
may be people at the event who have nut allergies. We
need to arrange for some kind of new dessert. Including
the brownies, we ordered four types of desserts. I think
that we ought to find something else that we can order
in order to replace the food that some people are allergic
to. I’ve got a few copies of the menu from the caterer, so
why don’t we take a look at them and come to a decision
right now?
M The chart on the screen shows how our franchises
in different states are doing. The restaurants in the
southeastern part of the country are clearly profiting.
We’re considering expanding the number of restaurants
in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. We’re getting
numerous requests by people who want to become
franchise owners, so we’ll have to select the ones who
look the most promising. We’re also doing well in the
Midwest as our restaurants in Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio
are popular. But sales in Oklahoma are so low that we’ve
decided to shut down every franchise there since none of
them is profitable.
W Good afternoon, Ms. Kimball. This is Heather Dobbins
from Dr. Russell’s clinic. You’re scheduled to have a
physical exam with Dr. Russell on Tuesday at 10:30
A.M. Unfortunately, Dr. Russell will be out of the office to
attend a training session the entire week. However, some
other doctors have agreed to fill in for him. You therefore
have a choice. You can come here at your regularly
scheduled time, but you won’t see Dr. Russell. Or you
can reschedule your appointment. Dr. Russell hopes to
return to the office by next Monday, so anytime starting
then will be sufficient. How about calling me to let me
know your decision?
3. Answer Key Actual Test 02
1 (B) 2 (D) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (A)
6 (C)
7 (A) 8 (B) 9 (C) 10 (A) 11 (A)
12 (C) 13 (B) 14 (B) 15 (C) 16 (C)
17 (A) 18 (C) 19 (B) 20 (B) 21 (C)
22 (B) 23 (C) 24 (B) 25 (B) 26 (A)
27 (C) 28 (A) 29 (A) 30 (C) 31 (A)
32 (C) 33 (A) 34 (B) 35 (C) 36 (B)
37 (A) 38 (D) 39 (C) 40 (A) 41 (C)
42 (B) 43 (D) 44 (C) 45 (D) 46 (A)
47 (D) 48 (C) 49 (B) 50 (C) 51 (A)
52 (B) 53 (A) 54 (D) 55 (B) 56 (B)
57 (A) 58 (A) 59 (C) 60 (C) 61 (A)
62 (A) 63 (D) 64 (C) 65 (B) 66 (A)
67 (A) 68 (D) 69 (B) 70 (C)
71 (A) 72 (B) 73 (B) 74 (C) 75 (A)
76 (A) 77 (B) 78 (A) 79 (A) 80 (A)
81 (C) 82 (D) 83 (B) 84 (B) 85 (A)
86 (D) 87 (A) 88 (C) 89 (B) 90 (C)
91 (A) 92 (B) 93 (D) 94 (B) 95 (C)
96 (A) 97 (D) 98 (C) 99 (D) 100 (C)
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