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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 2 - Actual Test 01

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 2 - Actual Test 01

1. Audio Actual Test 01

2. Transcript Actual Test 01
PART 1 p.8
(A) Bicycles are being ridden by people.
(B) All of the bicycles have baskets on them.
(C) Bicycles are available to rent.
(D) The tire on one bicycle is being changed.
(A) The men are standing by the window.
(B) They are wearing long-sleeved shirts.
(C) Both men are typing on laptop computers.
(D) The two men are looking at the same thing.
(A) He is taking an elevator to the second floor.
(B) The man is working in the basement.
(C) The man is standing on a ladder.
(D) He is coming down from the roof.
(A) Some people are running in a race downtown.
(B) They are using the facilities at a fitness center.
(C) The customers are paying for their gym memberships.
(D) All of the people are wearing shorts and T-shirts.
(A) Everyone in the room is seated at a desk.
(B) They are reading something written on the board.
(C) The students are leaving the classroom.
(D) Some of the students have raised their hands.
(A) Soup is being poured into a bowl.
(B) Items have been placed on the counter.
(C) Some water is boiling in the pot.
(D) Eggs are being cracked open by the chef.
PART 2 p.12
7 How well did you perform on your license test?
(A) On the 28th of the month.
(B) Yes, it was a great performance.
(C) Actually, I didn’t pass.
8 Why don’t we send the products by express mail?
(A) No later than tomorrow.
(B) Mr. Darwin will not authorize that.
(C) I’ve never heard that expression.
9 Simon knows the passcode for the lab, doesn’t he?
(A) Yes, it’s 4-1-4-2.
(B) I’m pretty sure he does.
(C) No, Simon’s not there anymore.
10 Have you booked a place in Toronto yet?
(A) I left the book on your desk.
(B) We’ll be there in July.
(C) Ms. Landry will handle that.
11 Ms. Woods would like to renegotiate the contract with us.
(A) She agreed that she wouldn’t do that.
(B) Yes, she already contacted us this morning.
(C) The negotiations will end soon.
12 Which shampoo is being offered at a discount?
(A) The one made by Gellman, I believe.
(B) More than twenty percent off.
(C) No, that’s not the shampoo I use.
13 Why is the elevator not running now?
(A) In the park for around an hour.
(B) Repairs are being made to it.
(C) It runs twenty-four hours a day.
14 Sara should consider resubmitting the documents.
(A) I submitted them on Friday.
(B) I counseled her to do that.
(C) Yes, it was a documentary.
15 Where in the city should we take our guests first?
(A) The aquarium is popular with visitors.
(B) I’m waiting for them downtown.
(C) See you at the zoo later in the day.
16 Shall we approve the transfer request or deny it?
(A) Yes, she transferred here.
(B) That’s right. We did that.
(C) I’m trying to make up my mind.
17 Does Ms. Thompson have the keys to the storage room?
(A) Right beside the cafeteria.
(B) I’ve got them right here.
(C) That’s the key to doing well.
18 Several bugs have been reported in the new software.
(A) Insect spray should solve the problem.
(B) Call Jake to have them removed.
(C) Yes, I installed it on my computer.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 3 12/13/2018 9:56:17 AM
19 Doesn’t this train stop at the next station?
(A) Not to the best of my knowledge.
(B) Yes, he got out at Riverside Station.
(C) No, I’ve never stopped off there.
20 Who volunteered to staff the booth at the job fair?
(A) Both Clarence and Thelma.
(B) All weekend long, I think.
(C) I agree that the choices aren’t fair.
21 Is the clinic located on the third or fifth floor?
(A) It’s my third time to go there.
(B) No, it’s not located on this floor.
(C) We’d better check the website.
22 There’s some water leaking in a bathroom pipe.
(A) I’ll contact a plumber at once.
(B) News about mergers always leaks.
(C) Go down the hall and turn left.
23 Could someone help me install this software?
(A) No, the company isn’t stalling at all.
(B) I’m not skilled at using computers.
(C) Yes, it should be put on every laptop.
24 Everyone was surprised to hear Mr. Farber resigned.
(A) I believe he had some sort of family emergency.
(B) He’s supposed to start here on Monday.
(C) Yes, the contract signing was a big surprise.
25 What gate does our plane depart from?
(A) I’m afraid the flight hasn’t taken off yet.
