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Friday 29 December 2017

Listening Practice TEST - Starter TOEIC

Listening Practice TEST - Starter TOEIC

1. Audio Practice TEST - Starter TOEIC
2. Transcripts Practice TEST - Starter TOEIC

Part I. Picture Description
1. (A) The woman is watching a movie.
(B) The woman is eating at a cafe.
(C) The woman is buying something.
(D) The woman is in a meeting.
2. (A) The woman is listening to music.
(B) The woman is filming something.
(C) The woman is playing a computer game.
(D) The woman is cleaning her glasses.
3. (A) The vehicles are parked on the street.
(B) The vehicles are parked next to each other.
(C) The vehicles are in a garage.
(D) The vehicles are all for sale.
4. (A) The man is looking in the windows
(B) The man is fixing the telephone.
(C) The woman is looking at her watch.
(D) The people are standing by the wall.
5. (A) The bicycle is going fast.
(B) The bicycle is near the hospital.
(C) The bicycle has two people on it.
(D) The bicycle is on the ground.
6. (A) The man is talking on the telephone.
(B) The man is relaxing in the park.
(C) The man is cleaning the aisle.
(B) The man is watering the plants.
7. (A) The people are trying on jewelry.
(B) The people are shopping in the store.
(C) The people are waiting in line.
(D) The people are outside the building.
8. (A) The picture is on the wall.
(B) The picture is in a museum.
(C) The picture is not finished.
(D) The picture is above the child.
9. (A) The bird is eating seeds
(B) The bird is sitting on the fence.
(C) The bird is building a nest.
(D) The bird is flying to the tree.
10. (A) The man is typing.
(B) The people are making dinner.
(C) The woman is painting the wall.
(D) The woman is painting a picture.
Part II. Questions and Responses
11. Did you get up early this morning?
(A) I went to bed last night.
(B) No, I got up late.
(C) Yes, I had breakfast.
12. How is your father?
(A) He's 65 years old.
(B) Yes, he is.
(C) Not bad at all.
13. What's new?
(A) Nothing special.
(B) I'm new here.
(C) Fine, thanks.
14. How have you been lately?
(A) Pretty busy.
(B) I got up late.
(C) By subway.
15. Did you call me yesterday?
(A) Yes, I do.
(B) Yes, I wanted to speak to you.
(c) No, I wasn't there.
16. What time does the meeting start?
(A) It starts just fine.
(B) In just a few minutes.
(C) Yes, I'll be at the meeting.
17. Did you go to the bank?
(A) Sorry, I didn't mean to.
(B) Yes, you can.
(C) It's closed today.
18. (A) Where would you like to go for lunch?
(B) It doesn't matter.
(C) Yes, I'm going.
19. Have you read The Minister's Son?
(A) No, but I've heard it's very good.
(B) Of course you can borrow it.
(C) I don't know him.
20. How do you start the washing machine?
(A) They're very expensive.
(B) I don't have a washing machine.
(C) Just wait and I'll do it for you.
21. Can you come over after the show?
(A) I'd love to go to the show !
(B) That would be nice.
(C) Yes, I did.
22. Are you finished with that magazine?
(A) Just about.
(B) That will be $1.25 please.
(C) Yes, I get it every month.
23. Is the cat sick?
(A) I don't have six cats.
(B) No, it's just sleeping.
(C) Yes, I agree.
24. Why did she cancel the trip?
(A) She loves to fly.
(B) No, She didn't.
(C) She has the flu.
25. When is the next train?
(A) 5 o'clock.
(B) Over there
(C) It's going to Chicago.
26. Did your sister have her baby?
(A) Yes, she does.
(B) Not yet
(C) She was a cute baby.
27. How long does the program last?
(A) No, It will be first.
(B) It's only an hour long.
(C) The program starts in 5 minutes.
28. Where does it hurt?
(A) Yes, very much.
(B) I don't think so.
(C) Above my knee.
29. Is this table OK for you?
(A) It's perfect.
(B) Yes, it's for me.
(C) That will be all.
30. Which bag is yours?
(A) No, it isn't.
(B) That one.
(C) I like this bag.
31. Who was absent from class today?
(A) They went out after class.
(B) I sent them to class.
(C) Only one student.
32. Do you still have that coffee maker?
(A) Sure, anytime.
(B) No, I sold it.
(C) No, thanks, I don't drink coffee.
