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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 1 - Actual Test 01

Listening QuickPrep New TOEIC 600 Volume 1 - Actual Test 01

1. Audio Actual Test 01

2. Transcript Actual Test 01
1.(A) They are all facing the same direction.
(B) There are laptops on the table.
(C) Some people are getting up from their seats.
(D) One person is writing on a blackboard.
2.(A) Fruit has been displayed at a store.
(B) People are eating at the buffet table.
(C) Snacks have been packaged for sale.
(D) Different types of foods are in bowls.
3.(A) Each man is wearing a jacket and a hardhat.
(B) They are all looking at a projector.
(C) The men are constructing a building.
(D) The men are working on some electrical wires
4.(A) Some diners are being seated at the tables.
(B) All of the tables have glasses and plates on them.
(C) The windows in the building have been opened.
(D) Several tables have been set up by the wall.
5.(A) The man is checking in his bag at the airport.
(B) The passenger is picking up his suitcase.
(C) Luggage has been placed on a carousel.
(D) Suitcases are undergoing security checks.
6.(A) The men are writing a check for the car.
(B) The men are checking the car’s engine.
(C) The men are working underneath the vehicle.
(D) The men are riding in the car to the garage.
PART 2 p.12
7. How do you feel about leasing this property?
(A) Yes, we are renting out our property.
(B) Let’s look for something else.
(C) It’s located at 47 East Street.
8.What is the name of our new line of cosmetics?
(A) That hasn’t been decided yet.
(B) Mostly lipstick and makeup.
(C) Around the first of December.
9 Is Jennifer planning to attend this morning’s meeting?
(A) I haven’t made plans for it.
(B) At 9:30 in conference room C.
(C) Yes, to the best of my knowledge.
10 The train is scheduled to depart in five minutes.
(A) In seats 44B and 44C.
(B) We’d better hurry and board then.
(C) To Houston in a couple of hours.
11 Where should we get off the subway?
(A) I took it to Park Station.
(B) Let’s check the map.
(C) I’ve got my transportation card.
12 You can handle this assignment by yourself, can’t you?
(A) I’ll do my best, Mr. Mathers.
(B) She is working on the assignment.
(C) Something is wrong with the door handle.
13 What time was the meeting supposed to begin?
(A) In the room on the third floor.
(B) With several managers.
(C) Right after lunch ended.
14 Will you be organizing next month’s company outing?
(A) Like I always do.
(B) At the local park.
(C) She organized everything.
15 How often do city inspectors visit the manufacturing plant?
(A) At least twice every six months.
(B) Many dangerous chemicals.
(C) Tomorrow morning at nine.
16 My carry-on doesn’t have enough space for this shirt.
(A) Sure, I’ve got space for it.
(B) Then I’ll put it in my bag.
(C) You’d better pack more shirts then.
17 Who knows how to assemble this office chair?
(A) It comes in four separate parts.
(B) That’s the office Sara wants.
(C) You ought to ask Tom for help.
18 Would you prefer a table near the front or by the kitchen?
(A) It doesn’t really matter to me.
(B) Sure, I’ll order the special.
(C) The kitchen is near the back.
19 Can you lend me a hand with all of these tourists?
(A) I’ll hand them out to you soon.
(B) What would you like me to do?
(C) Yes, all of these people are tourists.
20 Hasn’t this customer’s order been processed yet?
(A) I believe Karen is doing it.
(B) The process was complicated.
(C) I’ll order some sandwiches.
21 Does Ms. Abrams still work on the fifth floor?
(A) Yes, as far as I am aware.
(B) Take the elevator up.
(C) Yes, she’s Ms. Abrams.
22 Which way should we turn at the intersection?
(A) She went straight ahead.
(B) By the gas station there.
(C) To the right, I believe.
23 Would you care for some coffee while you wait?
(A) I haven’t been waiting long.
(B) They don’t care about that.
(C) Black with sugar, please.
24 My keycard won’t open the door to my room.
(A) Yes, you’re in room 256, Mr. Jenkins.
(B) Let me get you a replacement then.
(C) No, the door hasn’t been opened yet.
25 Whose registration form hasn’t been submitted yet?
(A) Tom’s and Lucy’s.
(B) Yes, he submitted.
(C) By the 25th.
26.The price of farmland is dropping considerably these days.
(A) You should consider buying some.
(B) It broke when you dropped it.
(C) No, that price is a bit too high.
27 When will the contract be available to sign?
(A) For one million dollars.
(B) No later than tomorrow.
(C) Okay, I can sign it.
28 I can’t decide between working in Athens or Rome.
(A) When did you decide on that?