(B) Approximately two hours to Moscow.
(C) It’s the one at the end of the terminal.
26 Shouldn’t we begin repairing the roof immediately?
(A) I was told a contractor will handle it.
(B) It suffered damage in several places.
(C) Repair work always takes a long time.
27 A health inspector visited the restaurant last night.
(A) I hope he enjoys his meal.
(B) Were any problems reported?
(C) Yes, we dine there once a month.
28 You’re planning to visit the grocery store tonight, aren’t you?
(A) Just as soon as I get off work.
(B) At the corner of Maple and Broadway.
(C) She’s got plenty of groceries at home.
29 Was Mr. Dodgson impressed with the demonstration?
(A) I’ll demonstrate how you can operate it.
(B) He didn’t share his opinion with us.
(C) In a meeting with the sales representative.
30 Where does Mr. Marshall keep the client files?
(A) In a locked cabinet in his office.
(B) Okay. I’ll file everything after lunch.
(C) The client should arrive here soon.
31 The keynote speaker will discuss her recent research.
(A) That’s what I’m going to research.
(B) The receptionist has the keys.
(C) I’ve heard her speak twice before.
PART 3 p.13
M Pardon me, but do you know where I can
M Hi, Karen. This is Peter Stanford. I must admit that I was
impressed by the articles you submitted for consideration.
W Thanks for saying that. Do you have any plans to publish them?
M Not these, but I like your style a great deal, so I’d like to
employ you as a freelance writer.
W That’s great news.
M Wonderful. I’ve got a couple of assignments for you to work on.
If you can complete them both by next Tuesday, they should
appear in the September issue. I’ll e-mail you the details.
W That sounds perfect. I’ll check my inbox as soon as I get
home tonight and then promptly get started on the work.
M1 It appears as though next year’s budget is going to be
reduced by ten percent.
W Is the same thing happening to all of the other departments?
M1 No, most of them had their budgets remain the same or
increase slightly.
M2 That’s bad news for us.
M1 You can say that again. Fortunately, we won’t have to lay
anyone off. However, we’re going to have to be more efficient
in the way that we work.
W Why don’t we call a meeting in order to discuss this matter
with everyone in the department?
M2 Good thinking. Let’s do it today since everyone’s going to be
upset when they hear the news.
W Justin, I’ve been put in charge of organizing the conference
we’re holding this spring.
M Congratulations, Emily. It looks like your hard work is getting
rewarded with more responsibilities.
W Yeah, but the problem is that I’ve never done anything like
this before. I have no idea how to start.
M I recommend speaking to the person who organized last
year’s event.
W Luke Smith doesn’t work here any longer. So . . . do you
think you could give me a few tips?
M Yeah, I can spare some time for that. When would you like to
W How about talking this over during lunch today? It’ll be my
treat since you’re lending me a hand.
M Check out these numbers from the last two quarters. Can
you believe our sales have increased by nearly forty percent?
W That’s impressive. But do you think it’s sustainable?
M I do. The entire market has been expanding, and we’re in
the perfect position to take advantage of it. In fact, our sales
could potentially double during the next year.
W If that happens, we’ll undergo a lot of changes, especially
with regard to the number of people we employ.
M You’re right. Do you mind writing a report on what might
happen in that case? I’d like to be prepared for the future.
W No problem. I’ll get it to you first thing tomorrow.
W I read in this morning’s newspaper that Capital Holdings is
going out of business. Were you aware of that?
M I had heard some rumors about that. How do you think it’ll
affect us?
W If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to pick up some of its clients. Do
you happen to know anyone who works there?
M Shawn McMullen has been one of my friends for a decade.
W Is that so? We might consider offering him a job if he could
encourage some of his clients there to invest with us. Would
you mind talking to him?
M Not at all. Let me finish checking this budget report, and then
I’ll give him a call.
M Ashley, Mr. Wilcox wants me to visit 58 Bradbury Street after
lunch to deliver some items.
W1 I thought we weren’t visiting that place until Thursday.
M That was the original plan, but the shrubs Mr. Carter ordered
for his home arrived today, so it would be best to plant them
W1 That makes sense.
M Do you have some time to lend me a hand? I doubt that I can
plant everything by the end of the day if I work alone.
W1 Sure, I can accompany you. Cynthia, how about coming
along as well?