33. How often do you go out to eat?
(A) Great ! I'll pick up at 7:00.
(B) Last Friday night.
(C) Every weekend.
34. Can you tell me where the bus stop is?
(A) I appreciate your help.
(B) Sorry, I'm from out town.
(C) The next stop is Central Park.
35. What are the kids doing?
(A) They are doing well, thank you.
(B) I don't know. I think I'll go check on them.
(C) Yes, they did it.
36. Is the copy machine still broken?
(A) No, it was fixed this morning.
(B) Yes, I'll make some copies.
(C) Please take a break.
37. Why is the house so quiet?
(A) Ok. I'll be quiet.
(B) Nobody is home.
(C) In the afternoons.
38. When are you going to the therapist?
(A) I am feeling better, thanks.
(B) He said there was no problem.
(C) Tomorrow morning
39. Would you go outside to smoke?
(A) Yes, I can see the smoke.
(B) Of course.
(C) Usually after dinner.
40. Do you have to go so soon?
(A) I'm afraid so.
(B) Yes, you should
(C) I left as soon as I cloud.
Part III. Short Conversations
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.
(M) Excuse me, I wonder if you could help me? I'm looking for a pair of hiking socks.
(W) This is lady's wear. Try the sports department. It's on the 7th floor, Just ask
someone when you get there.
(M) Thanks. I'n not very good at shopping. I always get lost in large stores.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.
(M) Don't be angry, but I'm afraid I have to work late at the office tonight.
I'm afraid I have to work late at the office tonight. I'm really sorry.
(W) Oh, it's no problem. I can take the kids to the movie for you on the way to my computing class.
I will have plenty of time because I have already finished my assignment.
(M) Thanks. This project came up at the last minute.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.
(W) Is it true? I heard that the mayor is closing the cheese factory. That'll mean a lot of people out
of work and looking for a job.
(M) Yes, well, not exactly. It is only temporary. There was a problem with the machinery so they need
to replace it for safety purposes.
(W) Oh, I'm surprised. I thought it was going to be shut down for good.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.
(W) Why are your white bell-bottom pants on my chair? I thought I told you to keep your things in your
room. I don't like it when you leave your things on my chair.
(M) I stained them at the concert last night. Lock, there's a big blue mark on them. Can you wash them
for me?
(W) That's the second time this week. Do them yourself. There's a bar of laundry soap in the kitchen.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.
(W) It's been almost half an hour. And you said that he is usually on time?
(M) Yeah, I don't understand. I've known Jim for three years, and he's always on time. I've never know
him to be late before. I hope he's OK.
(W) Well, let's give him a few more minutes, but the we really have to leave. The show begin at seven.
I don't want to miss it.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.
(M) I'm ready to go if you are. I'll just go start the car engine. Can you lock the front door?
(W) Hey, why aren't you wearing the black shoes that I bought for you last week? I thought you like
(M) I did. I thought they were great, but they were a bit tight so I exchanged them. This pair is
not as formal but they are so much more comfortable.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.
(M) The annual company picnic is on Saturday. We have booked a field on the Hatfield Farm Estate.
I'm expecting about one hundred people to come.
(W) I hope the weather is better this year. It poured with rain all day last year. No one had a good
time. We got so wet.
(M) The weather should be good. I've checked the forecast, and there is no rain expected this time.
Anyway, bring a raincoast just in case.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.
(W) What's the problem? Does it need a lot of work? I hope it won't be too expensive.
(M) You need your muffer changed and your tires need to be rotated. Everything else looks pretty good.
It'll be a lot cheaper than last time.
(W) I see. Well, when will it be ready? I need to use my car for my job, and I've a lot of to do
this week.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation
(M) I saw your sister at the theater last week. She was there with some guy. I don't think she saw
(W) Oh really? That's her new boyfriend. Did you find the movie as touching as she did? She said
she cried the whole way through.
(M) Touching? To be honest, it was so boring that I fell asleep halfway through. It was a total waste
of money.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation
(W) Excuse me. How can I get to City Hall? Is there a bus that goes there from here?
(M) Yes. Bus 47 comes every half an hour. It stops right in front of City Hall. Or, if you are in a
hurry, you can grab a taxi. It shouldn't be too expensive from here.
We'll have to be there in 15 minutes, so I guess I'm going to have to take a taxi. Thanks for your help.
