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Saturday 3 February 2018

Listening Actual Test 7 Economy TOEIC Volume 1

Listening Actual Test 7 Economy TOEIC Volume 1
1. Audio Actual Test 7

2. Transcript Actual Test 7
Part 01
1. (A) The man is gesturing with his hands.
(B) The man is holding a hose.
(C) The man is getting in a fire truck.
(D) The man is putting out a fire.
2. (A) The gifts are wrapped.
(B) People are putting ribbons on the gifts.
(C) The packages are marked for shipment.
(D) The gifts are being handed out.
3. (A) The lawn has been neatly mowed.
(B) The ground is covered with leaves.
(C) The man is talking on his cellular phone.
(D) The man is putting his boots on.
4. (A) All of the car doors are open.
(B) The font of the car is in good condition.
(C) The wheels of the car are broken.
(D) The car is broken down on the side of the road.
5. (A) The woman is carrying her kids into a building.
(B) The woman is giving some food to her kids.
(C) The woman is pushing a stroller.
(D) The kids are seated in a car.
6. (A) People are pushing cars down the road.
(B) Cars are parked in a line.
(C) Traffic is moving into the intersection.
(D) Pedestrians are walking down the sidewalk in groups.
7. (A) The office room is empty.
(B) People are taking notes.
(C) A woman is selling products.
(D) People are working at their worksations.
8. (A) The men are lifting some cartons.
(B) One man is loading a box into a cart.
(C) The men are moving something together.
(D) The men are stacking items onto a wheel barrow.
9. (A) A man is putting sunglasses on.
(B) A man is fixing his car.
(C) A man is opening the hood.
(D) A man is reaching to pick up a tool.
10. (A) The cook is serving chicken.
(B) The man is cutting vegetables.
(C) The man is looking at the food.
(D) The cook is wearing a long sleeved uniform.
Part 02
11. Would you like me to get something for you?
(A) All the rooms are booked.
(B) No, thanks.
(C) It's on the 6th floor.
12. When was the chemical company established?
(A) About a year ago.
(b) Two blocks away.
(C) The results haven't been published yet.
13. Where can I get additional information about the production schedule?
(A) On the bulletin board
(B) At 7 o'clock
(C) Yes, it's a very popular product.
14. What are your plans for this summer?
(A) Next month would be nicer.
(B) Yes, I met him.
(C) I'm going to visit my parents.
15. That was a wonderful movie, wasn't it?
(A) Yes, after a movie.
(B) Yes, I really enjoyed it.
(C) No, it isn't expensive.
16. Who does the assistant supervisor report to?
(A) I don't think I can.
(B) To the director.
(C) It's his report.
17. Where can I go to buy a local newspaper?
(A) There is a convenience store around the corner.
(B) Pens and paper clips.
(C) Yes, I read it.
18. It looks like we'll finish drawing up the document on time.
(A) Yes, we arrived exactly on time.
(B) I'm glad to hear that.
(C) Tommorrow will be fine.
19. When can I expect to purchase your new novel?
(A) No, in Agust.
(B) I had high expectations.
(C) Within six to seven months.
20. Can we take a break after the meeting?
(A) Yes, that's a good idea.
(B) I thought it was broken.
(C) About a new product.
21. Why did you go out for lunch so early today?
(A) Sorry, but I've already eaten lunch.
(B) So I can send this report by five.
(C) She always arrives early for work.
22. Did you already renew the maintenance contact or will you speak with the manager first?
(A) I will talk with the manager.
(B) The maintenance man fixed it.
(C) His presentation was a little boring.
23. Don't you want help with the budget review?
(A) Maybe I can help you.
(B) Yes, that's the right place.
(C) No, thanks. I think I can manage it.
24. How about meeting me for lunch Thursday?
(A) That sounds like a good idea.
(B) Because they're holding a meeting.
(C) It's in the box.
25. There will be a special event in the restaurant, won't there?
(A) I'll try the spagheti
(B) He won't be late.
(C) Not at this time of day.
