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Saturday 3 February 2018

Listening Actual Test 10 Economy TOEIC Volume 1

Listening Actual Test 10 Economy TOEIC Volume 1
1. Audio Actual Test 10

2. Transcript Actual Test 10
Part 1
1. (A) They are sitting in a circle.
(B) They are reading their notes.
(C) They are shaking hands with each other.
(D) They are having a discussion.
2. (A) The bus is leaving the station.
(B) The travelers are waving to their friends.
(C) The bus is running at full speed.
(D) Passgengers are boarding the bus.
3. (A) The man is painting a picture.
(B) The man is pointing at a poster
(C) A variety of paintings is on display.
(D) The paintings are hanging in a gallery.
4. (A) Curtains are flapping in the wind.
(B) Chairs are placed around a table.
(C) The room is full of books.
(D) There are lamps beside the bed.
5. (A) The man is having his hair cut.
(B) The man is brushing back his hair.
(C) The woman is examining the patient.
(D) The woman is cutting a piece of paper.
6. (A) They are putting away their instruments.
(B) They are performing outdoors.
(C) All the women are holding up flags.
(D) They are purchasing some uniforms.
7. (A) Some people are resting on the grass.
(B) The child is drawing a picture outdoors.
(C) The child is looking at paintings in a museum.
(D) The child is watching an artist at work.
8. (A) Scooters are parked along the side of the road.
(B) A motorcyclist is waiting at the curb.
(C) A truck is parked next to the motorcycles.
(D) People are browsing at the displays.
9. (A) The woman is pushing a bicycle.
(B) The woman is sitting at her desk.
(C) The garderner is trimming the bushes.
(D) The bicycle is leaning against the bench.
10. (A) The roofs of the buildings are flat.
(B) There are some cars between the buidings.
(C) Drivers are waiting for people to cross.
(D) Lines are being painted on the road.
Part 02
11. When are you going home today?
(A) To buy some sandwiches.
(B) After the meeting.
(C) It look three days.
12. Where does the number 24 bus stop?
(A) I'd take a taxi.
(B) Behind city hall.
(C) Yes, I hope so.
13. Excuse me, can I use your cell phone for a while?
(A) No, I can't sell it.
(B) Yes, by e-mail.
(C) Sorry, I don't have it with me.
14. How much is it to send this package to Japan?
(A) It is too heavy.
(B) Twenty dollars.
(C) She's on vacation next week.
15. Why don't you take the bus?
(A) I'd rather walk.
(B) Two kilometers.
(C) You look very tired.
16. Are you licensed to repair this system?
(A) It was installed this morning.
(B) It's one of the pair.
(C) No, but I have permission from the boss.
17. Who will be attending the farewell party?
(A) No, I don't have time to go.
(B) All store managers.
(C) Very well, thank you.
18. How long do you think you'll be needing the car?
(A) It has air conditioning.
(B) He just started reading it last right.
(C) For three days.
19. Would you care to join us for lunch?
(A) Sure, if that's okay.
(B) She wants to join our team.
(C) With a fruit salad and soup.
20. Where would you like to store the packages, in the supply room or the warehouse?
(A) That's a good idea.
(B) Either would be fine.
(C) Yes, in the packages.
21. When do you plan to move here to London?
(A) At the main office
(B) No, I don't think so.
(C) In a month.
22. Did you think the new design team worked very well?
(A) It's faster than walking
(B) Yes, they did a good job.
(C) I work five days a week.
23. Should we go to the Italian restaurant after work?
(A) No, it starts at noon.
(B) They just printed new menus.
(C) That's a great idea.
24. What did you do for your vacation?
(A) Yes, he did.
(B) I went to the country to visit my parents
(C) They're away on vacation.
25. You'd prefer a window seat, wouldn't you?
(A) No, I haven't seen it.
(B) Yes, I would
(C) Open the window.
26. Who organized the meeting schedule?
(A) No, I don't think it's necessary.
(B) We're a little behind schedule
(C) Mr.Rogers did.
27. Should we have something delivered, or go out to a restaurant?
(A) As soon as I arrive.
(B) Let's order in from that new Chinese restaurant.
(C) Yes, I can give you a ride.
28. Didn't you take the train to work today?
(A) No, I decided to drive myself.
(B) I'll take three of them, please.
(C) Yes, it's not working.
29. Can I give Ms.Miller your e-mail address?
(A) Sure, she can contact me about the plan.
(B) Yes, we have her address
(C) No, she sent it about a week ago.
30. The weather is wonderful! It looks like winter is really over.
(A) You look very nice.
(B) Is it snowing outside?
(C) I think you're right.
31. Do you have Dr.Stewart's phone number?
(A) Every Moday.
(B) Why, are your knees hurting again?
(B) Don't worry, it's my treat.
32. Are we throwing the retirement party indoors or outdoors?
(A) We'll set up the tables in the banquet hall.