Part IV. Short Talks
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following talk.
My parents are originally from Forida, but they moved to California 13 years ago. We live in San Francisco
My father loves California, but my mother still prefers Florida. All of her relatives are still there, and
she worries about my grandmother who is getting old. She'd like to be able to take care of her. She wants to
move back to Florida in about two years after I graduate from university. I'll probably stay here. Forida
no longer feels like home.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement
May I have your attention please? For the next twenty minutes, we'll be having a sale on dress shirts for
men at 20 percent off the original price. His and hers overalls are an incredible 40 percent off.
These savings won't last, so please hurry. I am sorry to have to tell you that these offers are valid for
only one purchase of each item per customer. This is to allow more of our customers the opportunity to
purchase of each item per customer. This is to allow more of our customers the opportunity to purchase
our quality goods at extra low prices. Thank you for your cooperation.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following notice.
Due to the extremely cold temperatures, all public school will be closing early this afternoon. This is to
allow all students who live outside of town to arrive home safety before dark. Buses will begin running one
hour earlier at 2 p.m instead of their usual 3 p.m time. Parents of students who live in town may pick up
their children any time after 2 p.m. There will be special activities from 2 p.m to 3 p.m in the gym for
those students who do not go home early. We will keep this policy in force tomorrow as well. We will review
situation Wednesday morning. Please contact the school office if you have any questions.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following advertisement
From the banks of the Red River comes an ancient secret to better health. The native peoples of the area have
always known the dramatic cleansing effects of dried grapes on the digistive tract. This health for centuries.
The same benefits are available today with Raisin-X. Produced using only the finest quality fruit Raisin-X
has concentrated cleaning power. Available in a liquid or easy-to-chew tablets. One spoonful or one tablets
twice a day is all you need to experience the full benefits of Raisin-X. For a limited time, buy two month's
supply of Raisin-X and get one month absolutely free!
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following message.
Thank you for calling the Blue Sky Agency. It is always our pleasure to serve you. Unfortunately, all our
agents are busy at this time. We apologize for making you wait. For this month's tour sepcials, press one.
For ticketing information, please press two. Press three to hear our location and business hours. Callers
wishing to inquire about air mileage, please press four. If you wish to speak to an agent, please hold
the line and your call will be taken shortly. Thank you again for calling. One of our agents will be with
you shortly. Have a nice day.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following introduction.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight's speaker is best-selling author and professional skateboarder
Rick Simonson. He might not be a familiar face to most of you, but Mr,Simonson's book, Kick the Spit has
motivated thousands of people from all walks of life to quit chewing tobacco. He himself gave up chewing tobacco
He himself gave up chewing tobacco five years ago, after 15 years of addiction. He just completed a
month-long tour of the professional baseball spring training camps in Forida encouraging young athletes
not to develop harmfull habits. Tonight, Mr.Simonson is here to share his strategies for dealing with
addictive behavior and building overall strength. His ideas can be applied for all sorts of habits including
smoking and drinking. Let's give a big hand for Rick Simonson.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following announcement.
Attention please. This is a special announcement for all Oak Park Sports Club members. We would like
to inform you that our indoor basketball courst will be closed for repairs on Tuesday. This is to perform
necessary maintenance work. They will be open again on Friday morning with a new improved surface and new
nets. Until then please feel free to use the outdoor courts. Bookings are not necessary for the outdoor
courts. Bookings are not necessary for the outdoor courts. Also, the volleyball tournament scheduled
for this week has been moved to Oak Park High School gym. The times and dates remain the same. Call our
office for more information. Thank you.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following phone message.
Hello, Mike. This is Dr.Luther from the physics department. I wonder if you could give me a call when you
get home. We need you to return the equipment that you borrowed from the lab last week. Another
student needs it to perform an experiment in an important exam on Wednesday, and experiment in an
important exam on Wednesday and we need to check that everything is in perfect condition. Please
drop it offer at the office tomorrow morning. Also, a large number of knobs and dials are missing
from the parts room. If you know anything about this, please call me at home. My number is
344-7979. Thank you. I'll be at home all evening. Don't worry about the time, even if it is past
midnight. I will be staying up all night to work on my new book.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement
Ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving at Graceland in just a few minutes. When you get off the
bus, please proceed immediately to ticket gate number 4 and wait for your tour guide, Mr. Murray
. He will accompany you on your tour of the estate. Mr. Murray. He will accompany you on your tour
of about the estate. Mr. Murray is very knowledgeable about Graceland and will share some
very interesting facts and information with you. Do not leave any valuables on the bus. If
you wish to leave anything behind, please inform the drivers and he will be put it in the cargo area
underneath. The bus will be leaving at 6.00 p.m. Please be back in the loading area on later than
5:45 to assure a prompt departure. Thank you and enjoy Graceland.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following order.