26. Who decided to extend the sale until Friday?
(A) It's on May 1st.
(B) It was Mr.Williams' idea.
(C) Yes, for the extension of a contract.
27. I've been to the new Spanish restaurant several times.
(A) To Spain.
(B) I've already had plenty, thanks.
(C) I haven't tried it yet.
28. Aren't you going to send those boxes?
(A) Yes, next to the box.
(B) No, I'm not finish packing them.
(C) Send in this invoice.
29. Why has Mr.Wayne rejected the proposal for the new office building?
(A) It's in Tokyo.
(B) You need to submit the proposal tomorrow.
(C) It's too far from the plant.
30. Should we have an opening ceremony in the company ballroom or should we go somewhere else?
(A) Yes, we should open a branch.
(B) It was at the Grand Ballroom.
(C) Let's have it at the company cafeteria.
31. Are there any seats available for October 8th?
(A) Just one.
(B) Thank you.
(C) I'll be available after seven.
32. The sales seminar is scheduled for tomorrow right?
(A) No, it was postponed until next week.
(B) Sorry, I'll be a little late.
(C) The seminar room downstairs.
33. Should we visit the manufacting plant to conduct a safety inspection?
(A) They didn't visit it.
(B) No, I'll water it.
(C) Sure, let's go next Monday.
34. How are you getting to the library tomorrow morning?
(A) Yes, I went there.
(B) I'll take the bus.
(C) It's in the library.
35. Do you know which bus goes to New York?
(A) The switch is on the side.
(B) Sure, I'll send it right away.
(C) The number 12.
36. Didn't anyone go over this medical report.
(A) I need to get some medicine.
(B) Go to the hospital.
(C) Yes. I checked it over twice.
37. How about changing our marketing strategy?
(A) She missed the strategy meeting.
(B) Do you think it would help the company?
(C) What is the exchange rate today?
38. Why did Mr.Gomez send you a product catalogue?
(A) Roughly in a hour.
(B) We usually order many different products.
(C) So I can keep up with the latest trends.
39. Do you have a copy of our price lists?
(A) Yes, but it's not a final version.
(B) It's too expensive.
(C) Cream and sugar.
40. When's the next flight to New York?
(A) No, I can't right now.
(B) In two hours.
(C) At gate 2.
Part 3
Question 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.
W: Pardon me, have you seen our waiter? I'd like to order some more water.
M: I'm terribly sorry. I'll see where he has gone. You haven't been waiting long, have you?
W: Only about 5 minutes. But that's okay, you look quite busy this afternoon.
M: Yes, we are now at full capacity, so everyone here is busy at the moment.
Question 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation
W: Are you intending to fly to Montreal?
M: That's a possibility. I flew there last year, but I think a group of us may drive. Would you be interested in carpooling?
W: Sure ! Flying in definitely faster, but I'm nervous when flying. Besides, the weather this time of year will make for a
beautiful drive. We might be able to do some sightseeing on the way.
M: That's a fantastic idea. Why don't you phone Ruth and Jim? I'll speak to Ryan and tell him the plan.
Question 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.
W: Can you stop by the supermarket on your way home? I need a few things for dinner tonight.
M: Actually, I was going to stop by the new bakery to pickup a couple of baguettes as well. Hey, why don't we invite
Bill and Jane over, too?
W: That sounds great. And good idea about the new bakery. I really like their bread. It's so fresh. I'll call Bill
and jane to see if they'd like to join us.
M: Well, why don't you prepare some appetizers to go along with the bread and I'll grill up some pork tenderloin when
I get home.
Question 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation
M: Welcome to Lexington Office Tower. We would be pleased to give you a tour of the rental office and the facilities.
W: That sounds okay, but I prefer buying to renting because I'm looking for an investment as well. Are there any
offices available to purchase?
M: Well, actually we do have a few listed on the market. What features are you looking for?
W: I would like a space at least 800 square feet, overlooking the park, and close to the elevators.
Question 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation
M: Do you think you could come by on Tuesday to give me a hand preparing a presentation? We need to have the slides
and the financial reports ready by next week for the partnership meeting.