W2 I’ll drop by after planting some lilacs at J.T. Brightman’s. I’ll
arrive there around two.
M Lisa, I received an e-mail from a potential customer asking
about the ingredients in some of our health-food products.
How should I respond?
W Write the person back and tell him to contact someone in R&D.
M All right. Just so you know, he wrote that he owns a chain of
stores and is considering stocking some of our products.
W Oh . . . that changes everything. He’s got the potential to
buy in bulk. You’d better have someone call him directly.
M Sure. I’ll write him back and tell him to expect a call soon.
W After that, you should give Jim Nguyen a call and explain the
situation to him. He knows our products the best.
W Thanks for the update on our sales in Europe, Tom. Before
moving to our next topic, would you mind answering a
M Not at all. What are you curious about?
W Why did sales in Italy increase so much? I mean, sales were
up everywhere except for Spain, but they rose more than
forty percent in Italy.
M We ran a successful ad campaign there. The media company
we hired produced some commercials popular with youths.
W That’s interesting. Does this firm work in other European
countries? If so, we ought to have it make more ads for us
around the continent.
M I’ll speak with the owner of the company and get back to you
before the day’s over.
dap an-QuickPrep new toeic 600 -2.indd 5 12/13/2018 9:56:17 AM
PART 4 p.18
M Hello. My name is Eric Weatherby, and I’m calling to speak
with Alice Hampton. Ms. Hampton, we met two weeks
ago at the Mercury Convention Center in Dallas. You
indicated that your firm is interested in upgrading the highend electronics and components it uses for its laptops and
desktop computers. We at Jarvis Machinery can provide you
with everything you need. I’m going to be in Philadelphia
all next week, and I’d love to drop by your office then. If
that’s possible, please call me back at 847-3032 in order to
arrange a meeting. I’ll be heading to New York and Boston
the following week, so we need to be sure to meet sometime
between April 5 and 9. Thanks. Goodbye.
W Good morning, everyone, and thanks for visiting the Bayside
Botanical Gardens. I’m Amy, and I’m going to escort you
through some of our more popular places. Before starting,
I’d like to tell you a few important things. First, keep your
voices down at all times. This will prevent you from bothering
both other visitors and the animals that make their homes
here. Next, while photography is permitted, please do not
use flashes as they can disturb the animals. Last, you must
remain on the trail and not go wandering off into the forest.
We have many rare plants and don’t want you to step on
them. Okay, let’s get started. We’re going to check out some
of our tropical flowers first.
W I’ve analyzed the data I was given, so let me cover it with all
of you. We’ve sold more tickets than ever before; therefore,
attendance at our plays is up on the year. In fact, we’re at
ninety-six percent capacity, so there aren’t too many more
tickets to sell. Unfortunately, concession sales are not up
but are down instead. That’s somewhat puzzling because
attendance has increased by more than twenty percent
from last year. I propose maintaining our ticket prices at
their current levels because we don’t want to drive anyone
away. But let’s ask some theater-goers to complete a survey
regarding concessions. Perhaps our prices are too high, or
maybe we’re not serving the food people want.
M This is Dave Banyan live on WHMR radio. It’s time for the
early morning weather report. Commuters are in for a bit
of luck today as this morning’s drive will be under sunny
skies. Expect the temperature to remain around five degrees
Celsius nearly all day. It’s going to start getting cloudy in the
afternoon, but don’t worry because snow won’t begin falling
until most of you listeners have already arrived home. The
first snow will fall around eight tonight, and it’s not going to
stop coming down until sometime tomorrow. By the time you
wake up, there should be more than ten centimeters of snow
on the ground. Be sure to enjoy today because it’s going to
be the last pleasant one for a while.
W Listen up, please, everybody. We’re going to have a cleaning
crew come in here over the weekend. You all need to make
sure your workstations are in order before they arrive. Do not
leave any loose papers on your desks. Make sure that they,
along with all of your electronic devices, are locked securely in
your desks and cabinets. These include laptops and radios but
not printers. The crew has been instructed to clean thoroughly.
They are going to dispose of anything they find in the
wastebaskets and on the floor. They’re also going to completely
empty the refrigerator in the lounge. If you have anything in it
you want to keep, I suggest removing it by this Friday.
M I hope you enjoyed your time at the royal palace. Now that
we’ve seen it, we have arrived at the conclusion of today’s tour.