Yes, I'd like to have 10 balloons delivered to Charlie's International School. They are for
Matt and Elle on the 6th floor room 2. The note should read, " Congratulations on your engagement!
From all of us here at Daelim Motors" The school closes at 5:30 p.m so I'd like them delivered this
afternoon by 4:00 pm if possible. My Name? Yes, it's Tracey Kim. My credit card number
is 1889-340-34527. The expiry date is October 2005, and that's a Visa car. Oh, could you make five
of the balloons red and five of them silver. I think that would look nice. Thank you.

3. Answer ket Practice TEST - Starter TOEIC

Part I
1. (C) The woman is buying something
2. (B) The woman is filming something.
3. (B) The vehicles are parked next to each other.
4. (D) The people are standing by the wall.
5. (D) The bicycle is on the ground.
6. (C) The man is cleaning the aisle.
7. (D) The people are outside the building.
8. (C) The picture is not finished
9. (B) The bird is sitting on the fence.
10. (C) The woman is  paiting the wall.
Part II
11. (B) No, I got up late.
12. (C) Not bad at all.
13. (A) Nothing special
14. (A) Pretty busy
15. (B) Yes, I wanted to speak to you.
16. (B) In just a few minutes.
17. (C) It's closed today.
18. (B) It doesn't matter.
19. (A) No, but I've heard it's very good.
20. (C) Just wait and I'll do it for you.
21. (B) That would be nice
22. (A) Just about
23. (B) No, it's just sleeping.
24. (C) SHe has the flu
25. (A) 5 o'clock.
26. (B) Not yet.
27. (B) It's only an hour long.
28. (C) Above my knee.
29. (A) It's perfect
30. (B) That one
31. (C) Only one student.
32. (B) No, I sold it.
33. (C) Every weekend.
34. (B) Sorry, I'm from out of town.
35. (B) I don't know. I think I'll go check on them.
36. (A) No, it was fixed this morning.
37. (B) Nobody is home
38. (C) Tomorrow morning
39. (B) Of course
40. (A) I'm afraid so.
Part III
41. (C) Hiking socks
42. (A) Sales clerk
43. (C) Ask someone on the 7th floor
44. (D) Take his kids to a movie
45. (C) She doesn't mind.
46. (C) She will bring her children to the movies.
47. (D) The mayor
48. (C) They need to repair some machines.
49. (D) It does not say
50. (C) White pans
51. (C) At a concert last night.
52. (C) Clean his clothes himself
53. (B) Thirty minutes
54. (C) For three years.
55. (D) Never
56. (A) The front door
57. (D) His shoes are very comfortable
58. (B) They are more comfortable
59. (B) The yearly picnic
60. (C) It rained a lot
61. (B) The weather should be fine.
62. (A) The problem will be expensive
63. (D) The muffler and tires
64. (C) She needs it for work
65. (D) The woman's sister
66. (D) She thought it was boring
67. (C) It was not worth the money
68. (B) To City Hall
69. (B) Twice every hour
70. (C) Take a taxi
Part IV
71. (A) For 13 years ago
72. (A) Florida
73. (C) San Francisco
74. (A) At a department store
75. (A) Dresses
76. (B) One
77. (C) 3:00
78. (D) The weather is extremely cold
79. (B) Monday
80. (C) They cleanse it
81. (D) Drink or eat it
82. (D) Hundreds of years
83. (C) A travel agency
84. (C) Press 3
85. (C) Ask the agents are busy right now
86. (C) Quitting a bad habit
87. (C) Baseball players
88. (C) 15 players
89. (C) 3 days
90. (B) The basketball courts outside
91. (B) Call the Oak Park Sports Club
92. (B) The lab
93. (C) The office
94. (B) It doesn't matter
95. (C) Go to the ticket gate
96. (D) In the cargo area
97. (A) Fifteen minutes before departure
98. (D) An engagement
99. (B) 4:00
100. (A) She works for a car company
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