W: Unfortunately, I have meetings all day on Tuesday. Then I'm away on business and return on Thursday. Would Friday work
for you?
M: That should be okay. But We'll have to work all weekend on it to try and get it finished by Monday.
W: I'll have my secretary, Jill send you an e-mail to confirm a time for Friday.
Question 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.
M: I'm sorry I'm a little late. I had to take the subway this morning,since my wife needed to use our car. It took me thiry
minutes longer by subway.
W: I'm glad you finally made it. The clients should be arriving in 5 minutes and we'll start the meeting right away. Should
we meet in the conference room, or the boardroom at the end of the hall?
M: Why don't we make it in the boardroom? I'll just get my files off my desk and meet you there.
W: Okay, I will direct the clients to room as soon as they get here.
Question 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.
M: Ms.Thompson, there should be a document arriving for me this morning from Tokyo. As soon as it arrives, please call me at
my desk. I need to go over the Asian sales figures immediately.
W: A document containing sales figures just arrived from São Paulo. I haven't seen one from Tokyo yet.
M: I'll take look at it. Hmm... this one should have been delivered to finance. It looks like the São Paulo branch
has the wrong contact information. Please forward this to finance and ensure that the problem is fixed.
W: Sure, Mr.Fenton. When the other document arrives should I interrupt your conference call?
Question 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.
M: Mr.Towers asked us all to attend the computer software training workshop in the auditorium this Friday.
W: Oh really? Would he like everyone from accounting to be present? You know we have to prepare our accounts for
the audit.
M: Yes, very division, with the exception of marketing must attend. They're working on the new advertising campaigns
to be launched at the end of the month.
W: Why don't we all go you lunch together after the workshop? There's a great new spicy noodle restaurant that just
opened up downtown.
Question 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation
W: Good morning, Mr. Parson. Our files have shown that you have been a client of Rogers Mobility for quite a while. I'm
calling to offer you a huge discount should you wish to transfer you services to BTB.
M: I'm not sure. I've been happy with Rogers so far.
W: If you do wish to switch providers, we will ensure that your monthly invoice will be at least 15% lower than it
is now.
M: That sounds great, but I'll really have to confer with my secretary before I decide to change or not.
Question 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation
W: The auditors are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning to begin their review of our operations. Remember that we
should spend all day organizing files so that the auditors can finish faster.
M: I know, but I have an important meeting this morning. Can you start on your own? I can join you arround 2 p.m to help
you finish.
W: There's a lot of work to be done before the auditors arrive. Can you finish by noon? Otherwise I think we'll have to stay
late tonight.
M: These meetings usually run long, but I'll do my best to finish as quickly as possible.
Part 04
Question 71 through 73 refer to the following announcement
Good evening, everyone. Unfortunately, tonight's performance will be postponed due to an injury to one of our lead dancers.
We are waiting for the understudy to arrive, and expect that we will begin at half past seven. In the meantime, we would like
to offer you complimentary refreshments in the auditorium lounge. Please understand that we are unable to refund any tickets.
However, should you wish to exchange your tickets for another night's performance, feel free to speak to one of the attendants
at the box office.
Question 74 through 76 refer to the following telephone message.
Good afternoon, Mr.Parnell. This is May calling from One Globe Travel.I'm calling to update you on your travel itinerary.
I've just reserved seats for you and your colleague leaving for Barcelona on September 10th. By using a portion of both your air
miles we were able to reduce the price by $229 each way. You are currently booked in first class, as you had requested. A complimentary
hotel taxi will pick you up when you arrive and drop you off when you depart. As a reminder, once you have made a final confirmation.
I am unable to provide a refund or an exchange. Should you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to call me.
One Globe Travel is happy to provide you with all of your travel needs, and we do hope that you enjoy your trip.
Question 77 through 79 refer to the following lecture.