(C) By the end of the week.
(C) Okay, that'll be fine.
33. Why does the director dislike the design sample?
(A) The colors are too bright.
(B) Yes, I'll sign up for the course.
(C) Thanks, I'll try.
34. Does Mr.Brown know that the lawyers will be here on Monday?
(A) Sure, I know the way to the courthouse.
(B) He's been notified.
(C) No, I have never studied law.
35. Did you meet with the new client, or did reschedule an appointment?
(A) Actually, he visited us.
(B) I'm not disppointed.
(C) Next to the office.
36. Excuse me, do you know where the accounting department is?
(A) Sorry, I don't.
(B) I can't agree with you.
(C) You need to do that.
37. You printed out the report for the next board meeting, didn't you?
(A) I took care of it yesterday.
(B) You'll board in twenty minutes.
(C) Yes, please print it out.
38. How many employees visited the new manufacturing facility?
(A) Yes. I'll visit him again next week.
(B) I can't say for sure.
(C) That's my fault.
39. Can we take a break now?
(A) Oh, are you tired?
(B) Yes, I'll take it.
(C) For the rest of the audience.
40. You won't forget to order tickets, will you?
(A) No, he won't.
(B) I have already bought them.
(C) Usually by printer.
Part 03
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.
M: Pedro will be coming by around 4:00 after the conference ends.
W: Great. And where will we be going after that?
M: He'll drop us off at the hotel by 5:00. Then we'll meet his CEO for dinner and drinks in the lobby at 6:00.
W: Sounds good. That should be enough time for me to prepare the documents.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.
W: Will Ms.Jones allow Mr.Fernando to attend the conference in Zurich?
M: Well, Mr Fernado's manager will have to give him permission. Ms Jones is just the project coordinator.
W: The conference organizer has requested his participation. They want hime to speak at the conference.
M: I'll be sure to pass that information along to Mr.Fernando's manager.
Questions 47 through 49 to the following conversation.
M: Ms.Wang, I haven't received your expense receipts for your accommodation and meals from your business trip
to Tokyo.
W: Ron, I'm pretty sure that I have them to Kelly in accounting along with the additional flight expenses.
M: Well, I'll have to ask her to forward them to me as soon as possible. The quarterly reports must be
completed by Friday.
W: I'll see Kelly later today at the training seminar. Why don't I get a copy of the invoices? I'll stop by
your desk arround 5.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.
M: Hello, I'm calling from Johnson Auto to reschedule your appointment to have your car serviced on Monday.
W: Oh, I was really hoping to get my car fixed as soon as possible. Is there a problem?
M: Yes, we had hoped to get the required parts in on Saturday, however it looks like they won't arrive until
W: Well, I'm out of town on business until Wednesday. Why don't we make it for Thursday afternoon?
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.
W: I know I promised to give you a ride to the airport today, but I'm not sure what time we should leave.
M: My flight was originally scheduled to leave at 7 p.m. But it's been delayed because of bad weather.
The departure time is now scheduled for 8:30 p.m.
W: That works better for me anyway. We should leave a couple of hours before, so that you have enough
time to check in.
M: That sounds great. By the way, where are we going to meet? What about in my hotel lobby at 6:30?
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.
M: Are we still experiencing difficulties with the ordering software?
W: Yes. When inputting the customer's relevant information, an error message continually appears,
M: We'll have to write everything manually until we can have it repaired. Have you contacted the
computer programers we usually work with? I was hoping they could come by later today.
W: I have, but it doesn't seem like we'll be able to get an appointment until next week. It looks
like we'll have another difficult weekend.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.
W: This piece of work created by Klive Anderson is beautiful.
M: I think it's great as well. It's the only time he's used watercolors, isn't it?
W: Yes, he usually works with oil paints, but I think he wanted to try something different.
M: Well, it really paid off. Shall we move on to see the rest of the exhibit?
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.
M: This is Micheal Duncan calling, I phoned a few weeks ago to arrange accommodation. I wanted to make
sure that you have my reservation on file.
W: Of course, Mr.Duncan. Just a moment and I will check our system for you. You're staying for two
evenings. Is that right?
M: Yes, that's correct. Now, are there any rooms available in the East Corridor? I've heard that the
view at night is absolutely beatiful from there.
W: You're in luck, Mr.Duncan. I have one room available in the East Corridor. Unfortunately, it isn't
equipment with an internet connection. Is that okay?
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.
W: Have we employed a new caterer in the company cafeteria?
M: Yes, and I really think there's a big improvement in the variety of the food.
W: I agree. I was definitely ready for a change. I also like that the location was moved to the main floor.
It's much more convenient for me.
M: It's much more affordable as well.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.
M:Drew, when are we meeting with Roy Thompson on Firday?
W: My apoplogies. i should have told you earlier. Mr. Thompson emailed the office this morning and rescheduled
the meeting to Thursday afternoon. Are you still free?