(B) You need to make up your mind.
(C) I’ve never been to Athens.
29 Why didn’t you fax the letter to Mr. Randolph?
(A) The number is 954-3945.
(B) That’s not his correct address.
(C) I sent it by express mail instead.
30 Shouldn’t we ask Mr. Morris for permission first?
(A) No, it’s not the first time.
(B) He gave it to me last night.
(C) Yes, Mr. Morris is coming soon.
31 Where are we going after we meet Ms. Miller?
(A) To the coffee shop down the street.
(B) Right after lunch ends, I believe.
(C) Yes, you’ve met Ms. Miller before.
W:Good afternoon. My company is transferring me here in summer, so I’d like to find a place for my family. What would you recommend?
M:What type of residence are you looking for? And do you have children who are of school age?
W:My husband and I have two daughters, both of whom attend elementary school. We’d prefer a place with three bedrooms, and it should be located close to a good school.
M: I know precisely the neighborhood for you then. It’s called Red Springs, and it’s filled with young professionals with children like yourself. Let me tell you about a couple of available places.
M: Excuse me. I arrived on Flight TK75 more than an hour ago. My luggage was supposed to come out carousel 14, but it never arrived.
W: All the bags for that flight have already been unloaded, so chances are that yours got put on the wrong plane. Could I see your baggage claim tags, please?
M: Sure. They’re somewhere in my bag . . . Ah, yes, here they are.
W: Thank you. It will take a few minutes for me to conduct a search, so why don’t you sit down over there? I’ll let you know the moment that I learn something.
M: Welcome back to the store, Ms. Mansfield. Did you come here regarding the wallpapering of your house you want done?
W: That’s right. But my husband and I decided that we’d only like to get the bedrooms in our home done instead of the kitchen and living room.
M: That sounds fine. Since you came today, you qualify for the special offer. So you’ll receive 25% off the wallpaper you buy and 20% off on labor charges. Have you chosen a style yet?
W: We’d like the same type that’s currently on our walls. I brought a sample, so perhaps you can help me find the proper match.
W Mr. Gonzalez, has a decision been made regarding whether
we’re going to bring on additional help soon? Most of us are
getting tired of working so much overtime.
M I got word from the Accounting Department that I’ve been
authorized to hire two new employees. So your workload
should start decreasing soon.
W That’s great news. Have we placed any ads yet?
M The first ad is set to run in tomorrow’s local paper. And there
will be several ads online as well as an announcement on our
website later in the week. With luck, we’ll have some help by
the start of next month.
M Hello. I bought this blouse for my wife three days ago, but
she told me I didn’t purchase the one she wants. I’d like to
return this and get the correct one.
W That won’t be a problem, sir, so long as you have the receipt.
Do you also know which one she’d like you to get?
M Here’s a picture I downloaded from your website. Can you
show me where it is?
W Oh, we don’t currently have that style in stock, and it’s not
due to arrive until next week. I recommend getting a refund
and ordering the item online.
W Hello. This is Susan Weston. I’m calling about the laptop I
dropped off.
M Oh, hello, Ms. Weston. Unfortunately, I haven’t fixed the
problem yet. I need a couple more days.
W Two more days? But you told me last week it would be
ready by Monday, and today is Wednesday. I must have that
machine as quickly as possible.
M I completely understand. I ordered a special part for it last
Thursday. It was supposed to arrive on Monday, but the
supplier said it will get here on Friday morning. Once it
arrives, I can fix your machine at once.
W Is there anything else I can assist you with, sir?
M No, I believe we’re all finished here. Could you please give
me the check?
W Of course. If you don’t mind waiting, I will prepare it for you.
M That’s not a problem at all. Oh, and please give my
compliments to the chef. That was one of the best meals I’ve
had in a long time.
W I’ll let him know you said that. It’s always nice to hear good
things from our diners.
M This was the first time I’ve been here, but it definitely won’t
be the last time.
W That’s great news. Thank you.
W You two remember we’re having an orientation session for
the new hires next month, don’t you?
M1 Sure. Are we running it again?
W That’s right. Mr. Bannon said he wants to change a few things
though. He didn’t like how we conducted the introduction,
the tour, or the lesson on utilizing the computer system.
M2 How does he want us to do those activities then?
W He didn’t provide any specific directions. He wants us to
brainstorm and then tell him what we came up with.
M1 We can handle that. What’s the deadline?
W The end of the week. So we need to get started at once.
M Good morning, Ms. Ronin. This is Jermaine in Customer
Service. How may I be of assistance to you today?