It’s time to return to our bus and board it so that we can start
the process of dropping everybody off at your hotels. We’re
going to take you to your hotels in the reverse order of how
you were picked up. So the people who joined the tour last will
get returned to their hotels first. All of you are welcome to get
off the bus at any time, but please let me know if you’re not
planning to return to your hotel so that we can rearrange our
route if necessary. All right, please follow me, everyone.
W Thank you very much for showing us how your invention
works, Dr. Wallace. All right, listen carefully, everybody.
I want to hear your impressions of the product you just
saw demonstrated. Please provide your honest opinion no
matter if you liked or disliked it. Instead of speaking as a
single group, how about breaking up into groups of four
people each? Talk amongst yourselves for approximately ten
minutes, and then we’ll reassemble as a large group in order
to go over our thoughts and feelings together. Okay, let’s get
started so that we can state our opinions before our initial
feelings fade away. As soon as we complete our discussion,
then we can break for lunch.
M May I have your attention, please? This announcement is
for passengers with tickets for Flight 77 from San Diego
to Mexico City. The flight is scheduled to leave at 8:45
this morning. Unfortunately, the door on the walkway isn’t
functioning properly. It won’t open, so we need every
passenger to head to the gate directly across the terminal as
you will be flying on a replacement plane. We will therefore
be boarding at Gate 31 rather than at Gate 30. If everyone
would please move quickly; there will be no need to delay
our departure. The flight attendants and ground crew are
preparing the new plane right now, so we should be able to
initiate the boarding process in a quarter of an hour.
W Jason, it’s Linda at Anderson Power. I know we were planning
on meeting at my office and then traveling to the worksite
together, but my boss ordered me there this morning. After
finishing lunch, please meet me there. Then, we can review
the progress that has been made. Be sure to avoid taking the
Hamilton Street exit. A water main burst, so a construction
crew is on site. Traffic there is a big mess. Instead, get off at the
Burnham Road exit. If you can’t find your way from there, call
me, and I’ll give you directions. There’s one last thing. Would
you please bring the blueprints for the building? Mary Duncan
is expecting you to pick them up at her desk. Thanks. Bye.
M Revenues are up in every department, which we can thank the
booming economy for. People have decided it’s time to start
shopping, so they’re spending plenty of money. Let me show
you the results from the third quarter. As you can see, our
clothing departments comprised the majority of our sales. The
second-place finisher was something of a surprise though.
Our furniture sold exceptionally well, most likely because
we introduced a new line of products and discounted it for a
couple of months. Still, we managed to make a profit despite
the reduced prices. Coming in third were our electronic items
while toys and stationery items came in fourth. Now, I’d like
to turn things over to Carmen Stuart, who’s going to provide
some in-depth comments on these numbers.
3. Answer Key Actual Test 01
1 (B) 2 (D) 3 (C) 4 (B) 5 (A)
6 (B)
7 (C) 8 (B) 9 (B) 10 (C) 11 (A)
12 (A) 13 (B) 14 (B) 15 (A) 16 (C)
17 (B) 18 (B) 19 (A) 20 (A) 21 (C)
22 (A) 23 (B) 24 (A) 25 (C) 26 (A)
27 (B) 28 (A) 29 (B) 30 (A) 31 (C)
32 (C) 33 (B) 34 (B) 35 (D) 36 (B)
37 (A) 38 (D) 39 (C) 40 (B) 41 (D)
42 (B) 43 (A) 44 (B) 45 (C) 46 (A)
47 (A) 48 (D) 49 (C) 50 (A) 51 (C)
52 (B) 53 (A) 54 (C) 55 (B) 56 (A)
57 (A) 58 (B) 59 (C) 60 (A) 61 (D)
62 (A) 63 (D) 64 (B) 65 (A) 66 (C)
67 (A) 68 (B) 69 (B) 70 (B)
71 (C) 72 (B) 73 (B) 74 (A) 75 (A)
76 (C) 77 (D) 78 (A) 79 (A) 80 (D)
81 (C) 82 (B) 83 (A) 84 (A) 85 (B)
86 (C) 87 (B) 88 (D) 89 (D) 90 (C)
91 (A) 92 (B) 93 (A) 94 (D) 95 (D)
96 (A) 97 (A) 98 (B) 99 (B) 100 (B)
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