M: As a matter of fact. I'm not. Please ask Mr. Thompson if Thursday morning would be alright.
W: I'll call him right away and then send you an e-mail to confirm the time.
Part 04
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following voice mail message.
This is the office of the university registrar, the office is open weekdays from 9 a.m until 6 p.m
and on Tuesday from 9 a.m until 10 p.m. Students may request transcripts in person during these times.
Please also visit the university website to obtain information regarding finacial services and
scholarships available to students. Previously we had allowed students to request transcripts and other
services over the phone. However we do not accept phone requests at this time.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following introduction
Ladies and gentlement, may I introduce to you our newest manage at Pearson Consulting, Rebecca Sinclair.
Prior to joining our company, Ms Sinclair worked for a new years in the advertising industry; she also worked
for First National Bank for four years. I would ask all of you to please make Ms.Sinclair comfortable
and go out of your way to show her around the office over the next few weeks.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following instruction
I wanted to make sure that you were all aware that you will be unable to access the computer system,
including e-mail access, beginning this afternoon. The computer technicians will be working on updating
our systems with all the latest software in order to increase efficiency and reduce the number of system
crashes. We ask you to save all files and documents prior to one o'clock today, so as not to lose any
information. When the installation is complete you will be contacted by voice mail message. After
you have received this message, restart your computer in order to activate the new system. Should you
require any assistance, feel free to contact the technical services department at extension 2151.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following advertisement.
Are you benefiting from MJ Bank's special loan program for entrepreneurs? If you are not taking advantage
of this opportunity, you might be limiting your small business from valuable growth opportunities.
Regardless of whether your company is just beginning, or if you've been around for several years, you'll
find the finacial planning advice from MJ Bank extremely helpful. Register for an entrepreneurs loan before
next Thursday and we'll offer you a 4% loan rate, which is much lower than other banks.
Questions 84 through 85 refer to the following radio broadcast.
Good morning. Welcome back to the Wednesday segment of Music Today on CKRV Radio. I'll be your host today
as we meet one of the rising stars in the music industry, country singer Bluegrass Jones. Mr.Jones
recently released his fourth CD, entiled "Standing on a Corner" which is expected to reach the top of the charts
later this week. An accomplished musician. Mr.Jones began performing when he was only 9 years old.
Many of you will recognize his most recent song, "Alone and Crying". Now it's time to listen to his
new song.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following talk.
It is my pleasure to welcome all of our colleagues here today to our San Francisco headquarters. Many
of you have traveled here this afternoon from our international branch offices in Paris. Toronto, and
Stockholm. As you have been informed, our purpose in meeting here today is to discuss how to improve the
company distribution channels. There have been unacceptable deplays in production over the past year
as a result of a poorly organized system of distribution and we are going to do our best to change
that here today. If you have something to add during my presentation, don't hesitate to talk about
your ideas with all of us here.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following tour information
And now we are entering the Portrait Gallery, which is often called the "Red Room" and was built in
1831. It is well known international for its collection of portraits of British royalty. As we leave
the Portrait Gallery, you'll notice the magnificent oak doors. Next, we are able to see the dining hall,
where the royal family would enjoy their meals. The dining hall was originally constructed in 1830,
but a fire in 1902 destroyed much of the wood paneling and needed to be replaced in 1903. We'll leave
the dining hall now in order to take a short tour of the grounds. Afterwards, you will have free time
to visit the gift shop.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following telephone message
Good morning. Mr.Henderson, this is Charlene Kush from Accounting. I want to ask you about your monthly
expense accounts; your department was over budget again this month. Unfortunately, I have been given
strict instructions by my senior manager to report all departments that are over budget. Would you like
send me a written explanation regarding why this problem has occurred? Or, would you rather speak to
my manager in person? Call me or e-mail me when you have a chance. Thank you.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement
Ladies and gentlement, I am sorry to report that a scheduling error has caused our plans to change.
The original plan was to meet at the restaurant at 7 p.m and the to proceed to the theatre for around
9 p.m Unfortunately, I have been informed that the restaurant reservations have been changed to 6:30.
So, instead of arriving at 7 p.m. we will be meeting at the restaurant at 6:30 and then going to the
theatre afterwards. We'll keep the same departure time to the theater and meet at the theatre entrance
before the show begins.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following report
It is estimated that nearly 10 million computers are disposed of each year in the United States alone.
These used computers are significantly adding to the landfill problems experienced by nearly every state.
Local computer guru, Klive Anderson, has developed a solution to this problem. His non-profit organization
Eclectronic Helper, accepts used computers and electronics and after upgrading the software, donates the
units to educational institutions in developing nations. Presently, donated computers have reached students
in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and EI Salvador. Future plans include
shipments to countries in South America and Africa. For more information on this cause or for ways
you can help, visit
3. Answer Key Actual Test 10
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