W Hi. I’m calling regarding a charge on my credit card that I’d
like to have removed.
M All right. Could you please tell me what the exact problem is?
W I went to a restaurant and had lunch last month, but it
appears as though I was charged twice for the same meal.
M That happens sometimes. I’ve got your information on the
screen right now. Are you referring to the charges on October
W Yes, that’s when it happened. What steps do I need to take
to solve this problem?
M1 Greg, how busy are you? Do you have time to take a couple
of hours off?
M2 Not really, Mr. Howard. Ms. Sanderson has got me working
on last month’s budget report, and she wants it at once. But
out of curiosity, what do you need?
M1 I was hoping you could drive me to the airport. I’ve got to
catch a plane to Dublin at 5:30.
W I can probably get my boss to give me the time off, Mr.
Howard. But, uh, I don’t have a car.
M1 In that case, you can drive one of the company cars.
W Okay. Let me speak with Ms. Quartermain and find out if she
W How are the preparations for the completion ceremony going,
Todd? Are you almost done with them?
M Yes, I believe I have nearly everything covered. We’ve only
got 30 people attending this time, so that’s a bit fewer than
W We’re holding it in the auditorium again, aren’t we?
M No, I decided to have it outdoors this year. I thought that
would be the best thing to do.
W Well, we might have to change those plans. In case you’re
unaware, we’re scheduled to have stormy weather on that
M Okay, I’ll be sure to have the auditorium ready as a backup
plan. Thanks for letting me know.
M We need to do something about sales of the Sylvester.
They’ve gone into a steep decline in the last couple of
W I simply don’t understand why that’s happening. It cleans
carpets and floors better than anything else on the market.
M That’s true, yet ever since the Walken Corporation released
its new product, sales of our product have been affected.
W But the Mercer is vastly inferior to ours.
M True. Have you seen the ads that are running for it though?
They’re hilarious, so people remember them easily. They’re
much better than ours.
W That must be the reason the Sylvester isn’t selling much
anymore. We need to talk to some people in Marketing at
M Good afternoon. I’m Dave, and I’ll be your waiter today. Have
you had enough time to look over the menu?
W Well, I’ve read through it, but I’ve never been here before.
What do you recommend that I order?
M Honestly, virtually everything here tastes amazing. Do you
prefer pasta, seafood, or salad?
W I’m in the mood for pasta today. What do you think I ought to
M You should definitely try the eggplant lasagna. You’ll love it.
And since it’s lunch, it comes with a free soup of your choice.
W That sounds incredible. I’ll take that with mushroom soup,
PART 4 p.18
W I called this emergency meeting because of some alarming
news which we got this morning. As you may have heard,
three more employees turned in their letters of resignation
today. That brings the total to eleven in the past six business
days. This is something we don’t want to see happen.
Obviously, we’ve got a big problem on our hands, but we’re
not exactly sure what it is since none of the employees is
giving a detailed explanation of why they are quitting. So
I want everyone to be totally open now. If there are any
problems at this company, I must know about them at once.
Well, what do you have to say?
M Hello, everybody. This is Chuck Thomas speaking live from
the WKTE weather center. Are you tired of all this rain? I
know I sure am. Well, in that case, I’ve got some great news
for you. Tomorrow’s going to be the last day of this rainy
weather. Expect the rain to end tomorrow afternoon, and
then it should be fairly cloudy in the evening and at night. But
things are going to look much better on Wednesday. We’re
going to have sunny skies, so it’s going to be a perfect day
to spend some time outdoors. In fact, it should be sunny for
the remainder of the week. Now, back to Diana with the local

M Thanks for coming tonight, everyone. As you know, we are
here to say goodbye to an old friend of ours. After twentyseven years here at VFM, Inc., Jason Stewart has decided
to step down from his position as vice president. Instead
of working, he intends to live a life of leisure from now on. I
know several of you really want to tell Jason how much you
enjoyed working with him over the years, so why don’t we
get started doing that right now? Henry Popov, I’ve been told
that you would like to make a few comments. How about
coming on up here and telling us a story or two about Jason?
I’m sure you’ve got several.
W May I have your attention, please? I just got word from Leslie
in the IT Department that a work crew is scheduled to start
looking at the computer system ten minutes from now. That
means the entire network is going to go offline. If you’re
working on anything sensitive, save it at once and then log
off your computers. If you fail to do that, you’ll get kicked off
the system automatically, and there’s a good chance you’re
going to lose whatever it is you were working on. Leslie said
everything should be back up and running about an hour
after they begin working. If you have any questions, call her
at extension 89.