Good afternoon, and thank you for participating in today's instructional workshop. Would you all please share the instructional
workshop. Would you all please share the instructional workbooks because we don't have enough copies for everyone? Now, everyone? Now, everyone
has signed up today to learn about the new spreadsheet software we have installed. With this software you don't have to input the same data time
after time, like you did with the old software. The instruction book will explain all of the operating procedures for you. Let's take a look at page
54, and then pratice a common data entry situation. After our training session today I assure you that you will be able to complete this sort of task
much more quickly than in the past.
Question 80 through 82 refer to the following radio broadcast.
Good morning, I'm Richard Stokes and you're listening to Morning Madness, home of the best rock music in Queens. This morning, we are bringing
you something different from our regular new release rock lineup. With us in the studio is Myra Jones, world renowned electric
guitarist. MS.Jones is in town as part of her U.S. Tour, performing at Shoeless Jacks tonight, and returning at
the end of the month for the New York Rock Festival. One our show this morning, Myra Jones will play a couple of songs
from her new album and the talk to us about her long career in the music business. If you'd like to get your questions
in to Ms.Myra Jones, send us an e-mail at [email protected].
Question 83 through 85 refer to the following voice mail message
Good afternoon, Mr Bill Buchanan. This is Jesse Miller from Clive Engineering and today is Tuesday June 9th. I'm returning your call
with regard to the construction project that your company has collaborated on. My team and I will be at the Kent Street site
Friday morning and we were hoping you could be there as well. We haven't heard from the city inspectors on whether our plan to add
a rooftop terrace has been approved, so we may have to wait to make a few more related decisions. We will have to go over
a timeline on Friday, however, to ensure that we finish to project by our deadline.
Question 86 through 88 refer to the following short talk.
I would like to thank you all for your continued support and for nominating me as the recipient of this year's award.
This award, Sales Associate of the Year, cannot compare to the pride I feel for Klein Grocers as a company. When I first began working
for Klein Grocers, nearly fifteen years ago, we were a smalll store located in a residential district.
I never thought that in such a short time we would grow to become a francise outlet across the province.
The efforts of the forty franchise owners and nearly two hundred employees have helped make more years we wil
work together as a team.
Question 89 through 91 refer to the following instructions
I'd like to welcome you all to the customer service support center. Since this is the first shift for most of
you, I'd like to go over a few procedures. Upon arrival, please sign in with the computer at the front desk
using your employees ID number. When you arrive at your station you may begin answering calls. All new employees
will have a training period of three weeks, where your partner will help you with any concerns you may have.
Should you have any additional questions refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of your training manual.
Question 92 through 94 refer to the following talk
Good morning, and welcome to the Castle Roma Museum. My name is Kevin and I will be showing you around the premises
today. On site, we have more than one hundred antiques, and more than fifty original works of art. The museum has been
recently used by anthropology students from Columbia Unversity to better understand the culture and history of
the area. The museum is beneficial for the entire community as all proceeds are donated to the Community Wellness
Fund. After a tour of the property we will be passing by the gift shop, where purchases and donations can be made.
Question 95 through 97 refer to the following news report
Appleton Furniture Manufacturing has decided to build its new production facility in Houston, Texas. The company
has been looking for a larger site for the past year and has settled on the Texas location due to the favorable tax
laws. The state governments decreased taxes last year, the price of commercial real estate has dropped and businesses
are being encourages to move to Houston. Appleton feels that favorable taxes are necessary to ensure that the company
continues to grow and that investors are confident in the company's future potential. The company's CEO, Sam Becket, recently
declared that he hopes that Appleton will be able to remain in Houston for next ten years.
Question 98 through 100 refer to the following advertisement.
Are you bored with your usual exercise routine? Are you too busy to get to the gym? Well, Conner has arrived. Conner Pilates
will help you to see your best results. And the new and easy DVDs with multiple instructors will ensure that you doing the exercises
more efficiently. You'll burn more calories and transform your body into a leaner, more defined silhouette. So, come on and call
for your full series of basic, advanced, and expert DVDs. If you call within the next thirty minutes you'll receive an additional
twenty-five percent off the already discounted price. Hurry up and call.
3. Answer Key Actual Test 7
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