W Before we conclude today’s meeting, I need to bring up
something else. Because of all the orders we’ve gotten in the
past two weeks, we simply have to keep the assembly lines
running twenty-four hours a day starting now. Unfortunately,
we don’t have enough workers at the moment, so everyone is
going to start getting assigned overtime. This is not optional.
Until we can hire thirty new workers, every single employee
here has to start working at least ten hours a day. Please
inform your team members about this. Be sure to let them
know that they’ll be getting paid time and a half and that this
is a temporary measure. That should keep them from getting
too upset.
M If you are considering having some work done around your
home or business, then you should call Franklin and Sons.
We’re new in town, but we do quality work. Let us cut your
grass, trim any bushes and shrubs on your property, and
take care of your trees and other plants. For the entire month
of May, we’re having a special offer. If you sign a six-month
contract with us, we’ll give you a seventh month for free.
That’s right. You won’t have to pay a thing for our services
for thirty days. Call 565-0439 for more information. Then, we
can arrange for one of our employees to go to your home or
business and provide you with an estimate.
W Thank you for calling Beachside Bank. We’re sorry, but all
of our operators are currently assisting customers at this
moment. However, if you stay on the line, your call will be
answered in the order in which it was received. If you know
the extension of the person you are trying to reach, you may
feel free to dial it at any time during this message. To check
your account balance, press 1. To learn about how you can
open an account, press 2. To inquire about either a personal
or business loan, press 3. If you would like to hear this
message again, press 4. Thank you.
M All right, everyone, I’d like to inform you about how the
interview process will work this afternoon. You’re going to be
called into the interview room one by one. Each of you will
be asked questions for approximately twenty minutes. We’re
also going to have you take a computerized personality test.
Some of you will take it before your interview while others
will take it afterward. Please remember that there are no
right or wrong answers on the personality test. We merely
request that you speak truthfully. Lastly, once everyone is
finished with those activities, you’ll have to do some roleplaying scenarios to see how you handle certain situations.
Everything should be finished no later than five o’clock.
W Okay, it sounds like each of you is ready for this Saturday’s
seminar a few days from now. We all need to make sure that
we do a good job in the classes we’re teaching. If we receive
enough positive reviews from our customers, we’ll probably
get even more people to sign up for next month’s seminar.
We’d like to have at least double the forty people who are
currently signed up for Saturday’s event. I’d also like you all
to know that there’s going to be one change in the schedule.
Jane, I’ve got to get to the airport by 4:30, so you and I are
going to change places. I hope that you don’t mind.
W Hi, Clarice. This is Kate calling. For your information, I’m
running a few minutes late. I got caught in some awful traffic
about half an hour ago, but it cleared up a moment ago, so
I’m making pretty good time now. According to a sign that I
just saw, I’ve got eighteen more kilometers to go until I arrive
at my turnoff. From there, it should only take five minutes
for me to reach your office. So I think I can make it there in five minutes for me to reach your office. So I think I can make it there in
about twenty minutes. I’ll be sure to get there as quickly as I
can. See you in a few minutes. I’m so sorry to make you wait.
3. Answer Key Actual Test 01
1 (B) 2 (D) 3 (A) 4 (D) 5 (C)
6 (C)
7 (B) 8 (A) 9 (C) 10 (B) 11 (B)
12 (A) 13 (C) 14 (A) 15 (A) 16 (B)
17 (C) 18 (A) 19 (B) 20 (A) 21 (A)
22 (C) 23 (C) 24 (B) 25 (A) 26 (A)
27 (B) 28 (B) 29 (C) 30 (B) 31 (A)
32 (B) 33 (D) 34 (C) 35 (B) 36 (C)
37 (B) 38 (D) 39 (A) 40 (B) 41 (C)
42 (A) 43 (D) 44 (D) 45 (B) 46 (A)
47 (B) 48 (A) 49 (C) 50 (B) 51 (D)
52 (C) 53 (A) 54 (A) 55 (C) 56 (B)
57 (D) 58 (B) 59 (D) 60 (A) 61 (C)
62 (C) 63 (D) 64 (D) 65 (B) 66 (C)
67 (B) 68 (A) 69 (C) 70 (B)
71 (A) 72 (B) 73 (D) 74 (B) 75 (A)
76 (A) 77 (B) 78 (A) 79 (C) 80 (B)
81 (A) 82 (C) 83 (B) 84 (C) 85 (A)
86 (B) 87 (C) 88 (A) 89 (A) 90 (C)
91 (D) 92 (C) 93 (A) 94 (A) 95 (B)
96 (A) 97 (B) 98 (D) 99 (C) 100 (B)
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